Some Wednesday Words

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Just sharing some fun words for your middle-of-the-week. Enjoy your day!


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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A cute long-haired chihuahua looking very content in his owner’s arms. Photographed on the streets of Nice.

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Links I Love, Right Now

It’s Friday, spring officially arrives in 9 short days, and Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday morning (yay for lighter evenings!). These are all pretty fantastic things in my book. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in a great mood.

Between our flight back from vacation this past weekend and Emmett’s continued middle-of-night nursing sessions, I’ve had plenty of time to browse the internet and stumble upon randomly cool things, so today seemed like the perfect time for another Links I Love post. I hope you guys enjoy these fun findings, and your weekend as well.

Someday when I’m completely over the whole urban/suburban lifestyle, I am totally moving back to the woods, preferable into a home just like this one.

I got to visit one of my favorite Free People stores when I was in Scottsdale last week (and buy these sunglasses in Flamingo, as well as this majorly marked down top), which then led me to spend way too much time on their website, which then led to me falling in love with this, this, and this (shown in top image).

Awww. This Seoul-based illustrator took to drawing these little moments of love with his wife. So sweet.

A fellow member of an online creative group for women I’m involved with wrote this incredible piece on the mental cost of owning your own business that needs to be talked about.

I hear so many people say they often purchase packaged foods rather than fresh fruits and veggies because they’re cheaper. According to this article, that isn’t the case at all.

Essley is basically obsessed with her IKEA play kitchen, but it would have been fun to create one for her out of cardboard like this DIY toddler kitchen. So cute.

This is a few weeks old, but in case you haven’t seen it, someone replaced Donald Trump’s eyes with his mouth and he looks exactly the same. Baaaahahahahaha. Brilliant.

Those of you who know me in real life know that I would eat tacos for pretty much every meal forever and ever, so clearly I need this necklace and these earrings immediately.

I really enjoyed reading this piece on how to be the greatest antagonist of your own happiness.

This video of 500 years of female beauty in art gave me all the feels.

I need to make time to do this beautiful DIY botanical easter egg project.

These sandals though.

Have you come across any especially great links this week? What are your plans for the weekend? Robbie is back on tour with the band, but my sister is coming up from Indianapolis to visit later today and I can’t wait. She was in the hospital with us during my labor and Emmett’s birth, but she had to leave the next day so it’s been over two months since she’s gotten to hang with the kids, and I think Essley may be even more excited than I am. Whatever your plans, enjoy your weekend (and the rest of your Friday too!).


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Saturday Survey: Iditarod 2016

I’ve been following the Iditarod fairly closely. As always, I’m pulling for the only female musher who regularly finishes in the top five: Aliy Zirkle. Who do you think will win? Listed in the survey are the five who were at the front of the pack as of this morning. Until next time, Good day, […] Dog Blog

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Cougar suspected in the death of LA Zoo koala


“It wasn’t me!”

The Los Angeles Times reports that a cougar is suspecting in killing one of the LA Zoo’s koalas earlier this month.

LA is home a famous cougar called P-22. This cat lives in Griffith Park, and it’s generally thought his diet is mostly raccoon and coyote.

But it is thought that the cat leaped over a 9-foot fence to kill a female koala named Killarney. For obvious reasons, koalas have never been cougar-food, so P-22 would have been the first of his kind to try hunting one.

There is no hard evidence that P-22 did the deed, but trail cameras revealed that he was stalking near the zoo  the night before Killarney was killed.

The evidence is solely circumstantial, but the chances of coyote or bobcat getting over a 9-foot fence and carrying off a Koala are pretty remote.

This story reminds me of what happened to one of Jim Dutchers wolves that were kept in a large enclosure in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. One of them spent a lot of time by herself, and one day she turned up missing.  Scratch marks on a tree inside the enclosure revealed that a cougar had come in and killed the wolf, but then the rest of the pack discovered the cat and treed it, eventually chasing it off the premises. A cougar will take on one wolf but not six.

Cougars once lived over much of the the United States. Although incorrectly called “mountain lions,” they are ecologically equivalent of leopards in the Old World. They are out of the same lineage that gave us the cheetah and the jaguarundi, which is actually now classified with the cougar in the genus Puma now.

As these cats return to their native range, conflicts are bound to happen. In LA, one would have assumed that the biggest problem with this cat would have that he started carrying off dogs, but I’ve not heard of any cases of him doing that.

But if he took out a koala, it’s very likely that he’s in need of better food sources than raccoons and coyotes.

And maybe it is time for LA’s cougar to find a new home.

Koalas now. Labradors next.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that situation.



Natural History

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Calling coyote

I purchased a diaphragm coyote call a few months ago from MFK. I wanted to liven up the blog with some possible coyote photos and videos, and coyote hunting is one of those things I’ve always wanted to try.

It’s much harder than it looks, especially if the coyotes in your area don’t howl that much and are generally unresponsive to howls and other vocalizations.

However, I eventually did get lucky. I set up about 100 feet deeper down an Allegheny bench. I howled three times and let loose a few bitch-in-estrus whimpers.

I noticed some movement to my right. Something yellow was advancing across the bench opposite mine across a small ravine.

That’s when I knew it. I had a coyote coming in. I just got ready for him to come up from the ravine. What follows is, well, pretty hard to believe. If I didn’t have the photos and the video proof, I still wouldn’t believe it.

This is not a zoo animal. This is backwoods West Virginia, and this is a very wild Eastern coyote from a population that is as pressured as any on the East Coast.














So calm and relaxed that he stops to scratch an itch!


He paced around me for about ten minutes. He was looking for the bitch. If he started to wander off, I would just whimper a bit through the diaphragm, and he’d come back.

This is one of those moments when you realize how great it is to be alive.

Too look into those wild yet sagacious brush wolf eyes is to be taken back to a time when the only dogs were wild ones.

It was  my pleasure to have had this opportunity.

I met a wild one.

And it doesn’t seem real.




Natural History

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Hey, I have a pit/greyhound 9 years old She is a w…

I have a pit/greyhound 9 years old
She is a wonderful people dog BUT…
A Crazy Animal Aggressive Dog
Hates other animals and wants to kill them
this makes for tough dog walks
just bought a walk your dog with love harness
works great for walking but as soon as she sees another dog
she still goes nuts spinning and pulling
will a prong collar work I am concerned she will hurt herself ??

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The homesick photographer and his giant dog

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Unofficial Photography Project

So I’ve tried a few 52 week projects. I’ve even tried a 365.  And I’ve failed to complete them all.  But what I have enjoyed is the photos I get out of them when I put the effort into it.  So I’m going to be doing an unofficial 52 week project this year.  I’ll be roughly using prompts from the “Creative 52″ book by Lindsay Adler as well as some “shot ideas” from Charlotte Reeves’ book “Dog Shots”.  I hope to essentially plan a shot then go out and do it.  I find if I don’t, I just do the same old, same old. Over and over and over and frankly it gets dull.  It was OK when Summit was growing so quickly as I was basically just documenting the changes.  But now that his growth has slowed down to a dull roar, I want to start capturing something a little different.

My last attempt at a 52 week project was two years ago.  The prompt was Colour and I loved the shot of Coulee that I got and I wanted to try and get the same photo of Summit.  It worked out perfectly.

Then seeing as we were out and about, we took some other colourful photos as well.

 I’ve got a few more I still need to edit too.  I’m already glad I’ve made the effort for the project.  It’s nice to do something different every now and then.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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dunbar-dog-lgWhen Maria Dunbar of Toledo, Ohio was sentenced to two years in prison, she knew she’d hit rock bottom. What she didn’t know was that helping homeless dogs would help turn her life around in more ways than one.

While incarcerated at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW), Maria joined the Second Chance Greyhound Program, where she earned her Dog Training Certification. “It was there that my rehabilitation had begun,” Maria said.

In the program, Maria trained retired racing dogs to become adoptable pets. The work changed her outlook. “I learned to be patient, compassionate, and trustworthy,” Maria said. “I began to trust again, as well. I let my guard down for the first time in a long time.”

But once she left prison, she had a hard time. “I struggled to find the peace I felt when I was with the dogs,” she recalled. Soon after, her mother died, sending Maria into a downward spiral of sadness, anger and regret.

One day she found herself at an adoption event for Toledo’s PET bull Project. “I had no idea it would change my entire life,” Maria recalled.

Click here to read the complete story.



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