Labs That Seizure and Have Itchy Skin May Improve With the Dog Dish Diet

Testimonials like the following keep me motivated to spread the word about how better nutrition solves many medical problems. I was not taught that altering the diet could have such profound effects, but after my experiences, I could never go back to the cycles of medication that I used to rely on.

Dr Greg,

It was nice seeing you today, and discussing Trapper and your book.
Trapper (TJ) has been on your Dog Dish Diet for 2 years. Prior to him going on the Dog Dish
Diet, he would have as many as 3-4 seizures a month (that we saw) we have not witness any
seizures since the Dog Dish Diet. He also has not had any hotspots since either. This just makes
perfect sense to us to continue. I only wished I had this knowledge for our other dogs.
We will continue the Dog Dish Diet for all our dogs.

Making his food is very simple, all I do is cook chicken thighs in water for several hours, making
a nice broth, add fresh carrots, green beans and spinach. I make enough for about 2-3 weeks,
freezing half.
We have placed him on a chicken and rice kibble. He receives his chicken mixture stew
(warmed) every evening with his kibble.
I was adding barley and corn in his stew and he was having bouts of
diarrhea,(with your help) I removing these two items, he has not had any problems since.
TJ receives in the morning a raw egg 1-2 times a week and also olive oil on his kibble.
Since, TJ has been on the Dog Dish Diet, it has been easy to keep his weight off. His coat is shiny
and smooth and there is no indication of flaky skin.
Thank you Greg, for researching and writing this book and for helping TJ along with
many other of our fur-ever family members.
I look forward to your crock pot book.
Debbie & Steve Andrade
Gilroy, CA




Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter from the whole gang at! Dog Blog

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Cool Infection images

A few nice infection images I found:


Image by Miran Rijavec

Severe stem infection by cassava anthracnose

Image by IITA Image Library
Severe stem infection caused by cassava anthracnose disease. (file name: CA_PD_09)


Image by rafeejewell

Live Back 2 Back DJ Battle on Video

Friday May 28th
12pm – 6pm SLT @ Dance Island

Hardhouse vs Techno

Coca Supercharge
Calrek Nansen

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Is Your Dog in Pain – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Canine Joint Pain

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Topical Honey for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Dr. Jennifer Eddy of UW Health Family Medicine Eau Claire is running a clinical trial that investigates whether honey can help in the treatment of diabetic ulcers.

I just turned 44 a few days ago so it seemed like a good time to talk about al my favorite anti-aging products: Aspirin as an exfoliant, Retinol (RoC and Retin-A), Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic,s Lactic acid peel from Makeup Artists Choice and AmLactin. Now go forth and be fabulous at any age!

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Latest Barking Dogs Video News

Harold Sings Image by bark Harold doesn’t bark, he makes this woo sound instead. If he’s REALLY interested in something, it’s a prolonged and much much louder version of this. Here…

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Super Dog in Staten Island

Check out this story of a dog who took a bullet to the head to save a robbery victim. And lived to tell the tale! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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Daddy’s Girl – A to Z Blogging Challenge

While I’m normally the one to walk the girls, Marlin still manages to get in lots of play time with them.  I love seeing how goofy he gets with them and how crazily they respond to him.  
Coulee is absent from most of these photos for a few reasons – she was busy fetching (fetching always comes first in her mind) and I was focusing on Lacey because I didn’t have any photos like this of her yet, but make no mistake, he loves her too!

I’m pretty sure he is asking them to sit in this last picture.  As you can see they aren’t that obedient.  LOL

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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