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Getting the 200-pound swine to the vet is another thing
One of the most intensely pruritic diseases I have seen in pot-bellied pigs is a mange process caused by sarcoptes mange mites. These are tiny arachnids, a group of bugs that includes spiders and ticks, among others, that burrow into the skin and set

RAMONA: A healthy 'Duke' the bobcat released to the wild
Mange is a debilitating skin disease caused by parasitic mites. It can cause animals to stop hunting, and in Duke's case, could have led to his starvation, researchers said. "I was counting down the days and ready to get him back to where he belongs,"
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For the love of you pet: Multiple types of mites can cause multiple types of
By John Beck I have a question concerning mites in dogs, which turns into Sarcoptic mange . I have three dogs and they are all outside. They have never had this problem for eight years. I have always used a prescription flea and tick monthly topical
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The Egg Factory is Open!

Squirt is also laying now! Her eggs are brown, which are easy to distinguish from Squish’s green eggs. Last week, I collected a full carton of their eggs over just that one week. That’s some great egg laying! We enjoyed some deviled eggs, omelettes and waffles that weekend. :)

The hens have gone from about 5 different nests around the yard, to rotating between just two. They both use these two nests. One lays its egg while the other screams its lungs out until the other hen is done laying, then they switch posts!

These are the latest images of both of their eggs, one of the nests and some egg laying action. ;)

Click to enlarge/see slideshow

A full egg carton
2 colors; 2 birds
carton 2
One of the nests with egg
Squirt on her nest



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Busy running AND doing HealthyPetNet!

What in the world happened this week? Wow! I’ve had so much going on with my Team in Training marathon group and with HealthyPetNet I can’t see straight! It’s FUN!

You know, runners are pet people. LOTS have dogs. So after last week’s run, a few of us came in early and were sitting around talking and the topic of dogs came up.

Anyway, I had trial size bags in my car. I gave out 10 of them! Got responses back from people saying, Wow, my dog is picking out the new Life’s Abundance (HPN) food from his old food. Then other people would get on the thread and say, Hey, my dog does that, too! (Course, I knew that would happen, it’s what always happens :-)

I ordered another 16 for this week because everybody wanted to try it. Before I even get to my group tomorrow, I’ve already shared about six bags with other people. So I just got online to order another few sets of trial-sizes with a whole bunch of the small pouch size samples.

A friend I knew from another sales group called me. She has been on HPN for a few years. She shared it with a friend who also wanted to learn about doing it as a business.

Wow. Is it positive energy or what?! I love it!

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Don’t Forget Pet Donations at Food Bank

Here is a reminder that we need to remember our furry friends as well as our human friends when we find ourselves in a position to donate and make life a little easier for those in need.

According to Fox News in Houston Texas, ten trailers full of dog food and cat food have just been donated to Rescue Bank, a local food bank for pets. But Rescue Bank had to foot most of the bill for the trucking.

“We try to maintain a modest budget for freight payments in opportunities like this,” says Rescue Bank co-founder John Kane. “And that usually means if we have a chance to get a truck, we can pay for it. We now find ourselves having to pay for eight trucks – $ 13,000 – and that’s quite a bill for us to pay.”

“For every dollar in freight we’re probably going to be able to distribute somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25 dollars worth of high quality pet food.”

“It has really had an impact on individual pet owners and families who now find that it’s very, very difficult to care for their pets the way that they used to. So we see more and more of those families turning in their pets to shelters and rescue groups. So this has worked a hardship not only in the family because it’s like giving up a member of your family. And it’s also working a hardship on all the rescue groups that we work with.”

To donate, contact your local food bank.


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Brad Paisley – Ticks (Live)

Music video by Brad Paisley performing Ticks. (C) 2007 BMG Music
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This Is Our First Video…Ticks By Brad Paisley!! I own nothing. We Do Lyric Requests..So If You Would Like To Make A Request Email Us At
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Dog Training Part V: The Command Voice

When giving commands to a dog, a calm, firm, authoritative voice is most effective. Dogs do not respond well to hesitant, pleading voices, nor to yelling, which might sound to the dog like threatening barking or scolding. It is also important that the word used for the command and the pitch of the voice be consistent each time the command is delivered so that the dog can more easily learn what the owner means (siiiiiiiiiiiit does not sound the same as sit, for example).

Using the puppy’s name before a command ensures that the dog knows that a command is coming, that it is for him (rather than for other dogs, children, or people), and that he should pay attention. This is important because dogs hear a lot of human speech that has no relevance for them at all, and it is easy for them to disregard commands amongst the babble.

To reinforce the command, the dog always gets some kind of reward or reinforcement (praise and usually a treat or toy) when it performs the action correctly. This helps the dog to understand that he has done a good thing.

Note that not all dogs are trained to voice command. Many working breeds of dog are not trained to a voice command at all; they are taught to obey a combination of whistles and hand signals. Deaf dogs are perfectly capable of learning to obey visual signals alone. Many obedience classes teach hand signals for common commands in addition to voice signals; these signals can be useful in quiet situations, at a distance, and in advanced obedience competitions.

The specific command words are not important, although common words in English include sit, down, come, and stay. Short, clear words that are easily understood by other humans are generally recommended; that way, people will understand what a handler is telling his dog to do and other handlers have a good chance of controlling someone else’s dog if necessary. In fact, dogs can learn commands in any language or other communications medium, including whistles, mouth sounds, hand gestures, and so forth.

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Send your pet a happy picture

I learned something very special from my mother several years ago. And that was to not only talk, sing and play with our pets, but to also send our pets positive energy and mental pictures. If you are a pet owner, you know how sensitive pets are to our emotions; they are very much in touch with how we are feeling. I know when I’ve had a rough day, my cat will immediately jump on my lap and cuddle. When my brother died, my dog, Lucy knew something was wrong. She doesn’t sleep in my bed with me, but during that time, she knew it would be okay. She’d jump up next to me and huddle close. Her warmth made me feel a little better.

Because our pets are so in tune with what we’re feeling, it’s important to sit down with them before you even pull out your suitcase before leaving on a trip. Set aside some time to cuddle with your pets, play, give them a treat, and tell them about your trip and that you will be back soon. Then take out the suitcase (and give more cuddles and treats once it’s out). You want your pets to associate the suitcase coming out as something fun for them. On the day you are to leave – right before you go out the door, sit down with your pets and tell them you’ll be back. Visualize their pet sitter coming in to feed and play with them. Visualize the pet sitter visits as very happy and fun times for your pet. Then be sure to send them a mental picture of yourself coming home, walking through the door, and showering them with love and affection.

Sending your pets these mental pictures will help them know you will be home soon. Giving them some treats helps, too. They will serve as a good distraction as you’re walking out the door. Remember to stay cheery even though you know you’re going to miss your pets. They will pick up on your emotions, and if you’re feeling sad about leaving them they’ll also feel sad. If you’re cheerful, they’ll handle your departure much better. That mental picture of you coming back through the door to greet your pets after you’ve been gone is good for you to imagine, too!

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topical song

1979 parody of Supertramp’s “The Logical Song” by The Barron Knights, this song is about the gas crisis of the late 1970′s. Their only US Billboard Hot 100 charted single, it was written by the American poet, Robert Spring White. ‘Topical Song’ is available on the cd ‘Funny in the Head: Best of The Barron Knights’

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Digestive Health Products for Our Pets

Our exclusive Life’s Abundance pet food formulas contain multiple types of direct fed microbials, all of which are guaranteed to be viable after cooking so they can take up “residence” in the GALT. To protect these beneficial bacteria, we micro-encapsulate the direct fed microbials prior to cooking our foods. This process ensures that they will survive in order to establish and maintain healthy digestive system cultures.

Click the link above to read more from Dr. Jane Bicks, Life’s Abundance product formulator.

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Mar 29, Rescue Dog & Atopica

We adopted a rescued puppy from a friend about 4 years ago and shortly thereafeter, she began scratching excessivily. The first year the vet did steroid
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