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Visit our Website This Pet Tips video from the Manchester West Veterinary Hospital discusses flea prevention in animals. Call us at 636-458-9010 for additional information.

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Benadryl or Other Antihistamines May Help a Sneezing Dog.

There are several things that could make your dog sneeze. My clients are often surprised to hear that their pet has allergies to pollens and molds. In humans it is called hay fever and in animals it is called atopy. Atopy can cause itchy skin, itchy ears, runny eyes and sneezing. One of the classic symptoms is licking and chewing the bottom of the paw.

Wet, warm, weather encourages plants to grow, reproduce, and release their pollen to the wind. Contact with or inhaling those protein coated genetic packages inflames the victims of hay fever, both animal and human. Stuffy noses and sinus problems plague the two legged patient and both the biped and quadrupeds share the symptoms of runny eyes and sneezing. Pollens, molds, and grasses may make both dogs and cats very itchy and their ears can get very red and inflamed. Some pet may sneeze and “reverse sneeze” during the hay fever season.

Antihistamines can be helpful for itchy pets. Benadryl or diphenhydramine, Claritin or loratidine, Allertec or cetirizine, and Allegra or fexofenadine  can be used to treat itchy dogs and cats, red ears, itchy feet, hives, and bee stings. The dosage for these drugs are to the right of this blog in the free download, 11 Practical home Remedies. The dosage for allegra is 30 mg for a small dog or cat twice daily, 6omg for a medium dog, and 90-180 mg for a large dog. Dogs are very tolerant to antihistamines and they are very safe.

Different antihistamines may work better for some pets than other just as in humans. So if one does not seem to work, try another!

The little terrier in this  video started violently sneezing with a bit of blood. Here in the California foothills, foxtails are a very common cause of this type of sneezing. Other causes of sneezing are allergies, infections, growths or tumors, dental abscesses that enter the nasal cavity, and other small foreign objects like grass.  Violent sneezing may dislodge the plant seed or blade of grass and shoot it outward or suck it inward where it can be swallowed and digested.



Many dogs with atopy or hay fever will “reverse sneeze”


Some dogs are sentenced to an endless cycle of medications for common medical problems. Veterinarians were trained to diagnose and treat with drugs. We were not trained to consider how commercial diets may cause and add to medical problems. Many dogs with really itchy dry skin, red ears, seizures, or other medical problems, improve with a better diet.  Decreasing suffering and saving money is worth the consideration!

 Dog Dish Diet talks about better choices in commercial food, feeding human food treats and meals,  or home cooking for your pet. Thousands of pets have benefited from the practical, economical ideas!



Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Building a Foundation….

This Week’s “In Other Words” His word is a book of instructions, guidelines, and boundaries. If we study the Word, learn His ways,and submit to His Word,we are protected. –Laura Velez, Psalm 91-He who dwells Currently I am working through, Psalm 91-He Who Dwells by Laura Velez and it is a very encouraging bible study.

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Sunflower Faith

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Obesity and Arthritis on the Rise in Banfield Pet Hospital Report

     Banfield Pet Hospitals, a corporate veterinary chain, recently published a review of our pet’s health for 2011. Because they are so large, see so many patients, and can combine data, the trends are evident. Obesity, arthritis and chronic diseases are on the rise just as they are in human medicine.

Banfields’ recommendations are for more vet visits and preventative medications to combat this rise in medical problems where  simple changes to the diet may help you reduce veterinary visits to a yearly exam.

Veterinarians are taught to diagnose and medicate, so more visits only complicate some problems. In Dog Dish Diet I teach you that feeding your pet better ingredients, avoiding allergens and commercial treats, and supplementing and home cooking with human food help so many dogs recover from the endless circle of medications and treatments needed in sensitive, allergic, or obese and arthritic dogs.

Following my recommendations in the book may help to keep your pet’s weight down and also nourish the joints with better treats like raw meaty chicken wings!Less weight and raw bones may help their joints with natural bone ingredients and less stress on the joints. Can you imagine a vet said that? Thats the kind of advise that I want to share!


Nutrition does give us the power to health. We just have to learn to use it. Use the power of better ingredients, home cooking, and “human food”treats to help your dog live a healthier life!!

“Let nutrition be your medicine”…some famous greek veterinarian..just kidding!!

Here’s the url for thw banfield report. It is very interesting!–1

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Latest Infection News

Infections par type de malware – Rapport PandaLabs 2011 Q3

Image by pandafrance
Rapport PandaLabs sur la sécurité informatique du 3ème trimestre 2011 : infections par type de malware

Plus d’informations sur…

Téléchargement du rapport sur

Anti-HIV Pills Cut Infection Risk
Using anti-retroviral drugs to prevent HIV infection is effective and — at least in the short term — safe, according to a new review.
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Cambodian mystery illness tied to common childhood disease
"As far as I'm aware, EV-71 was not identified as a virus in Cambodia before," Asgari said, adding that based on the information now available it's likely that the majority of untested patients were infected with it. "We are a bit more confident. We

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Consistency & Persistence Pays Off When Training Your Dog

If the rules change from day to day, the dog becomes confused.  He needs to know how to consistently earn reward and avoid punishment or he will give up responding.  The good trainer is consistent and always uses the same command for the same behavior.  Most dog owners teach the dog that the command “down” means to be in a prone position.  Unfortunately, many dog owners use the same command to mean, lie down, remove thyself from the couch or bed, or stop jumping on people.  When a command has many different meanings, the word ceases to have an important message.


Give each behavior its own command.  The command “off” can be used to mean paws on the floor, and “down” may remain to define the prone position.  After you decide on consistent commands, the next step is to be persistent in using them.  Dogs are naturally good at persistent behavior, and even better if rewarded for it.


Many a dog owner has given up trying to correct the dog that barks all day or jumps on people.  Dog owners drop out of obedience classes all the time because they are worn down by their dogs’ seemingly persistent behaviors, and they give up trying to teach their dogs new behaviors.  The key is that the owners gave up, and the dogs learned that persistence pays off.  When an owner gives in, the dog’s persistent behavior is strengthened and reinforced.  Any determined dog owner can wear the dog down.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you be more persistent than the dog about continuing the training process until the dog performs the desired behavior.


The dog must learn that the energy he spends engaging in undesirable behavior is not worth the effort, because you will persist.  If you correct him for jumping up the first four times and don’t correct him for the fifth jump up you simply teach him to jump up five times for the payoff.  Similarly, if you correct the dog for barking at the moon sometimes and not at other times, you teach him that sometimes barking is acceptable and sometimes it is not.  The dog will continue to bark to determine when barking is acceptable and when it is not acceptable.


Consequently, correcting barking sometimes actually encourages even more barking.  If you don’t correct the dog for barking in the backyard because you are not at home, he will learn that barking is acceptable when you’re away.  If you sneak out of the house so as not to cue him that it is acceptable to bark, he only needs to bark twice with no correction to figure out that you are not at home.  A behavior will be extinguished or changed only if you persist in correcting the dog every time he misbehaves.

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Labs, Ear Problems, and Diet

Labs are particularly affected by ear problems. Many labs spend their life itching their ears and shaking their head. Otitis Externa is one of the most frequent diagnosis in our Labs, and is treated with ear ointments, antibiotics, and cortisones. The treatment is usually temporarily successful, but not permanent, because the allergies that cause the infections in the first place are not understood or addressed. The veterinary literature explains that food allergy can cause ear problems, but fails to really talk about the ingredients that cause the problems.  Over the past ten years, I have learned simple economical, nutritional changes to the daily diet to help those dogs affected with chronic ear and skin problems.

I really enjoy  receiving emails like this. I know I am helping people become part of the health care team and cure their pets instead of just “patching”the problem.

I just had to write and thank you for your wonderful book regarding pet nutrition. I have a 7 year old black lab whom we’ve had since the age of 3 months old. He has always been a large specimen of his breed, tipping the scales at 109 lbs at the tender age of 9 months.( He’s been described by our vet as a “box on legs”.) Which is also the age at which we discovered he that his hips were severely malformed. As devastating a diagnosis as it was at the time, it gave us information early on in his life to immediately start a routine of prevention, to at least put off the onset of arthritis for as long as possible. So, I have been augmenting his diet for almost his entire life, starting with nutritional supplements added to his kibble. But, as an adult dog it has been difficult to keep his weight in check. I’ve changed dog food brands, formulas and finally went the route of “Grain-Free” for a while. The latter did help to shed a few pounds but not quite enough. I should also add that he gets tons of exercise every day, walks in our neighborhood, hiking, & swimming during the summer as well as several games (per day) of fetch in our backyard. Needless to say, he is very muscular and has a ton of energy. I am constantly doing research online especially in the area of pet nutrition, if not for anything else but to try to stay one step ahead of the next pet food recall.

Then this past January (2012), I discovered and purchased your book on It has been a Godsend. I took my boy, Gantner off of the kibble merry-go-round and started the crock pot diet. I started out just giving it to him on Sundays which we called his “Sunday Brunch”. After a few weeks I gradually replaced his kibble altogether and in just 6 months he has lost 20 lbs. He just had his annual check -up yesterday and our vet was amazed at how great he looks! He is the leanest, shiniest and healthiest he has ever been. An added bonus, if you will, is before this diet, he was always susceptible to ear infections, especially during the hot summer months and this is the first time he has not been diagnosed with one in 5 or 6 years. He also gets a frozen raw chicken quarter or turkey neck a couple of times per week as a treat.

When my husband takes him swimming, people often ask how old he is and are amazed when told he is 7 due to his high energy level. We are amazed at how much older their dogs look in comparison and most of them are half his age. Attached is a picture of my beautiful boy. Thanks again for the fantastic book and your ability to make dog nutrition less intimidating and approachable. Oh, and it’s so much less expensive to feed too!

Dog Dish Diet has helped many labs recover from years of  ear and skin problems due to food allergies and unhealthy skin. The owners can become part of the health care team!


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Latest Fipronil News

Pethealth to Distribute PetArmor to Shelters
Pethealth Inc. of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and Velcera Inc. of Yardley, Pa., have inked an exclusive distribution deal that will see Pethealth distribute Velcera's FidoPharm Inc.'s products, notably PetArmor (fipronil) flea and tick control products

Scallywags Pet Shop – special offers
A new product called Bob Martin Flea Clear – it's a spot on treatment to kills fleas and ticks and contains the active ingredient Fipronil, which is the same as in Frontline, but this product can be bought off the shelf and more cheaply. She stocks
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Justin Bie-boar Competes For Cookies [PHOTO]

Swifty Swine

The assemblage of deep fried food, cantankerous carnies, oversized stuffed animals and farm animals galore can only mean one thing: the county fair is in town. We decided to check out the San Diego County Fair this past weekend to see what the fair had to offer and 'lo and behold, we discovered the cutest, speediest pigs competing in hysterical Swifty Swine races! These tiny racing pigs ranged from 4 weeks to a few months  and pack a serious love for racing….for Oreos that is.

When pigs fly…like the wind

The racing pigs of the Swifty Swine race in competition for a delicious, savory Oreo cookie at the end of the track. Some of the racers have hilarious names, our favorites were : Justin Bie-boar, Lindsay Lo-ham, Brad Pig, and Barack Boar-ama.

Find fun videos of these cute little piggies at 

Photo source: SwiftySwine

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Teaching Dog Tricks – Training for Dog Tricks – How to Teach Dog Tricks

by Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library Article by Kevin Pederson Teaching Dog Tricks – Training for Dog Tricks – How to Teach Dog Tricks – Family – Pets Search by…

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Dog Training Blog | Tips and Dog Training Resources

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