How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are inquisitive and playful by nature. They can be heaps of fun, but it is important to take the right steps to protect your home and protect them from themselves, as having a big heap of energy bulldozing through your home can end in a disaster.

Destructive chewing, playful chewing, jumping on people and getting on the furniture are common behavioural patterns in puppies, but are these preventable?

Chewing and biting

To begin with, puppies may chew and damage furniture in front of you, and it is important to be consistently assertive and to tell them no. But punishing your puppy doesn’t always solve the problem, some cheeky canines continue to chew and destroy your furniture when you’re not around. Simple ways of stopping this from happening are investing in puppy fences that divide up the room into puppy “safe zones”.

Also trying out different behavioural correction techniques can be effective, each puppy will respond differently to the things you try, so don’t give up and stay consistent. Non-aggressive techniques like spraying your puppy with water and saying “no” assertively can be effective. It is important to be consistent with your training, but remember never to be aggressive with your puppy. The end game is to stop them from misbehaving, not to scare them. An unusual but effective remedy is to invest in bitter apple spray to spray on wires and your furniture, this will soon stop your pups from chewing.

Why do puppies chew and bite furniture?

A lot of dog owners believe that chewing furniture is a phase or a mild behavioural problem, such as separation anxiety. Not many people know that chewing could actually be an indication of poor nutrition or not enough food provisions. To prevent chewing from continuing to happen, make sure that you are feeding your puppy the right amount of food every day, and also that you are buying food specifically designed for puppies that have the right kind of nutrients, vitamins and protein. If you are unsure of which food to buy, then it is always useful to consult with your vet,

Over-excited puppies

Puppies have heaps of energy, they jump up at people, can run for hours and always want to play. In order to protect your home, always remember to move breakable ornaments and objects out of the pathway or reach of your puppy, especially if they could fall and result in an injury. Protecting your puppy is equally as important as protecting your home. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you vet fits them with a pet microchip. If they are ever lost (or worse, stolen) they will be more likely to be reunited with you.

Caring for a puppy can be challenging, it is important to remember to remain consistent and to think of them like another member of the family. If there are small objects that are a choking hazard on the floor, then the chances are that they will end up in your puppy’s mouth. And if there are breakable objects in reach of your puppy, then chances are that they will get broken. And finally, if you catch them chewing or destroying your furniture, chances are that they will try again until they know better. All of these things are preventable, and the older your puppy gets the less likely they will be to destroy your home.

Cathy is a new author and has experience pet sitting and with pets in general. Three years as a pet sitter in college and extensive experience volunteering in a shelter environment, fostering, training, a year as a vet assistant, etc.

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Aww! This is too adorable! Amazing post, thank you…

Aww! This is too adorable! Amazing post, thank you for sharing with us! :)

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What a great idea: wedding puppies

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Carrier Bag

In the bag!

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Front Pack Dog

A comfortable ‘front pack’ for this shih-tzu as her owner walks around Ventimiglia market in Italy. 

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My Current Spring Style Favorites

High Road Jumpsuit
Yarn-Dyed Tunic
Dawn to Dusk Cropped Wide Leg Jeans
Embroidered Springtime Top, True Black
Liberty Pant in Copper
Indigo Cold Shoulder Top
Nora Jumpsuit
Striped Retreat Dress

It is finally April, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to transitioning to warmer weather clothing. The styles you see above are a few that have especially caught my eye over the past couple of weeks. I’m planning to purchase one of two of them to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. I think the High Road Jumpsuit (#1) is my favorite. I just love a good jumpsuit and the off the shoulder style and embroidered details are perfection. I’m also a huge fan of the Striped Retreat Dress (#8) which is so simple and would be such a great practical-yet-super-cute everyday piece for the spring and summer. Click on links above to see where to find each of them if you’re a fan as well!


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Dogs vs. hogs

Warthogs vs. side-striped jackals over a cheetah-killed impala :

(Yes. That’s a black-backed jackal on the Youtube featured image. It is not in this video).

Natural History

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Taking A Break (‘Cause We Need a Little Sunshine)

It’s vacation day! We’re Arizona bound, and boy am I ready for a holiday. While I admittedly miss those pre-kid days of nonstop travel and regular opportunities to explore the world, I can honestly say that I appreciate the handful of smaller trips we now get to take each year more than those constant trips of years past, simply because they are so much fewer and, therefore, feel more precious.

We usually keep the blog active when we travel with prescheduled and/or contributor posts, but I’ve made the decision to take a break for the remainder of this week and just focus on hanging out in the much needed sunshine with my family (check out Essley chilling poolside on last year’s Arizona trip; I call it her ‘album cover’ shot). You can still follow along with our adventures on Instagram, both in our photos and on our IG stories, and we’ll be back next Monday with a seriously excellent giveaway. In the meantime, enjoy your week! And try to take a break for yourself too, okay?


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Toronto Dog Saves Owner’s Life Every Day in Different Ways

Paddington and Sinead

Sinead Ellis is 25 years old and lives with Parkes Weber Syndrome (PWS), a rare congenital condition. There is currently no cure for PWS. The U.S. National Library of Medicine notes that PWS causes arteries and veins to form abnormally, often causing excruciating pain and sometimes even heart failure. In addition, PWS often causes one limb to grow abnormally large compared to its match. In Sinead’s case, her right leg is almost two times larger than her left leg.

Sinead deals with her condition with grace and good humor, but perhaps most life-saving has been her dog, Paddington. According to The Dodo, this sweet poodle is in training to become a certified service dog, but he’s already changed Sinead’s life. Paddington has already not only healed a literal hole in Sinead’s right foot, but he has helped with her anxiety, balanced Sinead on walks despite her legs being different sizes, and even learned to monitor Sinead for signs of internal bleeding.

Read more about Sinead and Paddington.

Halo Pets

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The Reason I’m Glad I Stopped to Smell the Flowers

My routine was off today. I got distracted with work and emails and life, and before I knew it, it was 11 am. I like to walk Brody in the morning while it’s still cool out, so we rarely find ourselves out in the midday sun where it gets really hot, really fast.

I debated whether I should still go. Brody solemnly sat on my shoes and breathed on me until I decided that the decision wasn’t really up to me- this was a dog who wanted some air. He gets so excited when he sees the leash, like he’s at the gates of Disneyland for the first time, each and every time we go for a walk.

Knowing it was warm, we kept to the grass and the streets with bigger shade canopies. I detoured from my usual route, because a field to the right had erupted into a carpet of yellow blooms and I couldn’t resist the obligatory photo op:


Color is so rare in our brown, drought parched part of the world. It really was lovely.

Having veered off course, we continued down the alternate street, one we rarely explore, and that is when I encountered Peaches. Peaches was an older English bulldog, cruising around the cul-de-sac without a care in the world and not a person in sight.

If you know bulldogs, you know two things they like to do: overheat and die. While this heat and direct sunlight can be slightly uncomfortable for us, it can be killer for dogs like Peaches, so I plunked down on the sidewalk and tried to call her owner, whose number (but not address) was listed on the tag. No answer.

With no other good alternative, I grabbed Brody’s leash in one hand and Peaches’ collar in the other and squat-walked up and down the street until we found someone who was home (yay quad workout). “Peaches!” he said. “That’s my neighbor’s dog.”

I learned something else about bulldogs today, namely that when one senses a grand adventure is winding to a close, they can run like the dickens. I am ashamed to admit I came close to being outrun by a geriatric bulldog today, but Brody broke wide and herded her back into the driveway, where we managed to get her back into the shady courtyard. My neighbor assured me he could get her in from there, and Brody and I continued on our way.

I spent a lot of time wondering how much of our lives are random and how many little details just fall into place. There is a good likelihood that had we not walked by, Peaches would have gotten bored and wandered back home on her own. She might have suffered in the heat. All I know is that now I can be sure she won’t.

At the end of the day I think we are defined more by the sum of our little actions more than the grand overall thread of what the world sees. It’s what happens each day when we follow a small errant thread and tuck it back into place, whether it’s the smush faced dog running around in the midday sun or the elderly person needing help bringing their groceries in. The world moves just as much through a million tiny earthquakes as it does the one Big Shake. And sometimes, just a bit, it’s nice to think that the universe puts us right where we’re needed the most.

Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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