Celebrating the Bright Side: Simple Pleasures and Frozen Fruit Bars

Let’s be honest – you guys have heard me complain.  I’ve complained about winter.  A lot.  I’ve complained about the details of winter as well (short days, cold weather, overall misery).  I’ve also complained, although at much less length, about the challenges of working full time while raising a baby with a husband who works on the road, and about how the baby hates naps (and sleep in general).  I’ve occasionally mentioned other things I don’t like as well.  This is reality.  We all express dissatisfaction now and then, and we all see dark clouds in certain situations.  I’m definitely guilty.  But in general, I really do try to be positive the majority of the time.  I make a conscious effort to see the good in things, and to celebrate the bright side of life as much as possible.  I make the choice to be happy. 

For me, the easiest way to focus on the bright side is to indulge in simple pleasures.  No matter how bad my day has been, or how busy or exhausted I am, I find at least one way to experience something I love.  Admittedly, this is easier than ever now that I have Essley.  Just a few minutes holding, laughing, and playing with her, and I’m in a great mood.  But there are so many other ways too.  I take walks in the sunshine.  I go get my favorite coffee drink.  I meet a friend for a margarita at the end of the work day.  I pay a visit to a local nursery and bring home a new plant.  I listen to my favorite song.  I call my best friend in San Francisco or my sister in Indianapolis and talk for an hour.  I take a day trip with my family.  My husband and I order our favorite take-out for dinner.  I eat chocolate and read blogs.  I work in the garden.  I grill a veggie burger.  I take my camera on an errand and snap a few photos of cool things I see.  I paint my nails.  I go window shopping with my girlfriends.  I prop up my feet and eat a Fruttare Fruit Bar.  Each one of these is a small (but powerful!) way to celebrate the bright side.

My regular readers may notice that, despite the fact that I very rarely do food reviews here, this is the second time I’ve mentioned Fruttare.  And for good reason.  Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars have become my go-to snack when I want a quick sweet treat from the freezer.  I love that they’re made from real fruits and juices, rather than strange ingredients that I can’t pronounce.  And as a huge fan of mangos (I put them in my smoothies every single morning), I was especially excited to try the Mango Fruttare bars for the first time recently.  I wasn’t disappointed.  They taste like super refreshing, lightly sweetened frozen mangos.  Heaven on a stick you guys.

Fruttare is also recognized as a brand synonymous with a positive outlook on life, and with the delicious fruit bars they make, it’s easy to see why.  Sitting on my deck in the summer sunshine, surrounded by my plants and flowers, eating a Fruttare with my favorite music playing in the background is officially one of favorite ways to treat myself, and another simple way to celebrate the bright side of life. 

How do you celebrate the bright side of life?  What are your favorite simple pleasures?

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How Awesome Is This Lego Storage!!!


Have you checked out this awesome storage for Lego’s?? I am drooling over this right now!!

I have so many Lego’s for the child care children that I would probably need two of these but these are just what I need and the colors are perfect for the Lego’s.

Hop on over to Amazon and check it out!!
Images by Amazon.com



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I Need Some Help Here!: Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan by Kathi Lipp {Book Review}

I Need Some Help Here!: Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan by Kathi Lipp My rating: 3 of 5 stars “One of the most powerful sentences in the English language is “Me too!” It helps us discover who our people are. You move from sympathy to empathy when you hear that…

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Sunflower Faith

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Salukis – Peas in a Pod

Peas in a pod – two beautiful Salukis at the Monaco Dog Show.  Same expression, same stance, same piercing eyes.

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InventHelp Inventor Develops Self-Scratcher for Pets (PND-4370)

InventHelp Inventor Develops Self-Scratcher for Pets (PND-4370)
She created a prototype for the Scratch My CaT to enable a pet to scratch and groom itself more easily. The invention simulates the feel of being petted. The unit ensures that the pet's coat remains healthy and shiny. The accessory removes tangled and
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Pet of the Week
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Keeping Soft By Dionna Sanchez

We live in a cold, cold world. By that I mean that people seem to have developed a tough exterior to things that would normally trigger compassion, kindness, gentleness, and empathy. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve been hurt so much or if it’s because we feel that’s the only way we will survive…

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Sunflower Faith

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Nov 4, Pet products sale up by 7% in the US

Consumer spending is crucial for recovery of the economy. The rising tide isn’t lifting all boats but one of the lucky ones is the pet supplies industry.

High-end pet items drive increase in spending. People like to buy organic dog food, timed cat food dispenses etc

“People are cutting back on themselves more than they’re cutting back on pets,” says Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Association.

“Cheap pet food is selling briskly, reflecting the weak economy, at the same time costly items are thriving,” he says. “It’s the middle of the market that’s shrinking,” he says.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Life’s a Beach

Just some randomness from an early morning beach walk this morning.
Lacey is happy – even with a nose full of sand.

I keep forgetting to bring a toy!  I’m trying not to play fetch so I leave the toys in the car.  Then Lacey gets the snot beat out of her.  So then I have to find something to keep Coulee occupied. Thankfully sticks are numerous at the beach.

Contemplating a swim.

She’s always so sweet with the gifts.

Just happy to be out and about.

A wet, dirty dog is a happy dog.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Smart is Sentinel Heartworm Parasite and Flea Prevention

Sentinel is now offered at Animal Health Services of Cave Creek Arizona. 480-488-6181 www.ahsvet.com info@ahsvet.com.

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