Bee nest mite

A few nice Mite images I found:

Bee nest mite

Image by Gilles San Martin
Unidentified mite found on a dead honey bee (abundant with eggs) within an old nest.
Acari – Astigmata – Acaridae , maybe a Sancassania or an Acarus
Thanks to G. Wauthy and H.André for ID help.

Scale : mite length = 0.5 mm

Technical settings :
- focus stack of 20 images
- microscope objective (Nikon M Plan 20x 210/0.4 ELWD) on PB-4 bellow

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Durham Bulls to Host Third Bark in the Park of the Season

This fall the boys of summer will go to bat for dogs and cats in need as the Durham Bulls host their third Bark in the Park of the season. On August 7th baseball buffs are invited to bring their…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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DrDonnaSpector-Morgan2011_250wQuestion: I have recently gotten a kitten of 3 months. My older cat (5 yrs) loves him but is a “grazer” and the kitten will eat his food and the older cat’s food to. I worry that my older cat is not getting enough food although he is large in size. Does it matter that they eat each others food?

Answer: Thanks for your inquiry. Your kitten and your older cat are able to eat the same food without a problem. However, it is a potential problem that your kitten is eating the “lion’s share” so to speak.

You don’t want him to over-eat as that can create issues with excessive weight gain and obesity from a young age. You also don’t want your older cat to get inadequate nutrients during the day. Often the best solution is to adopt a meal feeding approach to avoid this issue.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

Answers provided to pet owners by Dr. Donna Spector should be considered information and not specific advice. Answers are to be used for general information purposes only and not as a substitute for in-person evaluation or specific professional advice from your veterinarian. Communications on this site are very limited and should never be used in possible cases of emergency. Halo, Purely for Pets will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on any information or content contained in a blog or article post. If you have consulted your veterinarian and if you are still concerned about your pet’s condition or if your pet has chronic, complicated or undiagnosed problems, Dr. Spector can offer consultations for you and your veterinarian via


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How to get rid of the doggy smell due to skin allergies?

Question by elaine: How to get rid of the doggy smell due to skin allergies?
My dog has bad skin allergies and seborrhea during certain times of the year. He loses a lot of his hair and gets hot spots from all the scratching. I bathe him in a medicated shampoo prescribed by the veterinarian (which I tend to think dries out his skin more), use a hot spot spray 2 or 3 times a day, and give him medicine daily. I have been keeping him in the house, but sometimes his smell is so bad that I have to spray air freshener all over the house.

Best answer:

Answer by Simon
do you bath him all over, and how many times per week?

Perhaps you can get a anti perspant for dogs

What do you think? Answer below!

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May 18, Top Dog Food Manufacturers | Best Dog Food Guide

View the top 10 of dog food manufacturers. Which companies rule in the world of dog food and how did they get there? What are their most successful dog food products?
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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THE ROCK: Chapter 10 Continued

Amor Fati.  Love Thine Fate

They say that men of action accept fatelessness as their guide whereas men of the mind, of deliberation, are men of providence.  

Both have their misgivings it seems to me.  

I believe in the the inevitability of things.  But not back in 2007.  I didn’t believe in anything.  Not even myself.

But I didn’t let that stop me.  2 Dogs 2,000 Miles was inevitable and once started, I knew it couldn’t be stopped.  


I could devote three maybe four chapters about the amount of effort it took to plan, prepare, equip, re-plan, re-prepare, re-equip, re-re-plan, re-re-prepare, and re-re-equip but out of consideration, I’ll spare you most of the process and give the reader’s digest version.  

The single most important aspect of training and preparation was my relationship with Hudson and Murphy. If we were going to make it as a team, I knew we would have to communicate in both spoken and unspoken language because fractions of a second could mean the difference between life and death on the road.  

And that’s no easy thing.  I’ve said it before Pyrenees are a willful breed and those of you who know me, I’m pretty resolute and unmoving myself.  But that dynamic between the three of us as we trained, it was fascinating.  I was in Temple, TX at the time and we started training at Lion’s Park which out of all of the nearby locations was ideal because of its varied terrain and trails.  

Murphy had never carried a backpack up until then and I was slowly adding weight to it as we added mile upon mile on our hikes.  I started with newspapers in the pouches then added bottled water.  We were doing great with training and one day, I think it was three or so miles into our hike, Murphy just down and outright quit.  He stopped and refused to take another step.  

And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why.  Well I knew that we’d never make it cross country if Murphy wasn’t going to do more than a few miles stretch and for weeks, it was the same thing.  Tried to incentivize him with treats and that didn’t work and I was beside myself and bumfuzzled.  

Invariably when I tell this story, trainers always ask me why I didn’t bring someone aboard to work with us.  It’s a valid question but I figured even back then that if I can’t understand what my boys are telling me, it’s all moot.  

And it took me weeks to understand what Murphy was saying.  


Research, which I always do a ton of before I do anything, indicates that dogs have a much greater constitution than men.  Study after study has shown that.  Murphy was fit and fat happy but he wouldn’t budge.  

And then it hit me like two tons of stones.  I was telling him what to do.  It wasn’t a partnership but a dictatorship and like me, Murphy was unrulable (is that a word?).  This is the moment that the phrase ‘alpha male’ became meaningless to me.  

And just like that, I set aside some time to let him lead Hudson and me, off schedule and off the beaten path and once I showed him that respect, we never looked back.   


Together, we reached our stride, the three of us.  It was the trust and instinct that would keep us all alive on the road.  Still, something was missing – not between us but inside me.  

I knew what it was.  And I knew that before we took our first step, I’d have to do something I’d never done before.  And it was inevitable.  


YBD’s Notes 1:  I speak in my own gender and I mean no disrespect.  Women, in my life experiences, are often much more capable than men but history has been unkind to.  All of my greatest ideas, once and always, are inspired by a muse and I create for her.  All great men do.  

YBD’s Notes 2:  Next week.  Chapter 11.  Finding Faith.  

YBD’s Notes 3:  Murphy taught me many things in life and he told me plenty.  Still to this day, why he never told me he had a tumor in his head, I’ll never understand.  

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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May 19, Dog Links and Resources | Best Dog Food Guide

A directory of dog links so you can find more information on external resources about dogs, dog training, pet vacations and dog health.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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The Rock: Finding Faith


Winter 2009.  Franklin, Kentucky

“You cannot have faith in the absence of doubt”.


Hudson Murphy and I were already almost a 1,000 miles into our journey when we set aside time to join a Sunday Bible study in the private home of the friends we were staying with in Franklin.  We had met spiritual leaders and pitched tent on sacred ground many, many times before Franklin but the two bald headed former priests that day spoke to me.  

Belton, TX 

Most kids grow up in a place.  I grew up between two. My father was a physician, and my mother a devout Christian who, aside from being a small business owner, raised me and my three brothers― Matthew, Mark, and Jon, The Gospels as we were known. Our Sundays were spent simply. My mom made sure our mornings were spent at Saint Francis Episcopal Church and my dad made sure our evenings were spent sitting around our kitchen television watching Nature on PBS.

Indeed, my upbringing was balanced between science and religion. Mom always made certain her boys had a quarter in our pockets to tithe with but it was Dad’s job to ensure our education extended well beyond both the pews and the classrooms. For him, erudition was everything. He came from humble yet decent beginnings, putting himself through medical school; when he wasn’t practicing twelve hours a day, seven days a week, he was reading his medical journals. Piles and piles of New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association to name a few were stacked all about our home, and anyone who dared rearrange or relocate them would incur his wrath.

I experienced this firsthand. Solitude unsettled me as a child so I read and early on developed a habit of reading everything around me.  As I got a little older cartoons just weren’t cutting it for me anymore so I picked up anything around me and poured into it. In our home that was either the Wall Street Journal or medical magazines. I didn’t understand what “New Developments in Vascular Repair of Atherosclerotic Venal Blockage” meant but it sounded big or at least better than Family Circus or Hagar the Horrible anyway. One particular morning after an equal helping of Count Chocula and “Renal Failure and Long-Term Care of Dialysis Patients,” I neglected to return the journal to its original place and boy did I get the ‘what-for’ from my father that night.

My mother’s influence over the household was equally pervasive. She collected religious antiquities and curiosos with fervor and she filled just about every nook and cranny with them: statues of saints in the gardens and atrium, crucifixes hung on every wall in the house, an ancient pew from some church in Europe, and Milagros or Spanish charms representing religious stories like Santo Nino de Atocha. I cannot recall the total number of Bibles in various translations and versions.

Most of my youth was spent in Belton, which in retrospect seems important since it’s just about the midpoint between Waco and Austin on the I-35 corridor. Waco is considered the southernmost reach of the Bible Belt and home to Baylor University, one of the top ranked Christian schools in the country. Austin on the other hand, couldn’t be more its opposite. An artistic, liberal city known now as Silicon Hills because of its robust technology community, Austin is also reknown as a haven for hippies, has a slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’, and has one of the lowest church attendance rates in the South.

It was between these two magnetic poles I was raised and both seemed to pull at me in a fight for my soul. I didn’t see it as a battle back then, religion versus science. Youth isn’t known for that kinda circumspection so I studied both with equal fervor and as I would later learn, the two are not mutually exclusive. Still it fucked me up pretty good.  But in a good way.  


YBD’s Notes 1:  Typographical errors tonight due to slicing the shit out of my left index finger down to the bone.  Or maybe I was watching Nathan Fillion on Castle.  
YBD’s Notes 2: I don’t like this chapter.  I never did.  Not even when Ed and I worked on it in 2010 and I’ve changed it vastly.

It’ll never say what I want or need it to convey.  But I could never get away from it as a part of this story and it must be told.  

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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HealthyPetNet listing renewed in

This listing has consistently provided very loyal customers who are interested in doing everything they can for their pets, including adding high quality fish oil to their diets. They provide stats and show that since Mar 31, 2007:

  • 1477 people viewed your listing.
  • 493 clicked through to your website.

To have 1/3 of the people who see an ad click through to it is really impressive.

What’s cool about this directory is that they’re for real. In order to list a pet food with them, you have to meet the following criteria, and of course, HealthyPetNet qualifies:

Disallowed ingredients include : Animal Grade Animals (too sick/diseased for Human Consumption), By-products (feet, bones and intestines, etc.), Fillers (weeds, hulls or chaff), Meat meal, Bone meal, Rendered fats, GMO ingredients, Chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin), Sugar, Propylene glycol, Ethylene glycol.
Product Ingredients :
Meat, Chicken, Eggs : Any meat, chicken or eggs must be organic or at least from free ranged animals.

  • GreenPeople averages over 11,000 visitors per day
  • shows Traffic Rank for 93,743 (1/06)
  • Google page ranks is a 6-7 out of 10 (and 1,110 sites link to us)
  • shows- AltaVista says 1018 sites link to GreenPeople.- HotBot says 1189 sites link to GreenPeople.

You can post free ads or you can post a variety of paid ads and banners. I usually pay for an annual Premier Green Star listing which includes a clickable URL ($ 29.95 per year).

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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What kind of food do you recommend feeding a dog with skin allergies?

Question by HammyHam: What kind of food do you recommend feeding a dog with skin allergies?
My friend’s poodle has major skin problems… They have medication for her but they want to feed her the best kind of food that will help her with the issue. What kind of dog food is really good for dogs with skin allergies?

Best answer:

Answer by We Come Out at Night
Two of my dogs have allergies and they do very well on Blue Buffalo Wilderness: Duck recipe. My vet told me that they needed a higher quality protein, IE. Duck, Salmon, Veal and Lamb. Salmon would probably be better for a dog with skin allergies because it’s already been known to help improve the skin and coat of dogs.

Give your answer to this question below!

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