Q&A: What makes fleas attracted to one household member or pet and not others?

Question by sahjmom: What makes fleas attracted to one household member or pet and not others?
Help! I keep getting bitten by fleas, whereas my husband and son haven’t had any. Also, one cat is attracting the fleas and another isn’t. Why?

Best answer:

Answer by Elaine M
Health. Heathly cats attract less fleas than stressed out cats or ones with their immune systems working overtime.

For you, try taking a B complex vitamin, fleas are put off by the B complex and will have a better chance of leaving you alone. You can also try rubbing some brewers yeast into the affected cat’s coat, it’s a flea repellant and won’t hurt her if she eats some of it. They just had that suggestion in the latest magazine our health food store puts out.

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Feeding Your Golden Retriever

All Golden Retriever puppies will nurture from their mother until Add Imagethey reach the age of seven weeks. Once they reach the age of three weeks, they should be fed with puppy food, which you should soak and mix into a warm grubby compound. This way, it resembles the food they get from their mother, and they will learn quickly how their food tastes and how they should eat it.

Once you bring your puppy home, you should always make sure that you use the same food that he has become accustomed to. The breeder will start training the puppy with food, and it’s up to you to ensure that he gets the food he has come to know. Golden Retriever puppies have very delicate stomachs, and they can be very receptive to any changes in their food.

When you first bring your new Golden Retriever puppy home, he or she may not be too interested in eating for the first few days. Being in a new home can be stressful for the puppy, which is why you shouldn’t force him to eat. The puppy will also realize that he doesn’t have competition at the food bowl, because he is away from his litter. You shouldn’t worry if he doesn’t immediately eat, as it will take him some time.

Once your puppy has slept through the night, you should take him outside and let him relieve himself, then bring him in and give him some food. You should also plan feedings throughout the day, such as the morning, middle of the day, then at night. Once you have planned feedings, you should make sure that you stick to this plan so that your puppy will get used to it.

Keep in mind that the last feeding of the day doesn’t necessarily need to be set in stone. You should always aim to feed your puppy at least a half an hour before you head to bed, so that you can take him outside after eating. If you time it just right every night, you can feed your Golden, take him out to use the bathroom, and still have plenty of time to get ready for bed. At night, when you sleep, you should have puppy pads or newspapers in an area that your Golden is familiar with so he can use the bathroom if he can’t get you to take him out.

First the first few weeks, your Golden will eat a little bit of the food. Once he has reached 8 weeks of age, he should be on dry food with a little bit of warm water added to it. The best way to feed is to keep adding a little bit of warm water to the food, and let the pup eat until he is finished. If you continue to do this throughout feedings, your Golden will begin to eat all of his portion.

Keep in mind that you should never rush him, or change anything about the way he feeds. Golden Retrievers will eat their share, although it will take them a bit of time to develop the proper eating habits. As the puppy gets older, his stomach will grow and he will begin to eat more. During this time, you won’t need to add any water to his food. Golden Retrievers are a truly unique breed, a breed that loves to be fed – and craves attention. If you stick to your plan when your puppy is little – he will be a healthy eater as he gets older.
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Scratching That Itch

Check out these Pet Itch images:

Scratching That Itch
Pet Itch

Image by K. W. Sanders

If it itches, scratch it! 22 Apr 09
Pet Itch

Image by Castaway in Scotland

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Adorableness in Motion: We Hosted a Muttville Senior Adoption Event at Dogster HQ

We admit it: We have a soft spot for Muttville Senior Rescue. So when our parent company, Say Media, needed an organization to join us for an event called Say Gives, it seemed like an obvious choice. 

And so earlier this week, the Muttville-mobile descended on Dogster, bringing with it some of the cutest senior dogs we’ve ever seen. Knowing that Muttville alum Beasley is somewhat of a star ’round these parts, Muttville board member Patty Staton brought some of her star senior Pekingese.

Including — but certainly not limited to — Buddy!

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Buddy’s look is unique and precious.

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Beasley and Buddy sitting in a tree ...

Buddy is a cause célèbre here at Dogster. With his "customized" countenance, Buddy first ambled into the heart of Community Manager Lori Malm, who refers to the elderly lap dog as Beasley's boyfriend. You might be familiar with Managing Editor Vicky Walker as Catster's resident Cat Lady, but even she could not resist Buddy's unique charm.

Buddy looks kind of perfect in her arms, right?

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They look perfect together, right?

(Don't worry, we called her husband and began working on him.)

Also representing the Peke pride was Maylee, a slightly younger Muttville adoptable, who had enough spunk and energy to make up for Buddy and Beasley's more low-key personalities.

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Maylee with a volunteer.

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Maylee looked quite content in Anna's arms.

Amid the flurry of lap dog fervor, our Assistant Editor Liz Acosta was drawn more to Tess, an older hound dog with a sweet disposition who wanted to just chill out in the shade. Liz doesn't judge smaller dogs, but she has a penchant for the bigger pups, having grown up under the protection of Akitas.

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Awww, it's Tess!

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Snoozing away ...

We set up a table outside the office and passed out Muttville fliers and Dogster stickers. Editor-in-Chief Janine Kahn took a pause from her work to join us in talking to people and raising awareness about the value of adopting senior dogs. (Associate Editor Keith Bowers would have been out with us, but he's busy working on a brand new Cat Dandy column for Catster -- you're going to love it!) 

At day's end, we were sad to see the Muttville crew pack up and go but glad we got to spend a little time with them. We hope we persuaded a few people that, sometimes, it's better to adopt an older dog than a puppy. If you're interested in following or helping Muttville, visit its website and Facebook page.

Photos by our multitalented Liz Acosta, who would like to remind you to follow us on Instagram.

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Frolicking on the Beach

Amanda and I went out to the beach yesterday with Vito, Boone and Coulee.

Coulee was happy to be out running and swimming.  I’m not so sure she that happy to have the company though.  :)

Vito was his usual cute self.  When he wasn’t harrasing Coulee, he was off playing with toys by himself.

Boone had a tonne of fun frolicking in the water.  He is quite smitten with waves.

I wonder if Vito realizes that the toy is saving his life at the moment.  ha!

They all got pretty dirty.  But no one more so than V.

After we got back to the car we played around with Boone just a little more so that I could try and make a composite.  I’d been dying to try this but I wasn’t sure if I could make it work without a tripod.  I’m thrilled that I can.  I can’t wait to play more.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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A Version of “Lost” We Really Don’t Like: Dog Marooned on an Island in Santa Cruz for a Month

When he was leaving for work earlier this month, Luis Castellanos noticed something odd when he looked out at the island in Northern California’s Watsonville Slough. A dog, alone. He thought it was “peculiar,” according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Later, his wife and kids got a better look what was occupying the island, and they could tell the dog must be in trouble. Castellanos called the authorities, and Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter’s field service manager Todd Stosuy showed up. He quickly realized he needed a boat. He called the Watsonville Fire Department for backup, and a few firefighters showed up — without a boat. 

Castellanos got out his inflatable boat. 

Firefighter John Stone paddled and Stosuy navigated. They made their way to the island but couldn’t find the dog. They searched for 30 minutes and then went home. A short time later, Castellanos saw the dog lying on the shore in the duckweed. 

And not a moment too soon. The dog was very confused and lethargic, and very, very skinny. Stosuy and Stone returned, then paddled to the island and quickly located and scooped up the dog. He was in bad shape — “severely emaciated,” according to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page

“It looked like it had been there forever,” said Fire Capt. Corey Schaefer. “It looked pathetic and skinny. It was withering away.”

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Stosuy estimates the dog had been surviving on the island for a full month. He said the dog is an Australian Shepherd mix, 12 or 13 years old -- and was down to just 30 pounds. A healthy Shepherd at that age might weigh twice as much. 

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How does a dog survive a month on an unpopulated island? Stosuy found his source of food: bird eggs. Lots of them. He found the remains of more than 100. 

The dog isn't out of danger yet

"He's not a full spry guy at this point, but he's walking on his own," said Stosuy.

He predicts the dog will have ongoing health problems, but he should be able to have a fine life with the right person or family. 

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"This dog was literally starving to death on the island, and now he has a second chance at life," he said.

Via Santa Cruz Sentinel; photos via Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter's Facebook page

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Q&A: How do I treat the mange located on my dogs face?

Question by ashleyo6: How do I treat the mange located on my dogs face?
My dog has sarcoptic mange and It is mainly on his face. The vet gave me mitactin to treat him, but how do I treat it on his face and avoid getting it in his eyes?

it is for sure mange….I already took him to the vet, that is how I got the dip medication.
the vet only gave him shots and issued the medication and told me to dip him every other week or every other 10 days. but you cant dip his head.

Best answer:

Answer by amanda g
the easiest way it use a cotton ball and then swab it on.

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30-day Mission – Doubling my sister’s pet food sales

My sister works three jobs and commutes an hour each way so I have been helping to get her HealthyPetNet business started. Remember, Trilogy/HealthyPetNet is a network marketing business and we are independent reps, not directly employed by the company. You could think of it like some of the cosmetics and kitchen and candle businesses out there.

Val has about 73 customers, some were just samples customers but others have remained quite loyal for the last year and a half. They all came through my various Internet promoting.

She would love to quit one of her jobs and work HealthyPetNet by blogging with me so we have a goal to increase her commission checks to replace one of those part-time jobs this year. For the next 30 days, I simply want to see if we can double her pet food sales. Right now, for the month of December, she has the following sales for herself and throughout her downline:

Considering that an 8-lb bag of dog food retails for about $ 17.26 per bag, and remembering that we set our customers up at the wholesale rates, that’s a lot of dog food sales! And this is about her 20th month and she has never had a “pet party” or anything like that. You get a “quick start” bonus for the very first time a person orders a particular product so that also brings in the checks. So, we like this business!

Tracking what I do and how effective it is could help any of you.

1. My goal every month is to keep her PS (Personal Sales) at least $ 750. That ensures that she gets the maximum commission on her PCS (Personal Commissionable Sales) – 20%. In fact, so that we never accidentally slip under the maximum payout, I’d like to boost her personal sales to $ 2000 per month. That’s very do-able, myself and two of my downline consistently achieve those sales.

I love this about HealthyPetNet commissions. They set a certain amount per individual product that is allotted to commissions, that’s the Personal Commissionable Sale. This helps keep the product affordable for the customer and is a reasonable commission for the rep.

Many of the network marketing companies I’ve seen only pay you if you build equally down two legs (a “binary” system). HealthyPetNet’s commissions are paid on each of your personal customers.

You only need to sell $ 50 per month and that is often what you might buy, yourself, if you are a multi-pet family, so it’s not hard to qualify for commissions. Other network marketing companies require that you personally purchase $ 200 or more in product each month to qualify for commissions, and that you sell a certain amount. That $ 50 for HealthyPetNet doesn’t even need to be your own purchase. In other words, you can work HealthyPetNet even if you don’t ever buy pet food yourself. (I personally think you SHOULD know the products but the point is, this is probably the most comfort-zone-friendly business out there!)

2. At the moment I am not doing anything to boost her downline reps’ sales. When I know that what I do can work for Val, I’ll share with them.

3. So how am I sending customers via the Internet to Val? If you’ll scan through some of my earlier posts this month, you’ll see that I’m registering her website in various online “green” and “healthy pet” directories.

4. I also maintain a very popular Holistic Pet Food Blog — all of the links in that blog go either to Val or to some of my downline, none go directly to me. Folks — Blogging is THE BEST free way to build on the Internet. I can’t wait until Val — who is a professional writer and editor — can do this with me!

5. Since Val has about 73 customers, I sent them all holiday greetings and will send Thank Yous every time they order. Simply improving sales among the existing customers can do a lot to boost Val’s business.

6. Referral business is huge. I also let all of our existing customers know we will give a wholesale discount to any of the friends that they refer to us.

There are a few other things that I’ve done in the past (such as Yahoo and Wiki Answers). One of my very best reps came from a Yahoo Answers discussion. If I do any of those and get results, I’ll post it here.

The take-home message for you is that, If you don’t have a goal and a plan, you can’t achieve it. I’m very excited for that day when Val calls to say to me, I can’t believe the size of the check I just got!

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Pets for Patriots: Another Love Story

What do you do when you’re a Vietnam-era Army Veteran with two Yorkies and your wife asks you to find a big dog to complete the family? If you’re Roger, you turn to Pets for Patriots for financial assistance in adopting a dog who might otherwise be overlooked or at risk in a shelter. When [...]

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Nibbler’s Got an Itch

Check out these Pet Itch images:

Nibbler’s Got an Itch
Pet Itch

Image by bclinesmith

Pet Itch

Image by Canucklibrarian

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