Where was the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet born?

Lil BUB eating Halo wet cat food

While Lil BUB touches lives across the United States, she was discovered as the runt of a healthy litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana. In addition to her book, TV show, and movie, BUB has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for animals in need. As a special needs cat, BUB has had to overcome many challenges herself, so now she raises money through Lil BUB’s Big Fund at the ASPCA, which then gets distributed through grants to organizations across the country helping homeless pets with special needs.

More about BUB:

Favorite food: Halo wet cat food to keep her hydrated

Favorite app: Weather BUB

Favorite movie: Lil BUB & Friends

Favorite quote: “GOOD JOB BUB”

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Super sniffer dogs crack down on illegal ivory poaching

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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The Detroit Free Press is reporting the tragic news that yet another K-9 officer has been left in a patrol car to die of heat exhaustion. In this case, at least, the officer did try to do the right thing. He started the car remotely, which should have turned on the air conditioner for the […]

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Win a $100 Gift Card! #Giveaway

We’re celebrating around here! The coming days mark not only the 10th anniversary of DogTipper (wow, how did that happen already?!) — but also the weekend of the POP Cats show where…

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Links I Love, Right Now

Madewell x Karen Walker skirt

Right now is a very busy time for my husband’s job (for those who don’t know, he works in the music industry and is on the road about half the year for work), which means lots of nights of putting the kids to bed myself – and lots of early mornings getting them ready myself. A logical person would go to bed as early as possible for this reason, but for me, it somehow means staying up even later than usual to worry about things that deserve no worry and mindlessly browse the internet. It’s a win for you though, friends, because it’s one of those weeks where I get to share all of my random finds with you.

Plantains are one of my favorite foods. Need to try this baked plantain recipe, stat.

I lived in a school bus in Leadville, Colorado back in the late 90s. True story. And this tiny bus home is giving me all the nostalgic hippie feels.

Emmett starts preschool a week from Tuesday. While Essley was all, “BYEEEE” on her first day at his age, he’s much shyer than she ever was, and I’m a little nervous about how he’ll react. This article on how to deal with separation anxiety in little ones was helpful.

Interesting: what young women think about the midterm elections.

I’ve been eyeing a whole lot of denim skirts lately, but this one (seen in image above) takes the cake.

The late great Aretha Franklin was a truly incredible women. I learned so much about her life reading her obituary. (And did you know that she became a mother at the age of 12?!)

I just ordered these custom “first day of school” chalkboard signs for the kids and am excessively excited to get them, despite the nightmare that will undoubtedly occur when Emmett is expected to sit still and hold a sign for a picture.

Anybody else surprised by (but embracing) Birkenstock’s unlikely rise back into fashion over the last few years? (While cleaning out boxes a few months ago I came across an almost unworn pair of mine from the late 90s that I have, for better or worse, been wearing all summer.)

I used to design eco-friendly clothes for a living, so I’m feeling super inspired by this woman’s journey into remaking old clothes into new ones.

Guys, microplastics are being found in drinking water, fish, sea salt, and freaking beer. Scary.

I am nowhere near ready for fall (or fall clothes), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t coveting these boots in a big way.

Love her or hate her (but really, how can you not love her?), here are 12 things we learned from Joanna Gaines.

This week dragged for me, but that means I’m especially grateful it’s Friday. Emmett is getting his first ever haircut today you guys! His hair is shoulder length right now, so the chance of tears (from me, not him) is high. I’ll try to share over on my Instagram Stories.

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? I’m mainly going to be going through my kids’ clothes and getting things organized for school to start (don’t be jealous), but I think we’ll plan for a few fun activities too. I sure wish summer didn’t fly by so quickly…


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Fitness Tracker for Your Dog

Now that I work from home, I can see that my dog, Penny, spends most of her days sleeping on the couch. Of course, she’s 12 years old, so that’s probably pretty typical. If you have a younger dog and want to get a good idea of how much exercise he or she is getting, […]

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Bones of the Tabby

bones of the tabby.jpg

To die as a feral cat is to die so ignobly that your existence might as well have been nonexistence.

This feral cat fell to the motor car sometime earlier this summer. The maggots and carrion beetles made quick work of its flesh, and the sun pelting down upon the bones is bleaching them so white. All that remains of its tabby pelt is the hide on the face, which retains the striped markings of the generic wildcat in domestication.

We dream of cats now. The digital era has unleashed an epoch of cat worshiping not seen since the Egyptians. The urban and techy and prole youth are forced to forsake the noble dog for the ersatz carnivoran companion, and some do so willingly, because they like an animal with felid autonomy and wit, which a true dog person like me would never be able to appreciate.

But for every cat that is loved and coddled, at least one is out there trying to make a go of life as a wild animal. They are not so far removed from their Lybica wildcat ancestors to have lost their wild instincts and essence, and although we’ve certainly produced a few domestic strains that wouldn’t last five minutes in the wild, the vast majority of cats born into this world are still very much what their ancestors were.

And we can romanticize their wildness, their proclivities that allow such feral lives, but we cannot gloss over the fact that a domestic wildcat gone feral lives the life of a mesopredator. It is not the tiger of any urban jungle or farmstead. It is a predator that targets the small and the meek, for it is a small and meek predator.

Coyote jaws and speeding cars take out so many cats, as do the various communicable diseases that sweep through cat populations.

We love this animal, yet we allow so many of them to live such terror-filled and fleeting lives. We must surely be doing better by this species than we were several decades ago, but the vast throng of ferals living at the edges of our civilization are still with us.

And they will always be with us. So long as people let their queens roam and get bred in the great outdoors and so long as those same queens drop their kittens in the wild, never giving them a chance to become imprinted upon people, there will always be a supply to fill feral cat colonies.

And the cars and the coyotes and the feline leukemia and distemper will take out the excess.

And we’ll claim to love our cats and post beyond stupid memes about them online, and we’ll still cast a blind eye.

The crisis of cats is a big part of the pet overpopulation problem, such that it exists.  Yes, I would totally agree that our frame about pet overpopulation has been misguided and stupid for quite a long time. I generally support the goals of the No Kill movement, but I think that those goals can be applied only to dogs.

Dogs don’t readily breed out in the wild, and no place has the same tolerance for big populations of free-roaming or feral dogs as currently exists for feral cats.

It is always said that cats are more popular than dogs, but this statement is misleading, at least as it applies to Americans. More homes in the US have dogs than have cats, which is a better metric of which animal is actually more popular.  It’s just that there is a larger population of cats as a whole. If you like cats, you can keep scores of them, and no one will ever know. Dogs require some public display of their existence, and they are a lot more work than any cat.

So many cats are born feral and can never become socialized to humans, and the only hope for these cats is that they are part of one of those TNR programs. I remain hotly skeptical of TNR, simply because this problem is next to unsolvable, even with dedicated people trapping, vaccinating, and neutering thousands of ferals every year.

And I am leaving out the ecological aspect of what goes on with this most permissible and innocuous of mesopredator release.

This problem is usually trivialized with the wonderful fallacy of relative privation. Cats might kill billions of birds and small mammals, but cars and pollution and deforestation kill more.  True, of course, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that cats still kill all those animals, and if we had more rational and humane policies towards these animals we claim to love, we would not become so defensive.

And the cars, at least, do take out quite a few cats, as the bones of this poor customer reveal to anyone with a bit of curiosity.

But the cars pass its bleaching bones and rarely cast a glance in his direction. For these are the bones of another feral cat that died so ignobly that he might as well have never been born. And so he is forgotten and the wheels keep turning.

And each night the wheels keep turning and taking out the surplus in this Malthusian world of the feral feline.



Natural History

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Win a PawZaar Wild West Bone Dog Toy! #madeinUSA

We’re so excited that we’re going to be launching a collection of USA-made dog toys on our PawZaar store later this month, starting with the Wild West Bone Dog Toy! This 8-inch plush toy…

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Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Out Car Window?

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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How to Choose a Dog Comb

When it comes to grooming our dogs, we most often reach for the brush. But what about combs? Like brushes, different ones work best for different types of dog fur–and for different needs. While…

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