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Into the dog stomach – getting serious with acid and cutting enzymes.
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Let’s Talk About Instagram

Let's Talk About Instagram // Bubby and Bean

I joined Instagram a couple of years ago, which actually made me a little late to the Insta-party.  So many of my blogger pals had already been ‘gramming for quite some time at that point, but I was one of those stubborn BlackBerry users who took forever to let go.  After I finally made the switch to an iPhone and signed up for an IG account – something about which I’d been omg-so-excited for months – I didn’t even use it all that much.  Between Twitter, Facebook, and the what sometimes feels like 5 million other social media apps out there, on top of the blog, I felt like I was already spending plenty of time oversharing without adding a picture app into the daily mix.

But somehow, over time, Instagram won.  These days I use it more than any other platform (Pinterest is a close second, but that’s another post).  There’s just something about being able to quickly share an image and a brief caption as a means to visually display a moment in your life.  It’s easy, simple, streamlined, and no fuss. For the most part, there’s no planning or over-editing or vast amounts of time involved. You take a picture with your phone, you share it.  In less than a couple of minutes, you’ve told a story.  Then you scroll through your feed and quickly get to see lots of other people’s stories, without a big time commitment.  It works.

Instagram is no longer just for pictures of food or babies (guilty!) or dogs or sunsets or ‘selfies’ either.  More and more brands are using it as a means of promotion through giveaways, product placement, and mini ads. (Some brands even attribute their success to IG.)  Celebrities use it to post candid shots of their ‘real lives.’  Bloggers use it as a micro-blogging platform.  (I even know some bloggers who have said goodbye to their blogs all together in favor of Instagram).  And here I am, devoting a full blog post to it.  To an app.  It’s not even a new app or an app that people haven’t posted about a hundred times before.  Yet somehow, even years after its introduction, it’s still worth mentioning.  Its growth (from number of users to reasons for using) has been exponential.  At least in my eyes, Instagram has become a pretty big deal. 

What are you thoughts on the IG phenomena, and the role it plays in the online community these days?  And if you’re an Instagram user, please leave your username and/or link in the comments so I can check out your photos!  You can find me and follow along under username bubbyandbean, or by clicking right here.

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cats have fleas?????!!!!!?

Question by Abigail: cats have fleas?????!!!!!?
We have tried everything. All 3 of my cats have fleas. We have tried topical treatments, pills, everything. Our last resort are flea collars. My question is is how long theyll take to work. We had put flea collars on them on saturday but all that the fleas are doing is moving down towards their tail. Is this all that they do?
We have treated the house. We’ve treated all their bedding and everything.

Best answer:

Answer by Qwabbs
Flea collar are horrible they can cause all sorts of things to your cats i reccomend using Frontline

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Alabama News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL. Two years of investigation drew to a close last week when 161 indictments were handed down to six people who had been running a dog fighting operation in New Site, Alabama. A total of 55 dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, were rescued from three different sites, but three […] Dog Blog

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Just like Anna, I also would like to help by donat…

Just like Anna, I also would like to help by donation. How do I contact then? Via BAD RAP?

Maybe Carol and Peter can pay in Craig's list and provide the link here.

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tornado-catAfter two days of frantic worry, a Washington, Ill. couple was reunited with their two beloved cats, who went missing during the Midwest tornados a few weeks ago.

With barely enough time to get to safety, the Broyles family was devastated when they couldn’t coax their two cats into the basement closet with them before the storm hit their home.

According to the Peoria Journal Star, Ben and Yvonne Broyles heard the tornado coming and brought their daughter and their cats with them to the basement. The family then made their way to a closet but could not get the cats to join them. And there was no time to go searching for them. Once Ben shut the closet door, the tornado hit, leveling their home.

Click here to read the complete story.


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Free Lyme disease testing is coming to the Cape

tick 2

Image by robives
Tick removed from our cat Ruby.

Free Lyme disease testing is coming to the Cape
Cape Codders bitten by deer ticks will be able to have them tested for Lyme and two other diseases for free starting this spring. The testing will take place at the Laboratory of Medical Zoology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is being
Read more on Capecodonline

Officials: Man treating dog for ticks catches fire
Read more on Local 10

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It’s called curling…

and to watch it is to become addicted to it. Curling was invented in Scotland in the 1500′s and is popular in many countries today, particulary in Canada and Northern Europe. Curling has been an official sport in the games since the 1998 Winter Olympics. When it was introduced to the Olympics, it was greeted with cries of WTF and YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! but we soon became fans. Two teams of four…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Foot Wax, Proper Care of Pads Makes Winter Easier on Dogs

Walking Kia around the neighborhood track was always a joy. We followed the same course each day and she was a happy chow mix – until the day she stopped mid walk and began whining and crying, She held her paws up and would not continue walking. At first glance, I saw no cuts or injury. But after removing my gloves and inspecting closer, I noticed ice had formed on the hair between her toes and was causing her pain. I rubbed her feet until they thawed and we headed back home.snow-dog

This winter much of the country has been experiencing record cold temperatures and snowfall. Many areas have seen temperatures drop to below zero with windchills at -25 to -40 degrees. This cold temperature is a danger to dogs and dog walkers.

Protecting a dog’s paws is essential in these conditions.

We all know that street salt can burn a dog’s pads and cause extreme pain. While pet-safe salt might be used on the driveway at a pet’s home, it can be hard to avoid on the street. When returning from a walk, sitters should thoroughly wash and dry a dog’s feet to remove the salt – protecting the paws and preventing the pet from licking and ingesting the salt.

A good solution to protect dog’s feet is to coat them with a paw wax in advance. The wax – similar to a petroleum jelly is a natural solution to keep dog paws soft and free of pain. There are several brands known as musher’s wax – invented for sled dogs in Canada.

Friends and customer’s introduced to the wax this year, report great success.

One customer reported having a problem this year because her dog Ellie was extremely sensitive to rock salt. Ellie was in pain on walks and didn’t want to go out.

“The Musher’s salve is fantastic!”  she reports. “Works wonders. Is made of all natural wax. No need to wash it off; just wipe with a soft cloth. Ellie went nuts, ran like crazy and pooped a ton.”dog(1)

Another customer, with a chihuahua found her pet did not want to go out this winter, until she started applying wax to her feet.

“It seems to help Poppins a lot. If I forget to put it on her, she starts to limp right away. If it is on, she leaps around and wants to stay out longer!” she said.

Dogs with longer hair between their toes, like Kia, should be groomed so the hair is clipped short to prevent ice build-up in this sensitive area.

The hair on feet should be kept even with the pads. Avoid cutting it too short or the fur won’t offer protection from the snow. To avoid trimming out too much hair, keep your scissors even with your dog’s pads and cut the hair that sticks out.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Flea and tick prevention decoded.

Veterinary advice, animal news and views.

Spring is the time of year when cases of flea and tick infestations start to increase. It is important for pet owners to speak with their veterinarians about…

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