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PetArmor® Protection Promise

With the official arrival of spring and the official start to flea and tick season, PetArmor® has teamed up with the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and shelter animal advocate and PetArmor® spokesperson Amy Smart to launch the PetArmor® Protection Promise. The national campaign elevates the ongoing commitment PetArmor® and the ASPCAshare to protect pets in need. PetArmor® is the No. 1 selling fipronil generic flea and tick treatment. PetArmor® has the same No. 1 veterinarian recommended active ingredient and offers the same flea and tick protection as Frontline® Top Spot® at about half the cost. The PetArmor® Protection Promise offers pet lovers and dog and cat owners an opportunity to help pets in need, especially those in shelters across the country. To view Multimedia News Release, go to www.multivu.com

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Hip Dysplasia And Golden Retrievers

Hip dysplasia is a poor formation of the hip joints, which is a common growing disease with younger dogs of virtually every breed. With larger breeds, unsteady hip joints are common, although hip dysplasia can be a serious problem that will limit the physical activity of your Golden. Although many Golden Retriever owners don’t realize it, hip dysplasia is something that dogs inherit from their parents, and gets worse with age.

The signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia is nearly impossible to detect with Golden puppies, although it will start to show once the pup has reached the age of nine months. Even though you may take your Golden to the vet to have him looked at, your vet will tell you that you need to wait to see if the symptoms are there, once the Golden Retriever has reached a certain age.

The symptoms and signs of hip dysplasia vary, although the most common include crippling or the inability to walk properly. This disease can get better once the dog gets older though, due to the joints stabilizing, the inflammation going down, and the muscles in the hips getting stronger and more mature. Keep in mind however, that Golden’s who have hip dysplasia when they are younger will more than likely develop arthritis when they get older.

Golden Retrievers that suffer from hip dysplasia aren’t fit for breeding, although they can still live a long and healthy life. There are certain drugs that your vet can prescribe to your dog, which will help him control his weight and help control the disease. These drugs can also cut down on the pain as well, helping your Golden enjoy himself as much as possible.

Some Golden Retrievers that have hip dysplasia won’t begin to show any signs at all until they get a few years old, once the muscles start to wear down and the damage to the hip muscles start to become more noticeable. Although your dog may be active and healthy for most of his puppy years, dysplasia can slow everything down and make your dog look as if he is old and is suffering from the physical attributes of arthritis.

To eliminate the pain of hip dysplasia, there are surgery options available. Golden Retrievers have a high threshold for pain, and won’t normally show any signs of being in pain, even though you know they are. X-rays won’t show any signs of pain, although the limping or slow walking will tell you that your dog is hurting. Golden Retriever’s who have this disease won’t know it – which is why you should help as much as possible. If you do your part and help your dog seek relief – he will feel better than ever before – although he won’t let you know he hurt any at all.
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Unthinkable! Robber Throws Dog into Traffic, Killing Her

On Friday, a woman pulled her car over on busy Leavenworth Street in San Francisco, to find her phone. She opened the door to look under her seat, and that’s when a man approached, grabbed her, and demanded money. He took $ 5 from her sweater pocket, then pushed her back toward the car.

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That's when Roxy, the woman's a 12-year-old Pekingese, started barking.

"I'm gonna kill your (expletive) dog," the man said, chilling the woman.

The man rushed toward the door. The woman blocked his path. They struggled, but the man got the door open and got his hands on the dog's collar. 

"I screamed, 'No, put her down! Put her down!' and yelled for help," the woman told Mercury News, "but no one helped."

Then "he put Roxy over his head," she told ABC 7 in an emotional interview. "And threw her toward incoming traffic."

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The man threw Roxy into traffic, where she was run over. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for her safety, said she heard her little dog scream as the car struck. Roxy suffered a ruptured eye socket and a broken pelvis. The man disappeared in the crowd on the sidewalk.

The dog was rushed to the vet, but her injures were too severe. Roxy was euthanized. 

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"I tried to sleep last night, but right when I closed my eyes, I see her up in the air, getting thrown," the woman said. "How could someone do that?"

Police are seeking the public's help in finding the man -- and a witness to the horrific crime has offered a $ 1,000 reward. 

"To hold [the dog] above your head as high as you can and then slam it into oncoming traffic is a whole other level of depravity," said the witness. 

Fortunately, police have an image of the culprit, after culling surveillance footage from cameras on the street. Here are still shots from the footage: 

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And here's the video: 

"The Line-Up" Suspect from Tenderloin Robbery and Animal Cruelty from San Francisco Police on Vimeo.

Anyone with information about the case can call Inspector Elaine Economus from the department's Tenderloin Station at (415) 345-7348. Hopefully, there will be justice for Roxy. 

Via Mercury News

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Stinger 609 Test Stand

Conley Precision Engines – April 2, 2011 conleyprecision.com

MikesBackyardNursery.com – Here’s an easy way to see if your plants have spider mites!
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Flute Dog Awakens Ancient Relic

True American Dog

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The Importance Of Hiring A Delray Beach Flood Damage Repair Company

Anyone living in the Delray Beach area that owns a home knows how devastating water damage can potentially be. One of the best ways for property owners to protect themselves from the damaging aftermath of water damage is to have the phone number for a local Delray Beach water removal company. These water removal Delray [...]

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Humpin Huds

I used to joke that when Hudson became randy towards other dogs, both male and female that it was the French part of the Pyrenees coming out in him. He has that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that no canine can resist.  
So I could find no Christmas gift more befitting to him than a ‘Whoopie Pie’ especially since they’re everywhere up here in New England and not surprisingly, Hudsy snarfed it up.  
Indiana got a peanut butter Moose but their main gift was a membership to the dog park at the Animal Rescue League of Conway which they love, love since it enables them to play in the snow off leash.  Nearby is a pic of lil Nana after one such recent day of rompin and stompin at the park.  
So as we ring in the new year, here’s to Humpin Huds, Moosey and making Whoopie!   

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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How to Control Ticks & Fleas : How to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs

Tips on Lyme disease and vaccinating your pet against Lyme disease in this free online video series. Expert: Dr. Greg McDonald Bio: Dr. Greg McDonald earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ohio State University in 1979. Filmmaker: Diana Bacon
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Winter in the White Mountains

Once the Summer of Murphy Tour reached its conclusion we knew we had to have a stable quiet environment to edit the hundreds of hours of footage and terabytes of data into a documentary.  
And it just so happened we had some friends in one of the Easternmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains in New Hampshire, Larry and Donna and their two kids, Grettie (a Westie) and Sophie (a Pyr).  

We’ve set up shop here for the winter months since it typically takes a project of this magnitude four months of editing at a bare minimum. 

And while we’ve only been up here a few weeks, it hasn’t been ‘All Work, No Play’, the snow has been falling and some kinda fierce today.  Nearby is a pic of the snowball fight with me and Indiana which would’ve been fair if he minded snowballs in the face.  
Lil Nana thinks I was lobbing love grenades at him, god bless em.  
Hudson’s having a ton of fun up here, too, and it’s earned him a new moniker.  But that’s another story for another time.
Hope the Holidays find you and yours well…

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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