Why brides wear white

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He looks a bit like a strange dachshund, doesn’t he but in fact he’s a Bassett des Alpes (also called a Alpine Dachsbracke) The breed originates from Austria and is used to hunt wild boar and also to find wounded animals and this is exactly what he does in Gorbio with his owner.

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Laughing gull in the gloom




Natural History

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True American Dog

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My Style // Inspired to Share

Five months without an outfit post, and here we are with two in the same month. As I mentioned in my last My Style post, when I’m visiting a place with incredible weather and the insanely gorgeous Sonoran desert as the backyard, it’s hard not to be inspired to share. And while I usually post more about the details of and motivation behind the outfits I’m wearing, I feel like I’ve gone on and on enough in recent What I’m Wearing Now posts about how I’m finally getting back into clothing that wasn’t specifically part of my pregnancy wardrobe – which is pretty much all I’d say in this post too. Therefore, I’ll just say that this outfit is one of my current favorites – this cropped kimono is on regular rotation around here, and I’m stoked to be wearing non-maternity jeans – and leave it at that. You can find specifics on each item (and links to where to purchase them, if you’re interested) below the bottom picture.

Tee: H&M  //  Jeans: UO (similar)  // Kimono: F21 (similar)  //  Ankle Boots: c/o Minnetonka  //  Sunglasses: Free People  //  Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington  //  Necklace: gift (similar)  //  Bracelets: H&M  //  Hat: old (similar)


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Golden Poodle awards for March

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Yachtie Dog

Waiting for the boat at Villefranche-sur-Mer.

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Brown pelicans!

The headwinds on the beach are really strong today, which means the brown pelicans are flying low.  So plenty of opportunities to photograph this most elegant of pelicans.








Natural History

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Remembering Our Cat Linus

We’ve had a very sad weekend here; late Sunday night, we lost our sweet Linus. He was 16 years old. Thankfully until late Friday, he was active and enjoying life but he went downhill very…

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blind-dog-640x480Recently I received one of those totally feel-good-never-give-up-hope-on-humanity stories (you can read more HERE) that starts off horribly- but winds up with a very happy ending for one roughly treated pit bull.

This is the tale of a woefully unfortunate brown pit bull in Arizona, who was found wandering the side of the road – on his “last legs.” He was limping, with barely the strength to go on, with injuries to his eyes so severe that they were not in his eye sockets.

How he came to be in such terrible condition isn’t known – maybe someone hurt him, maybe other dogs attacked him, but he had certainly been abandoned to a dreadful fate. But instead of bemoaning the “cruelty of man,” let’s concentrate on what we do know, which is that a lot of good people gave this poor fellow a new shot at life.

First, we know that there was a good Samaritan who stopped to help this pittie on the roadside and took him to the Arizona Humane Society.

DFF-logo-ProudSponsor175x166Then the good folks at the Humane Society determined that his eyes could not be saved so they were surgically removed – but they saved his life in doing so, and named him Ashton.

Then there were the dedicated trainers who worked with Ashton so he could comfortably navigate and manage life without being able to see, with the ultimate “long shot” goal of finding him a Forever Home despite his disability.

And last but not least, there was the family who saw him at Arizona Humane Society and offered Ashton a home and a whole new beginning.

For me, this story is about the resilience of a dog to bounce back from terrible adversity, and the infinite openness of human hearts to embrace a dog regardless of his deficits and help him find his way Home.

Tracie began her fascination with dogs and cats by turning her eye as a former investigative reporter on every aspect of living with them, resulting in her encyclopedic resources THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and then the THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. Before long, Tracie was established as a leading pet wellness advocate as her all-encompassing books covered everything from medical issues to behavior, nutrition and environmental enrichment.
Tracie began her career as a radio personality with a live show – DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) – on the local NPR station in the Hamptons, Peconic Public Broadcasting (WPPB) from Southampton, New York (the show is now also carried on the NPR station Robinhood Radio in Connecticut and the Berkshires). DOG TALK® won a Gracie® Award (the radio equivalent of an Oscar) in 2010 as the “Best entertainment and information program on local public radio” and continues weekly after more than 450 continuous shows and 9 years on the air. Tracie’s live weekly call-in show CAT CHAT® was on SiriusXM satellite radio for seven years until the Martha Stewart channel was canceled in 2013.

Tracie lives in Vermont where the Radio Pet Lady Network studio is based, on 13 acres well-used by her all-girl pack – two lovely, lively Weimaraners, Maisie and Wanda, and a Collie-mix, Jazzy.


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