Skin allergies [Bimbo Talks] Ep 2

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25 Responses to Skin allergies [Bimbo Talks] Ep 2

  1. mathias dimond says:

    see the dog at 1:38

  2. Eugene Chua says:

    Is Nina getting boobier?

  3. Nur Hidayah says:

    did anyone actually notice the dog behind??

  4. TheBakmoi says:

    Since when bimbos is using the metric system :P

  5. taylorswiftforever96 says:

    This vid deserves more views!!!

  6. chinwei87 says:

    the dog behind looking for gold xD nina y u hate watermelon?????

  7. Free Lancer says:

    Liking the versatility of the roles by the cast whaha!

  8. acx Hui says:

    Awesome! More of bimbo talks!

  9. azinger07 says:

    LOL is the pretty one blond deep down?

  10. die101 says:

    is she single?

  11. die101 says:

    how does it taste? bacon strips with eggs

  12. lomophotographer says:

    Sylvia really can act too. I love her slangs, this and those china one hahaha

  13. ClueLessAnts says:

    LOL Why they hates watermelon?

  14. Rainbow Lim says:

    i also hate watermelon lols

  15. chiu yue Wan says:

    .-. I prefer the videos on last time. SHIT xxxxxxxxxxx :) 

  16. Billy Sy says:

    Do more of these episodes please.

  17. xArchangelSGE says:

    And my 7 year old shih tzu mati alr.

  18. Jayson Marasigan says:

    this is very awersome lah!

  19. mythr77 says:

    nina’s breasts are so squeezable


  20. qwerz222 says:

    Lol that cute doggy!!!! Awww

  21. Julie Pon says:

    Hahahah slyvia!! Now I know her name! LOVE BIMBO TALKS

  22. Kyros Koh KS says:

    she’s kinda blur in real life.

  23. die101 says:

    wah lau eh, nina expression really beh tahan, shes very good acting blur, hv a hunch she is a very sharp gal

  24. Michelle Lim says:


  25. Kavyn Pein says:

    Bitch please!

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