Is there a topical spray or cream for dogs to ease skin irritation from seasonal allergies?

Question by busyMOMandPT: Is there a topical spray or cream for dogs to ease skin irritation from seasonal allergies?
My 2 yr old springer spaniel has seasonal allergies. Food allergy as been ruled out. He receives monthly cortisone shots and daily benedryl to control but he can still get quite red and irritated on belly and chest at times; and always after a bath. Scratching and licking causes hair loss. Is there any safe topical sprays to use during severe outbreaks?

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Answer by Nicole L
Yes, if you check the internet, or go to a retail store you can buy cortisone spray, that should help with the irratation.

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  1. Critter Lady says:

    My dog had the same problem. We gave him cortisone shots but they didn’t seem to work well. We recently discovered fish oil or salmon oil. Veterinarians first used omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil to treat canine allergies but now recommend it for a wide variety of conditions ranging from kidney disease to arthritis and high cholesterol. Adding fish oil to your dog’s food provides anti-inflammatory effects and can help relieve itching due to atopic dermatitis, an allergy-related skin condition. It totally stoped my dogs problems and he no longer itches. His fur is softer and he is more comfortable. There is brands for people as well and many people have claimed that it helps keep your skin and hair healthy and it has many benefits although it tastes awful. It can be bought at nearly any pet store.

  2. ♥ ♥ MY Mutts says:

    We use a spray called Pet Relief anti-itch spary you can get it at any pet store and it works on my maltese

  3. Gianna says:

    Try a different soap for bathing your dog. Dogs with allergies often have very sensitive skin. It sounds like her shampoo isn’t doing well for her.

    I had a Rottie many moons ago who had very sensitive skin. She could not tolerate commercial flea shampoos nor could she handle regular dog shampoos.

    For fleas I used “Dr. Bronner’s” pure castile soap. It’s in health food stores/departments with shampoos. The peppermint (or any mint) castile soap will kill the fleas, the castile soap is gentle on the skin. Rinse thoroughly.

    For regular bathing I used “Murphy’s Oil Soap”, in a large liquid container. I think you get this in the cleaning isle with wood conditioners, etc. It sounds completely odd, but it does a wonderful job on the coat without harming the dogs’ skin.

  4. Lyn B says:

    My guy has the same problems, but he’s allergic to grass. I give him a baby aspirin and a benedryl every evening. I put a lotion on his bad places called “Gloves in a Bottle” It’s a new product and is very soothing,stop the itch immediately and has great medicinal qualities. You should be able to find it in a yarn shop because the knitters like it and maybe a garden shop.

    If you don’t find it either go on line to their website and see if someone in your area is stocking it

    or email me and I’ll send you a sample pack. I love it. I use it on myself, hands, arms, feet, neck face. Good stuff.

  5. dorothy s says:

    I note that you have ruled food allergies out, nevertheless the experts now say that we should NEVER FEED GRAIN. I shower my dog with warm water when she gets dirty, however I don’t use shampoo. She smells and looks clean and gets a proper bath about once a year. If your dog has problems after a bath, don’t bath him.

    I will copy the info that I have on grain free foods.In all of this remember that vets want dogs to have shots and medications thats how they make their profits. PLEASE DO CONSIDER A CHANGE OF DIET AND PERHAPS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO STOP THE MEDICATION.

    •I have learnt by my mistakes. My present dog had dreadful problems because of the food which I gave her, I experimented with dog food, I tried raw diets, cooked diets and over the years I tried various dog foods. She did not like the raw diets and the dog food that I gave her resulted in diarrhea. As an experienced dog owner I introduced any changes gradually. Nevertheless my dog still had problems. She was eight years old before I resolved her problem.
    Eventually, because of my researches on the Internet I found that the experts have discovered that GRAIN in our dog’s diet causes many problems. I now know that grain creates acidity in the blood. This causes skin problems, sickness, diarrhea, anal gland problems etc.,

    if your dog has skin problems or any of the above problems PLEASE CHANGE THE DIET. Avoid Grain, rice, beef derivatives and dairy food

    I now give my dog a dried food which uses beet for fiber and fish. It’s called Fish4Dogs and I buy it on the Internet. Look on the Internet and investigate yourself. Gluten free dog food is not enough to help our dogs, it MUST BE GRAIN FREE.

    A rapid change of diet will upset your dog; any change of diet must be done gradually. Do please change to a grain free diet. I have had sixteen dogs throughout the years and they have had various problems. Perhaps if I had known about the dangers of GRAIN they would have had fewer problems.


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