Home Pest Control : How to Kill Fleas in 24 Hours

Killing fleas in a 24-hour period is unrealistic due to the four stages of a flea. Find the fastest way to kill fleas with help from a professional pest cont…

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  1. MrOffensiveBehavior says:

    It’s sad when you have to research and tell a person how to do their profession these days. ‘Idiocracy’

  2. MrOffensiveBehavior says:

    Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. So in easy terms. It’s extracted from boric acid, therefore it no longer has the same properties as boric acid.

  3. MrOffensiveBehavior says:

    Now that you know, you can improve. It’s the person whom believes they’ve obtained infinite knowledge that lacks true understanding.

  4. Leroy Butts says:

    Feel free to point of my poor grammar, I garuntee most of you would use “they” instead of he/she. Most of you would also use “bad” instead of “poor”. So who’s is really better? I know I missed some question marks and maybe a comma or two, and some sentences are poorly constructed, so do your worst.

  5. Leroy Butts says:

    if anyone is wondering why I posted that, it’s because teloy said that he/she “doesn’t think boric acid is in borax”. Even though it say’s right on it all of the chemicals and what not. Learn something in school, and yes I know there is a reply button but I don’t care for it. Why send someone a stupid email about something so dumb. Why shit on thier day.

  6. Leroy Butts says:

    @teloy that salt is NaCl2 made of sodium and chlorine. Na is highly explosive in water, and chlorine is a poisonous gas, completely safe to eat. So why would the salt form of boric acid react the same way as straight boric acid. We go to school for a reason, this is 8th grade science, why didn’t you learn something while you were there. I’m not sure on silverfish, but dishsoap seems to do the trick for most bugs, and costs $3, don’t spend anymore than that on bug control, unless you have to.

  7. Leroy Butts says:

    @teloy H3BO3 is boric acid. Na2B4O7•10H2O is borax, if you are looking for H3BO3 do not buy Na2B4O7•10H2O. They are clearly not the same thing. That’s enough of a chemistry lesson lets go in to what borax is- Borax”… “salt” of “Boric Acid” clearly there is boric acid in there, it’s in salt form. What do we know about salt? It goes on food(well, one kind of salt does, not this one.)

  8. teloyquude says:

    not so in canada. I have silverfish and did a lot of research and was impressed with all the good things I heard about boric acid. But it’s hard as hell to get in Canada for some reason. I even tried “borax” – the cleaner because i read that has boric acid, but i don’t think it does because i could leave silverfish in a jar with the bottom lined with borax and they would live indefinitely. *Wish* I could get my hands on it.

  9. Charlotte Burnside says:

    finally someone who makes sence, i have been dealing with an idiot for 2 weeks. bout to go crazy

  10. Nasir Khan says:

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  11. Ladi Holiday says:

    i want to know are ghey visable and does the same thing work if there are bed bugs Terminix said there are no bed bugs but these bites are from.something

  12. edward starling says:

    i hate these fucking things. my dog got them really bad this year, and im bit all over my legs. i gave him a flea treatment almost 4 weeks ago, and tonight i noticed that they are all doped up and falling off him either dead or half dead. i can even pull them off him because they are so slow. i just sprayed my place with raid, because i came home and they just swarmed my legs. once i sprayed, i havent had one jump on me. and no, i didnt spray the fucking dog with raid.

  13. W.C. Kendall says:

    If you have not found it yet. check most anywhere and you will find it. It’s in Wal Mart,grocery stores, Dollar Stores, Fred’s, Etc.

  14. W.C. Kendall says:

    It’s called a bulb duster or hand duster Chris. Just put the powdered chemical in (I usually fill it about 1/2 way) then start dusting. You can get them on Ebay cheap and some local places might have them reasonable.Have fun

  15. Ann Eugene says:

    BLEACH !

  16. SARA SMITH says:

    They can’t stand the lack of water and die.

  17. SARA SMITH says:

    Salt on the carpet does just as well and cheaper. Leave for a couple of days, then hoover up. Sorted.

  18. twykye says:

    Noticed fleas about 10 days ago & freaked out. I put EVERYTHING I could wash into sealed garbage bags. I used a furniture spray, then fogged house 2 days later. Been vacuuming & using essential oils on my family to try and keep them off of us. Last night they were out strong again. Fogged house AGAIN this AM & covered all my floors, (wood only-no carpeting) furniture, and lawn with Borax. basement with borax too. wondering if latest fleas were the hatching cocoons or more to come? Thoughts? Thx.

  19. chico frijoles says:

    Kimberly, check out my advice on fleas above… I hope it helps! Also, report your situation to the landlord, they are supposed to provide a flea free environment to tenants, and they are responsible for paying for flea-spray service. Good luck!!

  20. chico frijoles says:

    Here’s some pointers that I hope help some of you: Vacuum the entire house and all furniture like crazy, 3 times a day if you have to, and dump the contents in appropriate manner, but get that OUT of your house so the fleas you just collected don’t jump out back into your house. Even spray the contents with a spray bottle full of mosquito spray or something fleas hate.Sweep hard flooring daily.

  21. Kimberly Bittinger says:

    We live in an old apartment house, we don’t have a cat but our neighbor does and says he treats the cat. He has poor cleaning habits if any cleaning habits at all, so no matter what we do to our home the fleas manage to come in through the walls and attack our son who is having a bad reaction. I feel hopeless. Help

  22. boxingwarrior1 says:

    my cat had fleas and my house was full of them,they multiply fast,what I did was at night I turned off all lights and bought those little lights you connect in the outlet and near that I would put a plate with water,the fleas would go to the light and jump into the water and I caught a lot like this in a couple of days..they go to where there is light so getting these are good and a large plate but not too high,they won’t come out of water,they drown..it really worked

  23. Christopher Yan says:

    what’s that grenade like thing that he was holding.

  24. TheHenok30 says:

    Where do you buy boric acid? Maybe I’ll try Home Depot.

  25. dkblade27 says:

    Damn I feel you bro. Its been 5 months now. How’s it going?

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