Chronic Medical Conditions in Pets Often Improve With a Better Diet!

The incidence of chronic medical conditions, obesity, and diabetes is soaring in dogs, cats, and people. The reasons are very similar in all three species. Many of us and our pets share high carbohydrate diets and low activity levels.

Some dogs and cats may look and feel better with fewer carbohydrates or moister food (reduced calories). Their coats may look better with healthier oils and protein in the diet(fish, olive, canola, coconut, eggs, sardines). Less carbohydrates, healthier oils, better proteins, and less allergens may help prevent many chronic medical problems. (obesity, diabetes,  ear and skin problems, diarrhea,bladder crystals and stones, , and seizures)

Here are some reasons people should consider a different or more varied diet for their pets.  

1.Variation in the diet helps supply needed combinations of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.Would you trust the mix of ingredients from one source in your “human kibble”?

2. Some dogs and cats do not tolerate the high level of carbohydrates that may lead to obesity and early arthritis, diabetes, or the lack of moisture that can lead to the formation of crystals in the urine, bladder infections, and then bladder stones. Moister, lower carbohydrate food may be better for some dogs and cats.

3. Commercial dry food diets (even some prescription diets!) often contain known allergens and are low in healthy fats and oils that nourish the skin. 30% of my day is spent treating dogs and cats with dry skin, itch skin,  or chronic skin and ear problems that may often be due to their diet.

4.Cats suffer from urinary tract issues because they just don’t drink enough to dilute out the minerals in the dry food. Many vets are recommending canned food for cats.I feed my cats (obligate carnivores) canned food and cooked or raw meat two-three times weekly

5. Some commercial dry food may not contain the optimum mix of nutrients present in the original diet of dogs and cats. There is more moisture, meat, and healthy fats and oils in prey. Some dogs and cats may look and feel better when fed a different dry food, canned food, healthy human food, raw food, healthy oils, or vitamin/mineral/omega/glucosamine-chondroitin  supplements. If your dog or cat is suffering chronic medical problems…consider changing the type of food instead of trying another medical procedure, pill, ointment, or shampoo

6. Dogs and cats are individuals. Their genetics and physiology are different. They each may need slightly different types of food or ingredients to thrive. Could we all eat the basic formula in a “human kibble”  Some humans would gain weight. lose weight, or react to an ingredient. 

Dogs and cats are individuals too and may need a different formula(wet, dry, raw, more oils, home cooked, adding healthy human food)

That’s why I wrote Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet!  To help pet owners become part of the health care team and treat chronic medical conditions with a different commercial food, home cooked food , and the right human food and treats!

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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