Does everything ever seem ridiculous or gross to you?

Question by : Does everything ever seem ridiculous or gross to you?
For example, things like eating, chewing, on flesh, moist or bitter plant meat. Or the sounds of things, how we communicate, our voices cackling thoughts, or laughing them? Day to day activities, sensual activities, or mundane responsibilities?

Just wondering if people kind of stop and look at everything, and think of how insane it is outside the grind of it, or how kind of amazing and arbitrary it can seem.

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6 Responses to Does everything ever seem ridiculous or gross to you?

  1. sophist says:

    Ai! What gifts of gifts would we give to see ourselves as others see us.
    —– Robert Burns (Ode to a Louse)
    Most of the people in the world are either sleepwalkers or zombies.

  2. noreshi says:

    i adore the ridiculous and gross

  3. Joeq D says:

    Naw. I accept being who and what I am.

    You only run into this sort of mental challenge when you are trying to live up to impossible standards that someone else is imposing on you.

  4. KC950 says:

    We human beings do nothing but play with dirt. and at the end of the day we pat ourselves on the back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment

  5. Jimmy says:

    Ah, man, I so do.

    Today I was standing outside and started laughing to myself thinking, “WTF? Cars? Why the hell do we all just sit in these machines and drive around. haha” And we do it for obvious reasons; it was just surreal.

    I feel gross about watching people in pleasure sometimes, ecspecially with food. Occcasionaly contempt for happiness; probably jealously cuz I can’t disconnect from a mind that tells me I must quantify everything.

    On the positive side though, I feel this in good ways too. Amazement that world is so large and we are so small. Astonded by beauty, and the awesomeness of the simple things, like the invension of the pencil. Subtle genius; Quiet maddness; Graceful stupidty – all the norms that we have become so adjusted to.

    I like the feeling. I feel as though I’m stepping outside of myself somehow (though its not concious) and getting an actual slice of reality. It makes me feel isolated sometimes, apart from the world, distant from my body, kinda like deja vu and illegal drugs.

    Go spontaneously altered conciousness!

  6. Dude says:

    this exact same question was asked last night. WHy are u asking again?

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