Before and After Lime Dip Treatment: Cat Rescued With Sarcoptic Mange

I found this cat with mange. Because no rescues would take her in, I decided to treat her myself with Sulfur Lime Dip. She has been dipped 6 times. If any on…
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20 Responses to Before and After Lime Dip Treatment: Cat Rescued With Sarcoptic Mange

  1. CeceMaeTheIncredible says:

    awwwwwwwww poor kitty! im glad that you took care of it! i cant stop crying
    because i love cats and i have like 5 of them subscribed

  2. kathy barker says:

    A shot of Ivermecten from your vet will also do the trick

  3. Jessica Ogden says:

    Hello Samantha! This is Jessica. I just noticed that everytime I thumbs up
    this video it goes to 9, but when I checked again it went back to 8? Maybe
    it has something to do with my IPad? I’ll just try on the laptop. I just
    wanted to let you know and I pray you and your family and all pets are
    well. Peace be with you always! With Love, Jessica and Schatzi :)

  4. SethWiiPlaza says:

    Hahah why is it so fluffed out. and congrats on unfluffing it, its a cool
    looking cat

  5. Samantha Tompkins says:

    Thank you so much. This is the nicest comment I’ve received. You are both
    sweethearts as well. :)

  6. Jessica Ogden says:

    I hope that I may find another cat in distress who needs a loving home and
    I can do what you did with Savanah! She knows she owns you now (lol) and I
    know she loves you! God bless you Samantha and she is such a beautiful baby
    kitty! You did a wonderful reward and saved her life. I can’t Thank you
    enough for people like yourself. Peace be with you Samantha. Warm Regards,
    Jessica and Schatzi. It’s just German for “Sweetheart” :)

  7. Jessica Ogden says:

    I have a cat named Schatzi. He is a tuxedo with dander that makes me
    miserable, but I still won’t get rid of him! I found him rooting through a
    dumpster with dirt covered inside and out of his ears. He wouldn’t let me
    bathe him so I have to take him for a sedated bath because he tries to bite
    myself and others. I just wanted to say Thank you for doing what you did
    and may Jesus Christ in Heaven bless you for this kindness. I was in tears
    throughout this video. God bless you so much! TY

  8. Samantha Tompkins says:

    No I do not think it would be a bad idea at all. I would highly recommend
    using Lime Dip on the kitten you found. Although, the dip can dry out the
    skin, it works very well and fleas do not like it much either. You can also
    use diaper rash cream for babies to help with the irritated skin. Another
    great product is Biomec 4000 on ebay for a low price, which is an oral
    tablet for fleas, deworming, mange, ringworm, and more all in one. Let me
    know if you need anything else. Good luck with the kitten

  9. Wilma Morel says:

    Im thinking of doing this for an abandoned kitten that followed me home. I
    want to take him to a vet, but theres no money for that right now and I
    want to at least try something. What I want to know is his paws and legs
    are a bit pink cause he bites them in an attempt to scratch, is doing this
    a bad idea in that case?

  10. Musja says:

    I ended up seeing my vet (who prescribed the dip) and turns out that blood
    spots are fleas’ byproduct! Vet prescribed anti-nausea meds and
    antidepressants as my cat has been feeling quite depressed since that 2nd
    dip. The cat is feeling well but he seems to be hating on us. He thinks
    that we torture him with that dip :(

  11. Musja says:

    I think some part of his body didn’t dry completely and maybe he licked
    himself or I got some in his mouth somehow. I will be more careful next
    time. We did leave him overnight with e-collar on.

  12. Samantha Tompkins says:

    Sometimes the lime dip can cause irritation of the skin and dry it out. I
    usually use Aveeno baby soothing oatmeal bath mix and a soothing diaper
    rash paste the day after the lime dip treatment. Also, wait at least 2
    weeks between lime dips. When you dipped him did you accidently get any dip
    in his nose or mouth? That could be a cause for the vomiting, or internal
    parasites. I would make recommend making sure he stays hydrated. Let me
    know how he does. I hope he improves soon.

  13. Samantha Tompkins says:

    Its great to hear that you rescued him. It is very good that his fur is
    already growing back. Has he been itching a lot still? As the itching can
    cause the hair loss and blood. If the cat is bleeding a lot I would be
    concerned. However, if its a small amount its most likely due to skin

  14. Musja says:

    Hi! I rescued a cat with ringworms… We just did his second lime dip this
    monday and the fur is already growing back in. However I see tiny drops of
    blood all over the floor (some attached to hairs) I wonder if it is
    something to be worried about? He also was majorly throwing up today.

  15. Lisa Delossantos says:

    Thank god for lime sulfur i boigjt some for my dog and hes getting better
    looks very handsome :)

  16. Samantha Tompkins says:

    Customize your message

  17. Samantha Tompkins says:

    Thank you. :)

  18. Shooq Alkaabi says:

    you have saved a soul.. bless you

  19. Agermanshepherdsheba says:

    Very nice video

  20. Samantha Tompkins says:

    Thank you. She is a great cat who now has a forever home.

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