Pile of fleas! Nice infestation.

I don’t know if these are fleas or not. Found them in my basement. The cat was playing with them…There must be 50000 or so. Never seen anything like it. M…

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25 Responses to Pile of fleas! Nice infestation.

  1. SamIAm says:

    If they are not rushing you for a blood meal, or your cat, not
    fleas….totally gross though….

  2. Nicole Burgon says:

    Woah oh my gosh EW EW I feel less worried about my dog now. 

  3. Ser Arris says:

    you should have got an eyedropper with 90% isoprpyl alcohol and watch them
    flea the scene. no pun intended :P 

  4. Mark Topma says:

    while you were filming this, you were overrun with flees yourself mr

  5. kelly sabatino says:

    Those are def fleas..i see them jumping.put white socks on if they jump on
    your foot then you know their fleas

  6. TheNell says:

    What the hell are they all piled up for? Is there a dead mouse under that
    or something?

  7. Peter Whitlock says:

    Simple easy clean up with alcohol and soap or other instant kill and not
    burn the house down logic…just spray and vacuum them up the rest…
    probably NOT fleas. other insects jump too kids! if they were fleas the cat
    be dying of them not playing with them! The cat be very sick with hundreds
    of sores that we see is NOT HE CASE if it was playing with them and not
    affected by them at all.
    Look to me like snow fleas we see here in winter in the snow… (they have
    anti freeze abilities) they pile up too at times and like the cold. they do
    not harm animals that I know of or humans.

  8. Jim Cash. says:

    Burn that fkr down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Delaina Green says:

    How they get in the house omg that’s a lot making me itch looking at this 

  10. chickenofrobot567 says:


  11. galway21 says:

    Killlll the Fuckers 

  12. hannahmaii2 says:

    only one solution…. GENOCIDE! 

  13. upplsuckimcool16 says:

    lighter fluid and fire would be nice for this particular video

  14. upplsuckimcool16 says:

    Now rub your head in it…

  15. Pollo83Loco says:

    Eat them just so that they feel what they make you feel. Yeah karma is a
    bitch you fleas lol

  16. Pollo83Loco says:

    Holly shit dude, kill them all that is madness.

  17. Veronica Kettrles says:

    How did you get rid of them.. Woukd have liked to see that process

  18. Mahmzo says:

    How the fuck did you even have the guts to rec this lol

  19. XxairsoftxX Morabito says:

    Get some gasoline, barrel , and a lighter

  20. Rico Porter says:

    Looks like someone needs a flamethrower

  21. kelly mystoryforest says:

    omg now im freaked out that might be in my house!!!

  22. Chip Kelly says:

    Fleas are one of the most insidious pests mankind has ever had the
    misfortune to encounter.

  23. OoohSoooCool says:

    It looks like dirt

  24. Afton Hunter says:

    Um….ever heard of a damn hoover!!!!!!

  25. eddamad42 says:

    To Anthony Retardi you dumb fuck. Why wouldnt you have stomped on all those
    greasy wops instead? You racist fucktard. Also, stomping would only have
    caused your leg to be completely covered by fleas. and then they would work
    their way up into your stupid anus.

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