ill my snake get mites?

Question by mariapaula_5: ill my snake get mites?
I was handling my school snake and she has mites ….. Will I pass this on to my snake at home

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Answer by Lee S
Yes. Take care to clean both cages thoroughly everyday. If you are not already using newspaper as a substrate do so, there is nothing better. Do take objects from outdoors and put it into snake enclosures, this is a sure fire way to bring in the mites. You can soak the snakes and even cover them lightly with mineral oil to help get rid of the mites. Be careful not to get the mineral oil into nasal passages. Mites are a pain, but can be gotten rid of and avoided in the future. Take care and good luck!

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  1. Melissa B says:

    It is very likely. Wash your hands and any part of your body the snake from school touched before handling your own snake, and treat both snake’s cages for mites. You can buy mite spray at most pet stores. Mites are incredibly difficult to eradicate once they are in your pet’s cages, so care must be taken to avoid spreading them. Mites breed rapidly, and can kill your snake if they are allowed to stay on your reptile.

    Follow the directions on the bottle of mite spray to the T, as insecticides can be deadly to snakes if used inproperly. Never apply mite spray when the snake is still present in the cage.

    Good luck!

  2. hippiewhomper57 says:

    Mites can be transfer ed very easily, the mites will be on your clothing which will then get on your snake. Thoroughly clean your hands, and you can spray your clothes with a mite killer. Wash those clothes thoroughly afterwords. Do not handle your snake without changing/showering to minimize the chance of spreading mites,.
    If you think there is a chance some have already been transferred, start treatment by misting the snake with a mite-killing product, vets can recommend them.
    I had a mite infestation get so severe on a red-tailed boa ta ht we had to seal/fumigate her cage, and give her ivermectin shots to kill the mites. Trust me, you don’t ever want to have to go trhough that.
    Good luck with controlling them.

  3. Çåŗőľîņẫ§ħŷġĭ®ł says:

    As long as you wash your hands and be sure to not to have any on your clothing, you should be fine.

  4. mysikduk says:

    More than likely…. YES. Have you treated the snake in your class and its enclosure for the mites? You “mite” want to.
    nyuk nyuk nyuk

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