Treatment can quickly take care of scabies in pets

Treatment can quickly take care of scabies in pets
I (Henri Bianucci) was recently asked, by a concerned client, if it was OK to adopt a puppy that she suspected had mange. As a surgeon, I will readily admit that Scabies mites do not survive long in the environment. It is advised to wash bedding
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Your pet's health
examined for any abnormality, and if the dog proves to be healthy, he could possibly be vaccinated against serious infectious diseases, e.g. parvovirus, kennel cough etc. and given preventative treatment against parasites, e.g. mange mites
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How to avoid colic and mud fever this winter [H&H VIP]
Some horses with pastern dermatitis will be suffering from infestations of tiny chorioptic mange mites, similar to those that cause human scabies. This is most common in horses with long hair around their lower limbs, but can occur on less hairy legs.
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