Q&A: Pet mouse scratching a lot?

Question by rylei: Pet mouse scratching a lot?
My pet mouse has just recently picked up the habit of scratching so much he is missing hair and bleeding. I’ve been putting vitamin E oil on it and Neosporin. Yet everytime he gets better it starts again. Is there anything i can do to help him? Please help!

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Answer by Chelsea
i have had a lot of mice! and with sounds of it he has a bad case of mites or he has a skin condition, take the mouse to a vet and see whats wrong with it :)

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  1. george says:

    your mouse might have ticks or fleas. try checking the fur around the area and look really closely if you can see anything. the vet can provide and ointment that gets rid of them quickly.

  2. lovemice says:

    Reasons for hair loss/excess scratching include parasites, bedding allergy, food allergy, fungal/bacterial infection, disease, barbering and OCD. TFM and RG discuss these problems along with treatment:


    (Rat site, but information applies to mice, too.)

    Not all parasites are visible so keep this in mind. Bedding is often the source of transmission in which you can either freeze it or bake it before use to kill any existing parasites. TFM explains what temperatures are necessary for freezing/baking as well as length of time. RG and RMCA have further details on how to treat parasites such as which medicines are effective for which parasites and tips on cleaning such as tossing all wood/cardboard products because eggs/nits are laid inside:



    I have a mouse friend that had a mouse develop OCD. This can occur once the original source of scratching is removed and the mouse continues to scratch out of habit. Distraction can be helpful with this by offering lots of new toys, especially items he can shred such as empty paper towel/tissue rolls and paper (non-plastic) Dixie cups. TFM has a thread on toys to make for little or no cost as well as MESs (Mouse Entertainment Systems) which are structures you build from popsicle sticks and non-toxic glue:


    (If you cannot read the above threads, you will need to register first.)

    Does your mouse get a lot of peanuts and sunflower seeds in his diet? These along with wheat are considered the top 3 allergy foods although mice can develop an allergy to any food. Also, mice should not have more than 13% crude protein in the diet. Too much protein and/or a food allergy can lead to hot spots which are areas on the body causing extreme discomfort due to itchiness. Please see the section at TFM on food allergies on how to determine if a food allergy is the problem and how to treat.

    Please do not give your mouse a bath as someone suggested. It will do nothing to soothe the itchiness, will not kill parasites and can in fact do more harm than good as your mouse can easily get chilled. This can result in a respiratory problem which mice are susceptible to.

    You might also try the TFM forum. You can search the archives and/or ask your own Q:


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