NYC Allergist Ask: Are You Allergic to Love

NYC Allergist Ask: Are You Allergic to Love
Millions of Americans suffer from a myriad of allergic conditions, such as food, seasonal or skin allergies, but Valentine's Day comes with an additional benefit – a surge in visits to your Allergist. Being allergic to love may seem counterintuitive
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Chanel No. 5 at stake as EU sniffs out allergens?
(Brussels, BEL) – Europe's grand old perfume houses and organic cosmetic newcomers may be looking at a major clean-out as the EU sniffs out ingredients blamed for skin allergies in up to 15 million people. A report by the EU's Scientific Committee on 

Questions and Answers: Commission launches consultation on fragrance
Some substances present in fragrances may cause a skin or respiratory allergy. The present public consultation covers only skin (also called: contact) allergens. Both synthetic chemicals and substances of natural origin may be skin allergens. How many 
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