Love Is…Making Moments

I’ve learned a lot in the process of writing this book, going back and reflecting on what three very special dogs have done for me in my life. It’s almost done, the first draft at least, and I can rest easy knowing that if I get hit by a bus tomorrow there’s enough for a talented editor to work with so that this, at least, will live on. Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way.

Speaking of dying and all of that, though, the one thing that really jumped out at me when I was writing, and just living and working in hospice, is this: Love every moment, even when it’s just hanging out on the couch. Make a moment out of nothing.

This morning, Brody came over to tell me his bowl was empty. I decided, prior to filling it, I would take a picture of his hangdog face and make it a doge meme.


I fed him, eventually. But not before practicing balance and self control. The cat, being a cat, was excused from practice.


And because life is short, we even attempted a dog/doc selfie, which never really works because after all, your dog only wants to look at you.


Which is, really, nothing to complain about.

Love is putting up with me, at least from Brody’s perspective, and man does he put up with a lot. But it’s good, and I’m glad I took 5 minutes to make a moment out of an empty food bowl. I challenge all of you to take just a minute or two today and make your own moment. You’ll be glad you did. :)

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