cats have fleas?????!!!!!?

Question by Abigail: cats have fleas?????!!!!!?
We have tried everything. All 3 of my cats have fleas. We have tried topical treatments, pills, everything. Our last resort are flea collars. My question is is how long theyll take to work. We had put flea collars on them on saturday but all that the fleas are doing is moving down towards their tail. Is this all that they do?
We have treated the house. We’ve treated all their bedding and everything.

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Answer by Qwabbs
Flea collar are horrible they can cause all sorts of things to your cats i reccomend using Frontline

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  1. Jaris Hawley says:

    Flea collars just keep the fleas away from the eyes they don’t kill them so to say.I suggest washing your cat every other day with flea and tick shampoo then they will die.Just let the soap stay on for five minutes then wash.

  2. PhD says:

    Take them to a veterinary office immediately. If standard drugs are not working it is quite possible your cats have lice and not fleas. Human anti-lice products cannot be used on animals. The Veterinary Office will be able to help you out much more.

    The Vet is also not very expensive either.

  3. Mamma Cat says:

    Flea collars are useless.
    Give your cats a bath with Dawn detergent. Soak the cat in warm water. Lather up with Dawn. Wrap in a warm towel for 5 minutes, then rinse well and dry.
    Wash their bedding daily. Vacuum the area daily for several days.
    Topical flea treatments work well, but I don’t know when you last applied them.
    Then your cat needs to be treated for tapeworms which result from the ingestion of flea eggs/larvae.
    Use a flea comb daily at the moment to check for any existing fleas.

  4. Jeffrey Mcmillan says:

    Yes, this is all that they do. Have you treated the whole house, yard, area where they sleep to get rid of the fleas? You need to use Frontline and bathe them with gloves on and use Palmolive Dishwashing liquid. Do not combine anything else with Palmolive, otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness. You will surprisingly see them falling all off like crazy.

  5. Silver says:

    Flea medicine takes 24hrs to fully work. You also have to treat the house and all the cats bedding and cat litter. Try Advantage II, it really works. But you have to clean the house as well. Or they will hibernate in the carpets and jump on your cats later. In my opinion flea collars do not work. You need the doctor strength medicine. to really kill fleas.
    When cats scratch the flea collars around their necks the medicine gets in their claws and they lick their claw to clean them. That is definitely not good for them. I stopped using flea collars after the first month. I got my first cat. That was 10 years ago. Never went back to it. Use Advantage II. Or the first one. It does not matter. They are both very affective.

    Good Luck

  6. Michele R says:

    Store bought flea treatments do not work well. And flea collars definitely aren’t going to work. They still sell those things?
    Use Frontline or another quality product. And keep in mind that there are still going to be fleas in the house (in the carpet, furniture) so the fleas are still going to jump on the cats but they will die shortly after. You will also need to treat your house though. Flea bombs are pretty effective as long as you don’t use cheap brands such as Hot Shot.

  7. Misha says:

    Flea collars aren’t very effective. Cheap flea treatments like the ones sold at grocery stores have never worked for me, either. What you need is a high-quality medication, such as the ones sold by veterinarians. Advantage II is a very good one. It’s expensive, but effective. You can get it at the vet’s office, or at most pet stores.

    It’s also very helpful to treat the area they live in. You can try using a spray treatment like Virbac Knockout on their beds, all of the carpet and anywhere that the cats spend a lot of time. I’ve never had to use it since I started using Advantage, though. Still, vacuum frequently to get rid of fleas in the carpet.

  8. menykats says:

    Flea collars are ineffective in ridding a cat of a flea infestation. They might repel an occasional flea on a cat that does not already have fleas, but that’s about all.

    What you need to do is go to the vet’s and buy one of the 3-month packages of Frontline Plus for Cats. It is a “spot-on” flea and tick control medication that you apply to the cat’s skin between his shoulder blades once every month. A three-month supply usually costs about $ 45. One application will repel the fleas the cat already has on him, and will kill any flea that bites him and its eggs for the entire month. It will usually kill all the fleas on him within 24 to 48 hours after its first application. Don’t use it on a kitten less that 8 weeks of age.

  9. pithygirl says:

    The only thing that has ever worked for me is Advantage II. It’s a spot on treatment. If you read the directions, it does say you can apply more often than just once a month if your cat has a severe case of fleas. I once had to do it every two weeks for a 2 months, then I reduced back to once a month once to fleas went away. You will also have to treat all 3 cats individually. It’s expensive but it works.

    You also need to vacuum like crazy. Vacuum like every other day. I would use a carpet flea power about a few days after you start treating with the Advantage II. Just make sure to follow the directions EXACTLY.

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