Holistic flea topical treatment or spray for cats?

Flea Topical
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Question by .: Holistic flea topical treatment or spray for cats?
I’m seeking a natural remedy to apply to my cat to keep off fleas. So far, in my research I’ve come upon websites only suggesting how to rid of fleas that are ALREADY infesting, and spraying the yard with a chemical isn’t a change at all, it’s still a chemical. Garlic is TOXIC for cats, so nobody recommend garlic as I’ve read some misinformed people telling cat owners to do so. My only other source is a good diet, as fleas only invade animals of poor health. I’m hesitant to believe this, however… parasites are parasites I do doubt they discriminate unless a cat owner of 20 years in holistic care can tell me otherwise.

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Answer by bloomorningglory
Holistic vet in my area recommends the usual – Frontline or Sentinel. I personally keep the cat inside and skip the flea prevention. :)

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  1. tmclone says:

    Fleas can EASILY infest animals who are healthy (fed only a grain-free wet/canned diet). Fleas DO NOT ONLY invade animals in poor health. To eradicate fleas you need to visit the vet for Frontline/Advantage/Whatever and then KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE! Even then, you can track stuff into your house…

    Plus, you have to remove the fleas and the EGGS (worse than the fleas) from your house. The only way to do that WITHOUT chemicals is to vacuum every single surface of your home EVERY day for SEVEN days and burn the bag or dump and wash the canister. You will also need to do the same to all upholstery, linens, and bedding.

    Problem solved.

  2. platypus! says:

    I also do this i would go to young living.com and see if they have anything or contact a holistic vet

  3. Fancy-Divine says:

    You can try Sentry natural defense.

  4. J C says:

    The holistic vet in my area (certified, with a list of degrees a mile long) uses Revolution in her practice. Says any of the supposed natural remedies are significantly more dangerous to cats than either the fleas or the Revolution.

    In any case, healthy animals can get fleas too. Cats get fleas due to them being in their environment, not because they are in poor health. A healthy cat does not ‘repel’ fleas. If fleas are present – and they can be present indoors as we bring them in on our shoes and clothing – an indoor cat will get them as well. Get a safe flea treatment like Revolution or Frontline Multi for your cat, and your cat will be protected against both fleas, mites, and heartworm.

  5. Café Mocha Valencia says:

    “My only other source is a good diet, as fleas only invade animals of poor health” LOL! That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard! Actually fleas probably prefer HEALTHY animals as their blood is richer!

    There are NO “holistic” or “natural” treatments for fleas that actually work because it’s not just a matter of killing off the adult fleas it’s preventing them from breeding and killing the eggs and developing larvae. The ONLY thing that works is Advantage, Frontline or Revolution.

    Before you kill your cat from idiotic “home remedies” just spring for the whopping $ 15 to $ 20 to buy a dose of one of these from your vet. Then when you can afford it buy a multi-pack at http://www.800petmeds.com

    edit: and I COMPLETELY agree with Bloo. The best way to prevent fleas is to keep your cat INDOORS. I have a dog and he stays on Frontline since he goes in my yard, on walks, to dog parks, etc, but I haven’t put anything on my four indoor cats in years – nor have we seen a single flea. Yes – fleas can be carried in on your pantleg if they’re in your yard or you go to a flea infested but as long as you’ve got one pet on one of these meds that should do the trick.

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