Sri Lanka,ශ්‍රී ලංකා,Ceylon,Ugly Dog suffering Sarcoptic mange (03)

Dogs in poor shape are quite frequent in Sri Lanka and remain an unfamiliar sight to visitors from europe where such animals will be taken care in some way o…
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  1. bethpage89 says:

    Very curable! The hair will begin returning within a week, with obvious
    week by week improvement. A dilute solution of lime-sulfur is sponged onto
    the dog–avoiding the eyes. Thoroughly saturate. Repeat after 5 days. 6
    baths per month. Make by mixing quicklime or hydrated lime with sulfer, and
    boiling in water for an hour. A standard recipe is 80 lb pure sulfer, 36 lb
    pure quicklime, boiled in 50 gallons water. Dilute 1 : 32 to make the wash
    for animals.

  2. NickVenture1 says:

    I appreciate your detailed comments.Still I need to ask more; I am not
    familiar with gallons and “lb”. Also when I calculate gallons into liters..
    how do you boil 50 gallons.. I dont even have such a cooking
    possibility…where do you mix such huge “industrial” quantities? You can
    make the recepee a bit more suitable for home brewers?

  3. bethpage89 says:

    Neem oil. Nimba. Is that available? That might be effective against the
    mites which this dog has.

  4. bethpage89 says:

    The used lime-sulfur can be used again and again. It doesn’t lose its

  5. bethpage89 says:

    Shampooing the dog first, and rinsing, is better because it removes some
    oils. So the lime-sulfur is then able to penetrate the skin better.

  6. bethpage89 says:

    40 liters water 7.7 kg sulfur 4.6 kg hydrated lime (or 3.5 kg quicklime)
    Boil 1 hour, stirring plenty and adding water to keep the level the same.
    Let cool, and bottle it. It is less concentrated than the commercial
    sulfurated lime product. That is diluted 1:32 in water. This can be diluted
    1:25. Stand the animal in a tub or somewhere to catch the runoff. Saturate
    the skin. Don’t get it in the animal’s eyes! Have fresh water handy to
    rinse the eyes if any gets in them.

  7. bethpage89 says:

    A Preventik collar would be good to put on the dog. It is a potent collar
    and can have some effect against mange mites. Put a new collar on after
    about three weeks. If Preventik is not available, use some other flea

  8. bethpage89 says:

    When shampooing, remove any flea or tick collar, and put it back on only
    once the dog is dry.

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