Blackmore’s Night – The Clock Ticks On (Live in Paris 2006) HD

The Clock Ticks On live in Paris 2006!

just helping out a wild shingle back ad say its 3-4 weeks old as it was tiny and did’t bite.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Blackmore’s Night – The Clock Ticks On (Live in Paris 2006) HD

  1. dplessel says:


  2. Cravo G. Silveira says:

    The Clock Ticks On

    Ritchie plays the hurdy-gurdy

  3. ralphyboy25 says:

    If not adjoined in the past, they are clearly two interwoven souls with a
    common taste for life who have found each other.

  4. Scumbot404 says:

    @ScriptWorker And sings sometimes out of tune. Eventho Im big fan of BMN it
    disturbs me.

  5. lethihongchi says:

    i love blackmore’s night : >

  6. ScriptWorker says:

    Lovely song – bit out of sync though… opps. Nice quality vid ..

  7. KO THU says:

    I am very like I love black mores night

  8. Oboro sama says:

    cây đờn ngộ bây

  9. Brian Seifrit says:

    No loss of talent. Awesome.

  10. boozer7574 says:

    Im surprised I didn’t know about this band before today! I like where
    Ritchie is at nowdays!

  11. leif011 says:

    really liked the start before the other instruments kicked in.

  12. fishintheflow says:

    First saw them live in 2001 (I think…its a few years back now!) and they
    were superb ever onwards.

  13. IngridCalvo says:

    õ/ ♥ CANDY’s FUNNY! I LOVE IT! :D

  14. fanlennox says:

    L O V E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. draco6543 says:

    From the way they interact with each other, that could well be
    true………..and if so that is a good thing for us……:-)

  16. Gabriel Stanciu says:

    Excelent !Niste profenionisti in adevaratul sens al cuvantului ! Felicitari
    pentru postare !

  17. Oboro sama says:

    còn mấy cây kèn nữa @@ :) ) ko biết tên là gì, nightwish cũg có xài,
    eluveiti cũg có xài

  18. kitefella says:

    Oh yeah!

  19. YourAliceDied says:

    they’re performing with such joy and dedication, it must be a great
    experience seeing them live! love their music!

  20. PrincipessaRibelle says:

    “Welcome into my life!”

  21. kieran kerschat says:

    they are modern traving misntreals they could be sucked back intime and
    play for kings and the king wouldnet bat a eye:)

  22. Raymond LaBay says:

    This song will bring back the music and the times of ones ancestors the
    voice of the past will grow golden in your ears .It was true then as it is
    now time stands still for no man. Great video . Take care ADonovan43

  23. Raymond LaBay says:

    A real toe tapper even after a few hundred years.

  24. Samantha Corby says:

    What an amazing band! Richie rules as always, but how beautiful and
    talented is Candy wow! true beauty and an angelic voice. Compared to what
    people see on TV these days is nothing but video WHORES.

  25. Anita Stewart says:
  26. LEO THE MAN says:

    Good kids 

  27. Tania Mai says:

    Your nice people!

  28. TeamShocker says:

    Great work guys. Its good to know we have children with great hearts that
    will be running our countries with love and good intentions. Just please be
    safe with what animal you help? Stress every safety precautions

  29. Jordan Faulkner says:

    Good people :D 

  30. heavystarch100 says:


  31. darylt1234 says:

    Nice but gross

  32. KustomKulture1107187 says:

    Lots of reptiles get ticks in Australia

  33. HoboJIm117 says:

    You guys are cool as hell for helping this little guy out.

  34. Johanna Joseph says:

    You guys are great kids.. Awesome job as well :)

  35. watergoddess9 says:

    great work you guys!! I have always wondered if ticks get on reptiles and
    now I know.

  36. IronI909 says:

    Great lads

  37. Altagracia Peguero says:

    Good job ps my turtles can go in my pool and walk around my back yard and
    one got a tick and it just started to bite the tick and the tick just fell
    and died

  38. peek-a-boo BIACH! says:

    Iv got three of these shingle backs iv got a vid called cute shingle back
    lizard my mum says if i get 500 to 1000 views i can get a video camera but
    anyways whenever my stubies get ticks i find after you get them off get
    tissue paper and pop the ticks then flush it down the toilet. Thumbs up my
    vids it would be appreciated

  39. knights485 says:

    Good job lads

  40. Makayla Lawe says:

    Good job

  41. monsterdare says:

    it’s so cute, how can u find so many lizards in the wild. where is this
    amazing place.

  42. Dee Jones says:

    good kids.

  43. Sam Wright says:

    good on you guys helping the shingleback out we need more people like you

  44. GeneralBigBallz says:

    Hey that was really nice of you guys :) I always find bobtails with ticks,
    and I always try to help take them off :D Whatr eally helps is if you guys
    squeeze the head of the tick, it helps!

  45. Christopher Martin says:

    you guys are so sweet for doing this!

  46. Johanna Joseph says:

    O and I subbed :)

  47. Skrilla aj says:

    all those fucking flys lol

  48. carrtex says:

    Good lads

  49. harveydog2006 says:

    make sure you get the head

  50. Crys Ach says:

    You kids are just awesome good job on taking them out and looking after the

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