My parakeet has mites!!!?

Question by **Luey**Lover**: My parakeet has mites!!!?
My parakeet has mites. what should I buy to get rid of them.
Also can Humans get bird mites? If so how do people get rid of mites?!
My parakeet has been plucking his feathers a lot and he is not molting yet. He is about 6 months old.

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Answer by Allison in Wonderland
Rign up your vet for free advice, that way you will know it’s information you can trust.

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  1. Student says:

    Take him to a vet. If there isn’t one nearby, go to the bet store. There’s usually mite-spray. I don’t know if people can get them, but I don’t think they can.

  2. Krystal says:

    You can buy a mite spray from the pet shop that you just spray all over the birds feathers, prefereably close up, avoiding the eyes.
    I’ve had birds with mites before and gotten them on myself. I just have a shower and they wash off, including washing my hair. If you find they’re not washing off, get a tea tree shampoo, bugs hate tea tree oil.
    You will also need to treat the parakeets cage – spray the perches and sleeping places, replace the paper or whatever you have on the bottom, and spray the bottom of the cage and the bars as well.
    A good mite spray in Australia costs about $ 20. You will have plenty of spray left too, in case you have another outbreak.
    If you have had your bird for a while now and he has suddenly gotten mites, you need to find out where he caught them from.
    It’s not a big problem unless you don’t treat it.
    Good luck.

  3. ms bell says:

    If your parakeet has mites, then it needs to see an avian vet for treatment. The vet can treat the mites with Ivermectin. I’ve had a parakeet with scaly face mites and that is how it was treated. Don’t try to treat them on your own because many of the over-the-counter medications don’t work. Plus, you want to make sure the parakeet does have mites and not something else so it gets treated for the right condition. As for the feather plucking, your avian vet can help you determine the cause for it. Your parakeet could be stressed, bored, have hormonal problems, malnutrition or vitamin deficiencies, or be ill. It’s best for an avian vet to check this out before it becomes an even bigger problem. Feather plucking can turn into a very big problem with parakeets.

  4. Ryan says:

    Clean the birds cage and put it in a good envirement keep it clean and ask a vet what to use or go to an aviary

  5. Denise says:

    call the vet to see what they say

  6. moggie says:

    So far noone has mentioned that there are different kinds of mites. Until you know what you are dealing with there is not one treatment for all types. You need to know which ones to be able to seek the appropriate treatment.

    Three differing kinds of mites that can affect your birds and you have had a confused answer already about mites. The beak issue you have already discovered means the bird has scaly face mites which affect beak eyes and feet mostly. These are microscopic mites and you wont see them at all…you will just see evidence of the tunnelling they do through the beak and around it. Cure for it is best if you can get ivermectin from the vet and use it as a spot on treatment on the back of the birds neck on its skin. Generally a once only treatment, and treat all the birds at the same time.
    Second kind of mites which cause itching and feather scratching and some loss is feather mites. You can see tiny brown or black dots on the feathers. Their is a mite spray for the feathers for this kind. Use carefully and not around the cage and food supply, and do not use for the scaly face mites. You will need to clean everything in the cage too and can user the spray like for the birds on the cage and perches. Give fresh food in clean fresh dishes afterwards.
    Another kind of mite is the red mite….they take over the cage and feed off the birds blood at night. They hide in every conceivable crevice in the cage and even in the slits for the perches etc. Look greyish brown tiny little dots and once they have eaten off the budgie they look red. Very hard to get rid of and you need a specific good quality product to kill them. Pet shop products will not work….they are never good enough for red mites.

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