How to kill Spider Mites, Everything you need to know Part 1 of 2

Subscribe! Here is part 1 of 2 on everything you need to know about spider mites. NEW SPIDER MITE VIDEO: Find mor…
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How to quickly kill spider mites. No Pesticides. Easy, Cheap and Fast! Do you ha…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to How to kill Spider Mites, Everything you need to know Part 1 of 2

  1. Canna Gardens says:

    thanks for this video check out my channel you saved my garden

  2. Anthony DiMichele says:

    I use Neem Oil and it works for me if you catch the devils early. Also~ I
    use Hydrogen Peroxide in water for killing fungal gnats and it works great.

  3. says:

    A microphone would have been very beneficial to this video.

  4. Amvman33100 says:

    i’m using warm water and a sponge to kill them. and i have on the stalk.
    i’m now cleaning that as well. i half to do it every day.

  5. yujin ito says:

    Haha I just saw that mighty wash stuff. Read the label. It’s water. That’s
    why it only works sometimes. If you spray water on mites they fall off the
    plant. So yeah it sure as shit washes the mites off. But nothing more. It
    will not kill mites.

  6. fuck youtube says:

    Mightywash did nothing in my garden azamax keeps them at bay but I have
    redesigned my flower room sealed it tight and went in with floramite
    tonight and hit my vegging girls getting them ready for 12-12 im not
    playing games anymore I love to show my grows and due to the damage from
    the mites I cant anymore not to mention the stunting of my overall yields.

  7. Really High says:

    Lol 6:12 his kok had a spider might lmao

  8. Deez Mutts says:

    i have it indoor and it always starts at past four weeks veg.WHY??Its

  9. natedogsmokesup says:

    the mighty wash is the shit i did not like paying for 98% water but 3
    applications it took care of the problem and have not had any problem sens
    then so it dose last awhile

  10. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Thanks man! I like your vids too.. keep it up man!

  11. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Thanks bro, your plants are looking great man keep it up

  12. Fred Edish says:

    He learned it so well, he had to read it! lol

  13. Hector Marquez says:

    I’m new to the grow lifestyle. But we’ve been using Neem and Asamax
    preventively. We’ve sprayed almost religously with the Neem weekly, and a
    couple of times with Asamax. Spraying each plant up and down. Very tedious
    but anything to get rid of them damn mites, they aren’t bad, but still
    there. My question is if we start using Mighty Wash, how is it applied? We
    use spray bottles and dilute the concentrates. Your advise would be very
    helpful. Really liked the vids very informative, thanks!

  14. kidda mick says:

    1 treatment of Bayer Garden > Organic bug free, , ITS AMAZING , plus
    organic ,, £3;99 JOB DONE !!!!

  15. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Thanks lol, it’s my girlfriends.. I don’t like pink! lol

  16. Infidel Forlife says:

    Pyrethrums are very cost effective and completely harmless……NEVER buy
    anything in a READY TO SPRAY concentration, that’s asking to be ripped

  17. NGT4LIFE says:

    spider mites and root aphids a growers worst nightmare,,although spider
    mites are now alot easier to get rid off,that mighty wash works great.

  18. floydit2009 says:

    just a quick one, its been a while since this upload, Has much changed,
    would you recommend any thing else? Have a great 420 too Bud..

  19. Hector Marquez says:

    Thank you so much for the information! It’s really insightful and can’t
    wait to go get some MW. My partner is a bit hard headed in trying new
    things, so hopefully I can convince him to use it. Since it’s me and
    another guy having to spray each plant, it get’s a bit annoying spraying
    neem one time then asamax the next. Last question. Do you use asamax in
    conjuction with MW or just MW? Again thanks for the info and I’ll be
    following along. Keep it up and keep it green!

  20. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Or spray every 3 days for 4 applications to get rid of them.. Mighty Wash
    is the cleanest, safest product to use.. (as everyone has said, but who
    really knows?). I talked to the owners of Mighty Wash at the Max Yield show
    and they claimed you can spray plants in your drying rack, or use it as
    bong water, lol. It says on their ad “Can be used up to the DAY of
    harvest”.. which is saying a lot for a pest control agent..

  21. GrowGreenerGuru says:

    Np! Yea I have a partner too, so I know what you mean about getting to try
    new things lol. I recommend using Azamax as a root drench and foliar spray
    with MW. You can do it at the same time, MW doesn’t stress plants out or
    clog the stomata. I’d only use Azamax once every 10-14 days though.. once
    it’s in the plants root system, it slowly leaches out. In analogy.. Mighty
    Wash is like shooting an animal and waiting for it to bleed to death..
    Azamax is like giving them some poison before the bullet!

  22. Troy Chambless says:

    I talk to the inventor of Mightywash the other day. They are coming out
    with a new Mightywash “El Lemon’ “. The last company wasn’t making it to
    the original recipe. It’s true about it being frequency water I have seen
    the machine. Completely safe.

  23. David Spilsbury says:

    woke up this morning and what do you know. thanks for the info

  24. cloudchaser07 says:

    i usualy spray Azamax i sprayed 3 days ago if i sprayed on day 4 is that
    too much. and how often after, do you recommend put it straight in the
    soil? how often and whats teh dosage. i have 4 weeks to harvest. ty

  25. goodweedb215 says:

    very nice vid. i see another youtube helpful guru. Very informitive vid.

  26. TheDickFittswell says:

    lady bugs are the choice of “experienced plant growers.” ( then your not
    contaminating your crop with unwanted chemicals)

  27. Giselle Lopez says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! How did your little plants turn out?

  28. Jesus valdez carranza says:

    Honestly I thought I was genius when I did it and now that I have
    reassurance. This I truly believe is the best and safest way. Everything on
    this video is what I did. I didn’t think anyone else would know of this
    methoth including the soap. Good luck everyone.

  29. thatboyrick1 says:

    You don’t throw them out they are perfectly good plants just treat em , I
    had mites before and killed em off

  30. Michael Flores says:

    Can u mesge me I having the same problem n I had two plants my second ones
    fine but my first one really took a beating all my leaves are shrived up
    what do I do this is nearly my first day of doing this

  31. Northern Lights Cannabis Co. says:

    How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites on Medical Marijuana …. How To Get Rid Of
    Spider Mites on Medical Marijuana – Home Weed Grow Tips

  32. willwazere2 says:

    yo can i do this on a budding weed plant? i am week and a half way from

  33. TheYoungTurdz says:

    I’m curious: did you have any problems with this group of plants when you
    went to flowering? Did you do any preventative sprays afterwards? I use
    Mighty Wash and find it is great, but it is about $138 (retail USF) for 5
    gallons. I’d love to use detergent free Ivory Dish soap, maybe add some
    neem oil in the mix for a lot less.

  34. calibomber209 says:

    I do same but w horticultural soap and I give azasol. I spray them every
    three days and water w azasol in water. After 2 weeks I spray plant 1 a
    week w azasol til 4 weeks til harvest. I haven’t had mites since. Always
    use clean eq and check ur plants!

  35. Willgtl says:

    Predator mites do a good job of culling a spider mite infestation. Although
    rather than spending the money, I just slap my brush attachment onto my
    shopvac at low speed and vacuum off as many mites as I can find. Usually
    only have to do it once a week to keep them under control. Vacuuming is a
    very effective method that a lot of big growers use, as long as you’re
    careful around the buds and don’t shred the foliage.

  36. Jonathan Meeks says:

    Lmao dickins

  37. flipczech says:

    Some friend. I would have a hard time forgiving if someone gave me a box of
    infested plants–you know when you have spider mites and that you were
    given these, well I would be pissed because they are difficult to get rid
    of and shave potency from buds in the end.

  38. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Or… if you don’t have horticultural soap… use dishes soap.

  39. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yessir it works. The spider mite eggs hatch in 3 days, so douse them every
    three days for 2 weeks. Works out to 6 or 7 treatments and you’ll be good
    to go… if your plants can take the abuse. I don’t know how
    effective/helpful this would be if your girls are in flowering.

  40. Matthew Cunningham says:

    you need to change the soil also, you ought to restart with new plants or

  41. Juiced Cannabis says:

    You must remove your girls from the veg room to the bathroom and do a full
    clean and disinfect of the plants, and the veg chamber. Vacuum all rugs.
    Put the girls back in the veg room and disinfect the bathroom. The flower
    room is a bit more tricky… but if you can move all the flowering girls to
    the bathroom and C&D the flower room, clean the girls (vacuum then shower),
    return the flowering girls and clean the bathroom… repeat for 2 weeks…
    all will be good.

  42. james baker says:


  43. MrBenAndMrTom2 says:

    giving them a drink of water before u do this helps stop the leaves from
    absorbing the soapy suds thumbs up so people can see =) great vid btw

  44. s dawg says:

    fuck! what if mine are flowering!?

  45. Juiced Cannabis says:

    No need to toss the plants out – all the spider mites are completely gone
    and the garden is doing very well now.

  46. garagemodern1 says:

    Your first instinct was right. Should of tossed them in the dumpster.
    Especially considering you mentioned all your house plants you seem so
    proud of.

  47. tunersivtec says:

    My clone is healthier and no mites at all thanks juiced cannabis for your
    helpful video

  48. fspsyco1 says:

    i checked out my plant last night a couple times and i could not find a
    single spider mite thanks for the video :)

  49. Juiced Cannabis says:

    I am very glad you left this comment – I had never considered vacuuming as
    a way to manage spider mites…

  50. Juiced Cannabis says:

    commit to 4 hours of cleaning work per day. It *is* a bitch… but your
    place will be spotless afterwards! Let me tell ya….

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