Treated pants kill ticks

On today’s CapeCast: The right pair of pants might save you a heap of tick trouble according to Barnstable County bug guru Larry Dapsis, so we investigate th…

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13 Responses to Treated pants kill ticks

  1. Kent Donaldson says:


  2. William Rock says:
  3. William Rock says:
  4. William Rock says:
  5. dreandroid1 says:

    i almost died because of ticks …..i hate them

  6. MrEvilpeopledotco says:

    I’m not the one wearing cancer pants dumb ass so how do you figure?

  7. ParisLondonRoma says:

    Cape Cod is loaded with ticks. I caught Lyme at the beach in Chatham, The
    grass and bushes near the are as bad or worse than the woods

  8. Bryanah B says:

    Where can I buy that??

  9. Franzy Mcyawn says:

    Ticks kills humans in norway

  10. CensorshipFTL says:

    You’re an imbecile.

  11. Villa Dot says:

    cape cod? MA???

  12. MrEvilpeopledotco says:

    Great cancer from chemicals is a lot better than an itchy bump, by the way
    only one species of tick can even carry lyme disease of the many that
    inhabit north America, SOURCES CDC. IDIOTS

  13. William Rock says:

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