Dogs and Cats with Skin Allergies – Atopic Dermatitis

Dogs and cats with atopy suffer from itchy skin and may bite or lick themselves excessively. Dr. Colleen Smith offers tips for this condition, including sugg…

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6 Responses to Dogs and Cats with Skin Allergies – Atopic Dermatitis

  1. xninxx says:

    how would i kill my pet with raw food? great scientific reasoning!

  2. xninxx says:

    fthird of all, omega oil is very impt, but it must be in a dark GLASs
    container in there REFRIGERATOR section. all the other oil is rancid, esp
    the ones in capsules. oil is usually hidden in nuts, seeds, and olives for
    a reason. they are light sensitive!

  3. Rebochan says:

    Raw diets are actually the worst thing to feed a domesticated animal. You
    have a much better chance of killing your pet with raw food than dry. And
    all dry food I’ve ever bought was brown. Is that a new shade of neon?

  4. mavspecialgirl1 says:

    All I know is when I switched my dog off of dry kibble to a raw diet his
    allergies went away.No fillers no corn,no grains.I am thinking of trying
    Buffalo blue taste of the wild grain free.

  5. xninxx says:

    irst of all, if your pet has allergies, shots are not the answer. secondly,
    they show a picture of dry food and that is supposed to be the standard on
    quality? dry food is the worst thing you can give your pet. unfortunately
    vets don’t know animal nutrition. they usually take only one semester of
    it. where would an animal find dehydrated, neon-colored food in the wild.
    it takes more water to digest and leaves behind residues, like ash, that
    will lead to disease and bladder crystals and stones.

  6. xninxx says:

    it is most likely the food. you should get dr marty goldstein’s book
    “nature of animal healing”. it is greater than i can explain

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