Wonderful pictures as always and I am glad there i…

Wonderful pictures as always and I am glad there is a place for the overachievers (rescuers) to decompress and have fun and vent and try and make things better for themselves, the animals and for the public, whose lifestyles and needs are so varied. The only way to help these animals is to accept that there is not one right way of taking care of an animal, training it, vetting it, etc. There are many great ways to take care of or adopt out an animal or train an animal. People keep talking about the individuality of dogs which should extend to the individuality of the person who is adopting or rescuing, etc. There is more than one right way to do things. Life happens and well meaning people have bad things happen to them all the time. It's the unfairness of life. Don't overwhelm yourself with the whole picture but revel in each animal and the fact that they are going on to a good life and you helped get them there. When you let the whole picture of unwanted animals overwhelm you that is when you get people who hoard animals in rescue, foster or adopting because they think they have to keep doing more and more and lose sight of the quality of life of that individual animal. Thanks for dealing with and trying to address the tough subjects of the good and bad of helping animals. No one is perfect. We can't expect anyone to be perfect. It's a task no human can complete.

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