Selecting a Scratching Post for Your Cat

Cats need to have a proper surface to scratch on. If you fail to provide your cat with a scratching post of pad, they will inevitably find something to scrat…
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14 Responses to Selecting a Scratching Post for Your Cat

  1. HermanMunster says:

    I had no idea it was necessary for them to scratch their claws. I’m getting
    a kitten on monday so your videos have been very helpful, thank you <3

  2. Leatherface0141 says:

    Well my cat has been scratching the posts that run up the stairs, should i
    place the scratching post at the bottom of the stairs?

  3. Molly Adams says:

    I love this channel!!! It has taught me so much!

  4. Gerado Barragan says:

    luv your vid!and sparkles is so cute!

  5. funnykittyz says:

    sticky paws doesn’t work on my cat

  6. Gerado Barragan says:

    i am going to make vids to pls watch!btw luv your vid

  7. thehellyou wantmynamefor says:

    who it be possible if you could make a video w/ cats having there shots
    like the ones they need recommend do u have to get them at the vet ect.?

  8. aeronuk1 says:

    I have scratch posts in every room and the cat refuses to use them, she
    prefers the couch and the walls

  9. funnykittyz says:

    thumbs up if this vid was helpful

  10. Egg82451 says:

    should i have multiple posts cause i have five 7 weeks old kittens

  11. Cutekitty258 says:

    Thanks for the ideas my kitten just came here to our house last week and we
    have a leather sofa so he scratched it to the feathers inside and we had to
    use the double stick tape to stick it over. :D

  12. Epic Gaming says:

    i haveone that has two smaller ones that are on a platform is that ok?

  13. PetFoodDirect says:

    @Leatherface0141 Sure! That’s a good place to start. Also, see when and why
    the cat is scratching there. Is it a place where he or she comes to greet
    you? Is it a place that’s near a napping place? Maybe you need a post
    placed at the top of the stairs… Cats like to scratch after napping,
    eating or when they come to greet you.

  14. fluffynyamo says:

    So what’s a pet care advisor anyway

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