Pet Care: Demodex (a common mite found in dogs)

In this pet care video we will learn about demodectic mange , also referred to simply as Demodex, a common mite found in dogs. These mites can cause a variet…
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21 Responses to Pet Care: Demodex (a common mite found in dogs)

  1. Kazunarii Michi says:

    Thank you so much VetVid !! This was very helpful..
    i’m already stressed out about demodex, my 8 yr old dachshund has
    demodex -_-

  2. Reynaldo Torres says:

    how much will this shit cost. the medicines 

  3. Clifford Austin Miller lll says:

    my dog is 4 yr old rotty never had any issues whatsoever and now he itches
    24 hrs a day! what about quercitin?

  4. Mixology says:

    My 8 months puppy was diagnosed with demodex (with 3 localized bald patches
    in the skin), no itchiness and the vet suggested giving him alfamec 1%,
    once a day, orally, 4ml dose. It’s been a month now and although he is not
    worst, i also do not see any major improvement…also, I can’t find any
    information on that medicine, online. Does anyone know anything about this
    (the label says its for parasites in pigs)?? Im very concerned…Thanks

  5. VetVid says:

    @treygolf66 Great! Good luck!

  6. MegaMiarox says:

    Thank you so much. I have a bad case of reoccurring scabs and hair loss
    patches on my mini Schnauzer and vet is treating only primary parasite
    infection but did nothing about the scabs and open sores but you educated
    me so I will take proper steps to elevate poor dog’s suffering, Thank you
    once again. Mia

  7. mikesjoinery says:

    My westie has demodex and we found that the best treatment is aludex but it
    was taken off the market in the uk for a while so he had to go on
    ivermectin. The ivermectin caused seizures so we had to stop that treatment
    butfortunately the aludex is back on sale so hes making a good recovery

  8. shaunxk8 says:

    excellent information, thanks.

  9. christina gonzalez says:

    i have a 8 4 week old blue nose pit and only one has little bumps and loss
    of hair around the area its very playful and eating good just started on
    canned food cause momma was biting pups what can this be ?

  10. shaebooty2009 says:

    This was very helpful.

  11. IceInferuno says:

    very helpful

  12. Ray Mawjee says:

    my 7 month old has demodex. how were your results,what treatments did you
    go through, and which did you find most effective?

  13. EA1088 says:

    We adopted a dog back in August with what appeared to be minor hair loss.
    Within a couple of weeks she lost most of her fur and developed oozing
    pimply thingies. She’s been on Ivermectin for a long time, with several
    rounds of antibiotics. Why is this not going away!? I’m not so much
    concerned about the fur loss as I am the infection. It’s gotten worse to
    the point she is scratching sores into her body. I love her, is there
    anything I can do to ease her itching? It’s confirmed that she has it.

  14. JDub32068 says:

    I Just found out my 5month huskie started to lose hai becuse of this im
    goin crazy

  15. MegaMiarox says:

    Thanks to information that I got from VetVid I bought Sergeant’s
    Vetscription antimicrobial shampoo. I am applying it daily now for 4 days
    and from day two i saw absolute improvement. Sandee (the dog) is still on
    antibiotics and Iron supplements and she is doing great . Thank you once
    again, Mia from Thailand

  16. Thomas Spilhaug says:

    thx. i think this is what my 14 months old female cane corso’s got. is it
    possible that the vaccine we took at the vets 3 weeks ago triggered it?
    didn’t have any symptoms before and it started after 1 week. will go to my
    vet this week and get the condition diagnosed, but i’m relieved it’s good
    chances this is treatable. thank you for the great info

  17. Deep Shadow Productions says:

    Thanks and I keep telling my parents There is somthing wrong Thay wont
    lissen I Will trie to show the vid

  18. MamaTrina says:

    VERY interesting information on transmission. I remember a patient (many
    years ago) who presented twice with demodex mites (from a scraping) on his
    forehead. He was prescribed Metrogel with good results, except for the fact
    that he got it a second time. He lived alone except for his dog and her
    litter. =/ I’m just sayin’.

  19. CoronArellano03 says:

    i have a 5 month old boxer and was diagnosed with generalized mange and i
    was told it was a hereditary and gave me a medicated shampoo and some
    antibiotics and i started noticing that it was working by the second day

  20. Larry Leo says:

    Great Video , very informative ..Thanks for sharing . Just wonder why there
    is one click on thumb down …is that guy dump ??

  21. treygolf66 says:

    great vid!! Started treatment on my 8 month old female pitbull. She has
    generalized, and were doing the Dip u recomended.

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