鬼束千尋 – Infection

鬼束千尋- Infection.

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50 Responses to 鬼束千尋 – Infection

  1. kanakko says:


  2. asd028811 says:


  3. rainybyme87561 says:


  4. Destinyhoqun says:


  5. kandisama says:


  6. cheesesmiles says:


  7. hokkaido87 says:

    i love music beautiful chihiro preciosa

  8. 王 嘉豪 says:


  9. Chapolinbrasileiro says:

    I love the sound from the Chihiro. She is Beautifull.

  10. xdragonboi says:

    I JUST heard of her… and and… I’m in love..

  11. sukedachi7 says:

    名曲です。鬼束さんは天才的な声と歌い回しを持ってる人だと今でも思ってますよ。 個人的に「月光」より断然沁みるな。 また頑張って欲しいですよ。

  12. Orwin1107 says:


  13. Makkaru111 says:

    私の精神に触れました watashi no seishin ni fure mashita Touched my soul…..<3 Chihiro

  14. Tomasz Weiss says:

    Im from Poland..and what I can to say? it s beautifuly song..

  15. Mayke Bekker says:

    I’m Dutch so I don’t understand a word she is singing but it is a beautiful
    song :D

  16. SilviaakaMippyPro says:

    one of my fav songs YAY!

  17. ALINA CARMEN says:

    不斷留下無聲的眼淚, 交錯的痛苦 快把自己撕裂

  18. maikof says:


  19. 1024sinnnn says:

    one of the most powerful song i’ve ever heard<333

  20. Makkaru111 says:

    Looks like my real mother who has past on before i knew her, as well as my
    real dad…….Somehow I see flashbacks when i hear this song and look at
    her face, I feel so touched…..Chihiro,,,,Reminds me so much of Kachina,
    my mother, somehow….Chihiro is one of many sings I loved, I know basicly
    every singer in japan as well as Canada and BC… <3 Chihiro

  21. ChloeHuang says:


  22. konmugen says:

    我非得好好地回答 然而卻無法好好表達 擾亂我心跳的陰影 不知又要摘下誰的面具 In the night I sit down as if I’m
    dead 心中的碎片 爆破後而飛散開來 那之中雖閃爍著光芒 究竟從何時起 我已變得如此虛脫呢 明明雙腳佇立不動 也能裝作毫不在乎 我愚蠢的病
    變得愈來愈嚴重 In the night I realize this infection 心中的碎片 爆破後而飛散開來 那之中雖閃爍著光芒
    究竟從何時起 我已變得如此虛脫呢 對所有小小的溫熱 都開始感到膽怯的我 明明毫無勝算 非得趕快醒過來不行 心中的碎片 爆破後而飛散開來
    那之中雖閃爍著光芒 究竟從何時起 我已變得如此虛脫呢 心中的碎片 爆破後而飛散開來 碎片 碎片 就在那其中 究竟從何時起 我已變得如此虛脫呢

  23. youtubister says:

    I much prefer the live Budokan version. I also think the video, like many
    music videos, is silly.

  24. ClemantineEvapore says:

    me too!!! 我就是因為這首歌知道千尋桑的!!!

  25. mcbee1221 says:

    support Chihiro!

  26. Brandon McCleney says:

    Uhhhh….those gloves look filthy. That could just make the infection worse
    and possibly lead to a bigger infection which could be life threatening.
    Common sense, people. 

  27. don carson says:

    what helps is to take a hot bath for 45 min.– . as hot as you can stand
    it, it helps kill the infection, and bring it to the surface

  28. dml9699 says:

    If she only would have let them use a needle it would not have been as
    painful for her because they could have opened it up so that the puss could
    flow instead of having to PRESS AND PINCH over and over trying to get the
    puss out . I just don’t get why some people are scared or think that if you
    open up the cyst with something it will hurt so much worse for them when
    it’s the opposite it would help .

  29. Deborah Kay says:

    Sorry but no doctor would tell a person to drain that at home. that’s just
    a lie. Anything that is infected like that would require medical treatment
    and antibiotics.

  30. Eric Bush says:

    She should have lanced it properly. This enables the doctor to get all
    that dead purulent waste from her body(and would be less painful.

  31. chenoaspirit says:

    You said “actually you are supposed to drain it”. Squeezing it yourself
    can actually push it in deeper and cause worse infection, possibly even get
    it into your bloodstream which can be deadly. Thats why doctors and nurses
    do “Incision and Drainage” by using a scalpal and possibly packing it.
    What you did was totally irresponsible and dangerous. 

  32. TheLimorGolan says:

    Wow, that glove looks really unsterile.

  33. Vyndoril (Exhilarating Shadow) says:

    Shut up meg

  34. deejayskipla says:

    then get back to me!

  35. Pops Hayworth says:

    Another 8 minutes of my life gone forever thanks. I’m off to stick hot pins
    in my eyes way more fun.:-D:-D

  36. deejayskipla says:


  37. Keisha LeBlanc says:

    I really like the ring on the girl popping the cyst is wearing. Where did
    you get it?

  38. Moon Maiden says:

    Those look like gloves that have been used to dye hair and I mean used! 

  39. Becca Brooks says:

    Wtf. Put on clean gloves 

  40. Grace Onzo says:

    slice it and use two hands lift it and pill it out, OMG RETARDS

  41. deejayskipla says:

    learn how to spell!

  42. millie williams says:

    And your just some fool sqeezing pus out of a wound and filming it to put
    on YouTube. I don’t know which is worse. 

  43. jadedhula says:

    Also wash your bedding and all clothing that came in contact with it.

    I am mainly posting this for all the dolts who can’t read that this was
    done in 2009, and are telling you to get to a doc. Yours looked bad, I hope
    it healed alright.

  44. V Blondin says:

    Ouch. Hope you never have to go through this again!

  45. Grace Onzo says:

    Her gloves are dirty, your suppose to clean slice squeeze, clean squeeze go
    in ki it, irrigate it, flush it, pack it and then bandage it, slice it not

  46. Kimberley Condliffe says:

    Most annoying video ever use two bloody hands and her n.that fucking cotton
    wall ball ffs…

  47. jadedhula says:

    I know that I am late to the party, but I have had mrsa twice in the same
    spot. I got it from a friend who I would hug every day. Once you have mrsa,
    you have it forever. It is spread by contact. More than likely you spread
    it to most people you touched. It lays dormant, and then usually comes back
    to the same spot. You should never pop or drain it. A doc should never tell
    you that. You cover it, keep it warm, and more than likely it will drain

  48. Scott Clark says:

    Yea, keep applying pressure without lancing it, bound to go deeper and
    wider inside.what were you staing some furniture with that glove? Wow!

  49. edward zevecke says:

    Staph infection can killed you, get to the doctor. MRSA is quite danger
    for a person do not fool around with it.

  50. fred wright says:

    Weird chicks

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