How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Bathing & Flea Prevention

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to bathe a pet ferret, as well as how to prevent fleas, in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle …

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25 Responses to How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Bathing & Flea Prevention

  1. rongravy says:

    my ferret has fleas, and i’m having a hard time killing the problem. when i
    bathe her with the flea shampoo she acts like it is killing her. i’m so
    torn on how to fix this…

  2. kystal zamora says:

    This is wrong information you all should check other channels party ferret
    is way more better

  3. Djaussie11 says:

    No. Twice a year.

  4. KursedMoo says:

    Generally, you don’t need to bathe a ferret no more than twice a year. The
    only reason for this is because by bathing them more, their skin reacts and
    produces MORE oils and so, they smell more.

  5. SmackPack08 says:

    when Male ferrets get old the tend to smell like pee like my one . we had a
    female but she died because we didnt mate her

  6. Melissa Velmor says:

    GOT IT?

  7. Citrina05 says:

    @myKarla101 Once a month

  8. Lily Izenhower says:

    i am a vet, and a ferret breeder, i think i know what im talking about

  9. Landotter1 says:

    @CryptoDriver Every other week? I wish… If I didn’t bathe mine every 5
    days, she stunk like a skunk and was as oily as french fry. It depends on
    the animal and the owner. I don’t do smelly ferrets. Bathe them regularly.
    Mine loved it.

  10. Karla Castillo says:

    so how many times are we suppose to bathe them every week or month?????

  11. jimblast95 says:

    WTF?? every other week?!? more like every 3-6 months!!

  12. chubbystudios says:

    lmao!!!! look at the background u can see some wanna be gangsters drinking
    in a pet store

  13. XKAMlX says:

    You rly should only bath youre ferret only once a month.They have really
    sentitive skin you can buy a foam from the vet or pet shop that doesnt
    require you to bath them just spray on and rub on them that way there skin
    doesnt get dry.I hate how this girl doesnt know anything and how she isnt
    helpfull at all.

  14. AlyssaStar09 says:

    @dls82750 Um… In my opinion.. You should bathe your ferret no more than
    once every other week because their bodies tend to make more oils the more
    you bathe them causing them to stink even more.

  15. Ray Dlugolecki says:

    lol calm down…AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  16. Idel Amores says:

    the ghetto hudlums in the back are going to adopt a baby ferret

  17. agirl3003 says:

    you shouldn’t bathe them more then a month =/ every so often you can do it
    twice a month, but every other week is far too much

  18. Emma Broadbent says:

    i have a ferret and i bathe her every week and her coat is fine

  19. Yuhh Jukkin says:

    crap expert video

  20. Amaya Tenjo says:

    I use once a month kitten flea drops, they work fine.

  21. Toby Tarzan says:

    Look at the two black guys on the background they seem suspeshies

  22. thewolfsong says:

    i have 6 ferrets and to keep there own scent i give them a bath every6
    weels to 8 weeks and they are fine so when and that i from talking to
    people who know what they are talking about

  23. MuseUnmade says:

    I bathe mine once or twice a year. The key is to make sure their litter is
    changed regularly (several times a week for me with 2) and to wash their
    bedding every other week.

  24. robertlamb178 says:

    @TheDarkplace WTF is ferret used as a working animal for

  25. tankt202Ot says:

    @DontKlickMyNameMr no the more you wash a ferret the stinkier they get i do
    it 1 every other month

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