Tool Ticks and Leeches

The song Ticks and Leeches by Tool Album: Lateralus track number 8 Lyrics Suck and suck. suckin up all you can suckin up all you can suck. Workin up under my…

A neglected dog was kept in the same infested spot for weeks. It’s covered in Rhipicephalus sanguineus, the brown dog tick. Each ear alone carries hundreds. …
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50 Responses to Tool Ticks and Leeches

  1. Tom Dickinson says:

    WOW a tool song where it’s lyrics actually match the song title! still love
    this band though

  2. Miister Josh says:

    Anyone who decides to do Ayahuasca and listen to this album, take this song
    out! I was having a very pleasant experience until this song came on. The
    trip took a very wrong turn and I literally thought Maynard was the devil
    throwing me around hell tell yelling “Is this what you wanted?! Is this
    what you had in mind?! Cuz this is what you’re getting! … I hope you
    choke on this!!!”.

    This song always seemed like it didn’t fit the theme of the album, now I
    get it. You’re a sneaky little fuck Maynard lol

  3. Randy Dubin says:

    This, along with “Schism”, are my two favorite songs off of this album. 

  4. Toxic Potato says:

    This song reminds me of how I feel being single surrounded by happy couples
    everywhere. They’re like annoying little ticks, sucking away at my
    happiness. I spend 2 hours with my best friend and his girlfriend and I
    feel like shit for days after. 

  5. Robby D Daniels says:

    To y’all disliking 50, its okay to dive into a 2 foot pool

  6. Joe Naylor says:

    I think today is a day for Ticks and Leeches.

  7. Michael Hogan says:

    New album any time soon? #Tool

  8. Daniel Aguirre says:

    summer of 2001

  9. Vyr krimz says:

    This ones for the Shit suckers!!! how YOU doin?? :) 

  10. Tomas MacKenzie says:

    Maynard is slightly aggravated in this song

  11. soniclover88888 says:


  12. jason edwards says:

    What I noticed most about watching these on youtube, these songs/videos are
    like the least complained/trolled things on this site. Love that tool fans
    can get along. We are all enlightened by their music 

  13. Miles Bagwell says:

    Ticks & Leeches reminds me of my schizophrenia… Always fucking draining
    the life out of me. “I don’t want to be hostile. I don’t want to be dismal.
    But I don’t want to rot in an, apathetic existence…”

  14. Cogito Ergo Sumtimes says:

    Just got done listening to this and was gonna play another song but I hear
    thunder. I think I will just listen to that for a while.

  15. tnightwolf says:

    This Danny Carey is the only fkn drummer i can, in my mind, place beside
    John Bonham! Simply amazing technique without ever losing the “feel” or the
    “groove” of the song. Adding something else to it, instead of just
    “trashing” the melody to show of his technique, or doing nothing relevant
    at all. 

  16. jerry newsome says:

    fucking danny omfg!!!!!!

  17. Alan Coons says:

    All in together the weather is better than ever
    I hope it never ends I hope it lasts forever
    But when it does, we can all pretend that it’s better than it’s ever been

  18. UDT116 says:


  19. Tristan Lindsay says:


  20. LatexHydra says:

    I love how heavy this song sounds.

  21. Jonathan Schemes says:

    Suck it Sahhhhhhhhh you little Tick Reptilian.

  22. Sleeping Menace says:

    When I did a lot of training for cycle racing, I used to have this on in my
    headphones.. was great pace music… 

  23. ALLhailBEN7 says:


  24. Sava Rain says:

    Love it

  25. Daniel Aguirre says:

    one of my favorates TOOOL

  26. slideshowgurl says:

    This is in a third world country where vet care isn’t as good. This is
    unfortunately a common problem and that dog is probably much better off
    with that owner then as a stray. 

  27. Naomi Gaither says:

    Take the dog to a doctor 

  28. Fluffzy208 says:

    Get germ x and rub it on the tick and it will come of then u can remove it
    otherwise poor dog

  29. fluffy fluff says:

    This always was my worst nightmare

  30. yolo Vang says:


  31. Bob teebee says:

    doctor how do you take the ticks off? and were there more on the body?

  32. Fred Jones says:

    The owner should be charged and jailed.

  33. Jade Latter says:

    How do the ticks get in the ears

  34. SOUPisPOWA says:

    you DON’T want to burn them while attached. they can cause lime disease.

  35. kaylyn hayes says:


  36. Sandra H says:

    and the owner said. this is my baby……. imagine the poor dog if he wasnt
    the owners baby geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  37. claudia villalobos says:

    My dog had a tick on his ear there were 2 one was gray the author brown his
    ear started bleating because ticks suck your blood

  38. Trey Parker says:

    You are all so irresponsible! How could you have not noticed it before it
    turned into a full fledged infestation of over 1000 ticks?!

  39. Manny Velazquez says:

    I will pay to have them removed!!!

  40. Wesley Castelanos says:

    I really hope the dog is ok :(

  41. Daniel Miranda says:

    Does anyone else get chills from just looking at that?

  42. carmelitamadera says:

    omgggg bad dog owners

  43. MrZulu7 says:

    the dog survived…./watch?v=HW0IiF7EDpo

  44. TheBARBARACOM says:

    Please go to a reputable vet and get something that will kill these ticks
    and cause them to fall off.

  45. Gary Wayne says:

    1000 ticks = 1 bullet

  46. frauleinmona says:

    Well, I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean we DON’T have that here, just
    because we have companies that test their products on animals. I would
    assume Canada has animal testing as well, correct? Proctor & Gamble has
    admitted to testing their products on ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats,
    rabbits & mice. Well, those are the critters they’ve admitted to anyway.
    Ah, listen to me. I’m going on & on about animal testing! Something I’m
    sure, you DON’T want to hear about! LOL :P

  47. frauleinmona says:

    Good point. China should love that.That’s not MY cup of tea, but if that’s
    what some people want to eat, I’ll be sure not to join them at the dinner
    table. I think it’s because animals can’t help themselves & they rely on us
    to feed & care for them & help them if they are wounded, & with humans,
    there are shelters, missions & churches that help homeless people. I was
    just talking about this last night with my pharmacist when I was picking up
    my prescriptions!What a coincidence!This is so weird!

  48. Michael Stanley says:

    time to clean up the throw up

  49. TheHiddenRelic says:

    That is freaking stupid! Why can’t the dog just be put out of its misery?

  50. SamiiNicole0310 says:

    Look how much pride and arrogance you shown in your comment. Talking about
    MY country this, MY country that. And if you are Native American, You would
    know what the fuck this country does for The Native Americans.

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