Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD-DVD) @ Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT]

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Our most beautiful Tick in The Gambia: Amblyomma variegatum. These ticks were sitting a little bit too long on the face of that dog from my point of view. Bu…

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50 Responses to Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD-DVD) @ Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT]

  1. Burnt Amber says:

    MY NEW CHANNEL (most activity will be there now):

    Hope that all you guys enjoy the rare Tool material to come!

  2. Mesi Roni says:

    Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD-DVD) …:

  3. Goat Punishment says:

    he fucking nailed the end 

  4. Mike Bartwink says:

    Suck and what? Wtf? Maynard sounds so muffled. 

  5. Wendell Pruitt says:
  6. Toxic Potato says:

    This song reminds me of how I feel being single, surrounded by happy
    couples everywhere. They’re like annoying little ticks, sucking away at my
    happiness and leaving me to lock myself in my own hatred and

  7. Kevin Pfam says:

    Danny Carey is a f*ckin’ spider.

  8. Sbrenzio Lelli says:


  9. ShreddNugent says:

    Am I the only one disappointed in the way Maynard sings this song
    nowadays? I know he’s getting older, but….

  10. Jub Jubbed says:

    One of my friends was at a Tool concert once, and people are taking crazy
    drugs at tool concerts, so when they played lateralus I think, one guy
    freaked out and threw up and was all over the place, my friend pulled him
    to the side, and asked “what drugs have you taken??” And he answered “I
    didn’t take any drugs, the music is just fucking intense”

    hahaha crazy .. 

  11. Oscar Charles says:

    Where is the singer?

  12. Wendell Pruitt says:

    Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD DVD) …:

  13. 813Enjoy says:

    Go Danny Go!!!

  14. Evan Helseth says:

    Taken all you can take all you can fuckin take
    Taken all I can take all I can fuckin take
    Got nothin left to give to you

  15. myownruin187 says:

    Excellent quality, thank you! 

  16. Nicolás Riveros says:


  17. KING T says:

    Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD DVD) …:

  18. Evan Helseth says:

    Taken all you can take all you can fuckin take
    Taken all I can take all I can fuckin take
    Got nothin left to give to you

  19. matt k says:

    Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, and Neil Peart are probably my top 3 favorite
    drummers. All 3 of them guys are beasts. Despite Neil’s older age, he may
    not be QUITE as proficient as he was in 70′s, 80′s, and even 90′s – but he
    still plays his ass off at every live Rush show, and he holds up well!

  20. Mike corrie says:

    I hope you choke on this

  21. HueyLewisFan22 says:

    danny carey is the greatest

  22. Maria Kidwell says:

    Damn it never gets old. Night yall. 

  23. KING T says:

    Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD DVD) …:

  24. stefan d says:

    This is 3D !? This I’d awesome awemazing 

  25. Adrian Paco says:

    México await to see this fuckin concert 2014 March. Amazing band!

  26. VetClinicGambia says:

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I feel very flattered and amazed that
    my videos were missed that much! Yes, I was on holidays in Germany. You go
    mad if don’t get out of here once a year… ;-) 

  27. Poo Poo Boy, Ga Gu Girl & Her Dog, Epic Crazy Adventures says:

    URGENT! DR. MEYER, Someone is stealing your videos. I sent an email to
    admin@crackedhistory.com with details
    Here is the address of one of YOUR videos that the person is using. Some
    have over 3 million views. It’s all in Chinese, & I cannot understand it.
    Please go to or enter the following address. You will then see who this
    person is. Those views belong to you & the helpless animals. Thank you,



  28. VetClinicGambia says:
  29. sue burton says:

    nice to see you back Micha, poor dog all those ticks under the eye….

  30. Jonerico says:

    damn it, show the whole process! i dont feel satisfied until ive seen them
    all taken off the dogs face!

  31. Annelie Denreus says:

    I want to send you a proper tick-tool. Where do i send it?

  32. Fj Moore says:

    ticks are the biggest assholes on earth smh 

  33. BityKity says:

    Welcome back Micha. How is the pup?

  34. Ignacio Palomino says:

    Finally more videos !!!! Awesome !

  35. Lizmik1980 says:

    So happy to see you back Micha! I was beginning to get worried about you.
    If you were on vacation, I hope you enjoyed it. For all viewers who are
    new in the meantime, I refer you to the following article in support of
    Micha’s clinic:

  36. stefanobc1971 says:

    Welcome back!

  37. paula null says:

    As you can see we missed everyone at the Vet Clinic. Glad you are
    back. Happy to see the videos again. Saving Gambia pets plus killing
    worms and ticks. And neutering street populations. All is well once
    again. Now, more videos please. 

  38. Amber-Rose Harris says:

    yay! feels like its been years since you last uploaded hahah!

  39. Nicola Figini says:

    When Bella makes an angry noise, Musa makes the same noise! (0.19 – 0.24) 

  40. Maylinn Hågensen nymoen says:

    So glad to see you back Micha! :) 

  41. roxiestreetart says:

    Very glad to see you back! Is that whole lump ticks or is it swollen from
    the ticks we can see?

  42. Ana Pedro Meireles says:

    Please make the vídeo just a litle longer, i wold like to see you take all
    the tikes off. Love you

  43. Tigerdeer says:

    Where have you been Micha? Been waiting for ever for new vid! :)
    Good job Fatu with tick removal. Brave girl :) 

  44. Poo Poo Boy, Ga Gu Girl & Her Dog, Epic Crazy Adventures says:

    Yes, me too! I kept on checking & checking. Worried that something had
    happened. Ahh, Glad that all is well and I hope that you and your family
    had a wonderful vacation!
    Warm regards to all, Susan in Canada

  45. Storm2aRainbow says:

    So glad your back…I missed your videos..:)

  46. watergoddess9 says:

    I have another question, it may sound stupid but, why do the tick seem to
    gather around the eye? Reminds me of the Tick Girl.

  47. Marlane Braun says:

    how could he wait so long??!!!

  48. Brenda Hammond says:

    I don’t understand why people wait so long. A few weeks is WAY too long to
    ignore the ticks! He cannot say he couldn’t see them because they were
    right on Bella’s face!! The animals are so lucky to have you, your clinic
    staff, and your clinic!!!

  49. Andréanne Bastrash says:

    Happy to see you again :) 

  50. KerryGrl says:

    Welcome back! I missed you guys and your videos!

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