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Non-irrigated peanuts harmed by spider mites
Spider mites are typically found in non-irrigated peanuts because of the dry conditions. In fields that are watered or those that receive rainfall, spider mites are usually not a problem. However, they are a majorconcern for many of Georgia's peanut
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Cyclamen mites are killing her African violets
Using Sally's description, her accompanying photos and a few reliable resources, I believe what she has is cyclamen mites. Though similar to spider mites in appearance, cyclamen mites are tiny, difficult to see even when magnified and they don't spin webs.
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Itchy after being outside? This 'mite' help
There are several unknowns about the mites. Despite their itchy, painful bites, they're not considered medically or economically important enough (meaning they are not life-threatening and don't damage crops or buildings) to justify studies designed to …
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Tiny Mites Impress at Friendship Bowl
Tiny Mites Impress at Friendship Bowl. SPECIAL TO THE PCNR. Hyde Park – The Tiny Mites bundled up with gloves, hats, and layers of sweatshirts to take on the freezing Poughkeepsie wind and the formidable Ulster Jets in the 2014 Friendship Bowl.
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