Chronic Ear Infection

One reason for relapsing Otitis externa is failure to adequately clear the horizontal canal of debris, This can act as a nidus of infection. See the hairs an…
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16 Responses to Chronic Ear Infection

  1. AndyBoooo says:

    please get me off this fucking planet i cant even

  2. The_Fallen says:

    For a second, I thought there were literally FLIES in this ear.

  3. Israel Fermin says:

    How on earth did i end up here? I was watching sports stuff and some how
    got here?? But i cant stop watching it

  4. Michael Johnstone says:

    How the fuck did naked celebs get me here?

  5. V Blondin says:

    Omg. That is awful! But I can understand as my dogs won’t let me clean
    their ears so I wait till the Vet cleans their teeth and when they r
    asleep, clean it good…

  6. Lulu White says:

    How did I get from a makeup tutorial to this crap?!

  7. Lisa King says:

    Wish we would have had more of an explanation. Was that water put in the
    ear then sucked out?

  8. Nick Cruz says:

    EAT IT!!!

  9. Luis Perez says:


  10. Addison Kline says:

    it looks like granola

  11. MAN HIN KAM says:

    Oh god,It is really awful!!

  12. vio2112 says:

    That is some kind of disgusting!

  13. Courtney Cook says:

    is that yellow stuff ear wax?

  14. David Graham Scott says:

    I hope and pray that poor dog feel’s better now. 

  15. dale turberville says:

    No it was all ready in the ear

  16. Dermvet Skin & Ear Clinic says:

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