Question by judge: infection?
Been told not yeast infection had many creams and pills 5 doctors and they dont kno what it is. White looking substance itches terrible. Never goes away gets somewhat better for a few days . What type of dr do I need to see any advice to what it is? I am 58 and not sexualy active for fear of spreadding. red sores and itching then the white stuff. painfull to uriinate . had this for at least 9 yrs

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Answer by sokokl
I would recommend trying a dermatologist to see what they say because of the red sores that you have noticed. Also, ask your gynecologist about the possibility of bacterial vaginosis (this can have similar symptoms to a yeast infection) if the dermatologist can’t come up with anything.

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  1. becky b says:

    You need to see a gynecologist, you should not have to be suffering with this for so long. If he doesn’t know, get him to refer you to someone who will. Keep getting tests until they figure this out, it’s not normal and you have a right to find out once and for all. Good luck and take care!

  2. says:

    Sound like a urinary infection, actually it sounds like a pretty bad one. While the sores are not common, it could be that the infection started in the skin and has spread into the urethra and into the bladder. Pain is a common effect of urination during and infection and could also indicate where the infection resides. The “white stuff” could be puss that is draining from the infection.
    A regular doctor could run a UA/CS which is a urine analysis and culture and sensitivity.
    I have seen many people come back with negative results despite having an infection so INSIST that it is run multiple times should it come back negative.

  3. feldwebel says:

    Obviously an OB – GYN would be the rational choice. This type of problem will not resolve itself . Maybe time for a PAP smear ? Common yeast infections usually respond to anti – biotics. You may be looking at a problem with HPV !! (Human Papilloma Virus) Best see a gynocologist soon !!!!!!!!!

  4. gynodoc says:

    have you been to a gyno? is discharge thick or thin, smells like? do the red sores come and go or are they always present?

  5. Darla T says:

    actually sounds like an STD, you should see a urologist asap, sorry my nursing books only mention with these symptoms, (white stuff) yeast which has been ruled out as you say, and herpes or another STD with the red sores and itching, good luck

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