I’m A Runner – Flea – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Interview

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Deleted scene from THE OTHER F WORD (dir. Andrea Nevins; 2011) featuring Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers) and his daughter Clara. Now available exclusively on…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to I’m A Runner – Flea – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Interview

  1. Caroline Turtle says:

    Isn’t he australian

  2. hamilton mora says:

    wow pulga etas hecho merda.

  3. Pubert Slurptin says:

    That loop is annoying, I hate when they butcher good fucking jams.

  4. Marc Stover says:

    as a teenage dad myself, and an ex-punker, this is the most on-target thing
    I’ve ever seen. A) she’s beautiful and intelligent and so very smart and
    b) Flea is clearly an amazing Dad. And you can’t downplay an amazing dad!

  5. Anne Dworak says:

    I remember seeing Clara in a bath tub when she was a baby, Flea kneeling
    before the tub and washing her. She tried to brush off a tattoo of Flea’s
    arm. That made me laugh.

  6. Melanie McCoury says:

    I’m glad too know that I told my son to follow this band with his own
    musical personalities growing, watching this has made me feel like I’m on
    the rite path of being his mom and his dad at times,, we LOVE the Peppers
    and thank them for there influence they have on my son as he grows into a
    man. Music really holds the key to our soul…..ROCK ON!!!!!

  7. Oskar Taljaard says:

    i wish flea was my dad

  8. funkymonk816 says:

    What a lucky daughter :) 

  9. aleester says:

    Wow i remember seeing a video of her when she was a baby with John. And
    Flea has always seemed like a devoted dad.

  10. Peoples Choice says:

    delated ? are u crazy ? 

  11. Andrew Lyon says:

    Flea is the shit!!! Always has been and always will be!!! :) 

  12. Don Seagrave says:


  13. lurch321 says:

    Flea getting teary-eyed in this film brought tears to MY
    eyes………………and I don’t even have kids!

  14. ghaibboy says:

    Flea try hard to be a good father and clara shud proud of it

  15. MichaelHansenFUN says:

    if john lennon were around, john, paul mccartney, roger waters and flea
    should be interviewed about piano lessons

  16. cuerollen says:

    Best part comes at 4:19- Making music together.

  17. Anthony Kuoppala says:

    Clara is beautiful!

  18. ethan parafink says:

    As crazy as Flea is and with all the shit they went through as a band, he
    is clearly a great father. Clara is so genuine even though she was raised
    by a rockstar dad and Flea has always been the same way.

  19. Juan Francia says:

    She is so lovely.

  20. hoptop77 says:

    Being a dad must be awesome

  21. flexor212000 says:

    The jaw transferred down

  22. ajxy says:

    So lucky to have him

  23. Alexander Hendricks says:

    john frusciante is her god father, just sayin

  24. zcar4me says:

    Just rent it. It’s like $4. It’s really good, and you’re supporting good
    film making.

  25. AngelitaPreciosa88 says:

    thats fucking funny XD

  26. bronlokis says:

    It’s great to see fathers depicted in such a good light. We’re constantly
    bombarded with depictions of men as bumbling boyfriends/husbands/fathers.

  27. qsxpxit says:

    Clara, you wished your dad was a lawyer!? Your father is FLEA. Dont ask too

  28. djosephj says:

    Flea is a true blue dude.

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