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Dog covered in motor oil left outside San Antonio Humane Society
Staff took him in and began immediately bathing him to remove the oil, it was then staff realized Diego had sarcoptic mange. This occurs when mites burrow under the skin and cause excessive itching and scratching, which leads to massive amounts of hair …
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The 8-legged Monster Behind Chupacabra Mystery
Domesticated dogs and other animals have less experience with the mite than we do, and for them sarcoptic mange infections can be severe. But the prospects are much worse for their wild relatives who have no experience with the disease, and it often

Herkimer Hoarding Case: One Year Update
All 12 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease and Sarcoptic Mange. It took the Humane Society months to nurse the dogs back to health. "Their nails were over grown, their eyes were sunken in from dehydration, they took up a lot of extra time and a lot
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