COLOR LOVE // Lucite Green

1. Oh Snap Leather Journal, Urban Outfitters  //  2. Knitted Slouch Hat, Zara  //  3. Weekender Slip Thru Watch, Timex  //  4. Atomic Aqua Table Lamp, CB2  //  5. Striped Baby Cashmere Blanket, J.Crew //  6. Turquoise and Caicos Nail Polish, Essie  //  7. Stained Wood Bangle, Voz Collective  //  8. Tempered Glass iPhone Case, Free People  //  9. Standard Reusable Bag in Elephant Jade, Baggu

As we color nerds are all well aware by now, Pantone’s color of the year is Marsala, a deep, earthy red made for the warmer months. It’s wine-like without being too burgundy, and rich without being too bold. It’s a nice color and all, but there are other choices from their Spring 2015 Report to which I’m much more drawn – specifically Glacier Gray (a classic pale gray) and Custard (a sweet, subtle yellow). Those of you who read here often enough or know me in person are likely rolling your eyes (“wow, Melissa likes the yellow and the gray the best, shocker.”). And this, my friends, is why I decided to go against the predictable choices for this edition of Color Love, and instead feature a color from Pantone’s spring report that is quite out of the box for me: Lucite Green.

Normally, I shy far away from this pastel-with-a-punch sort of hue. I own zero articles of clothing in the mint, aqua, or seafoam family, nor is there a piece of decor in my home with even the slightest accent of this color. But something about it caught my eye, and I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could find some great pieces in this shade that I’d maybe even love. It turns out, I found quite a few, as seen above. I’m pretty sure I’d wear that slouchy knit hat time and time again, even well beyond when winter’s evil clutches release me from their grasp and I can frolic in the sunshine again. I’m also a huge fan of that gorgeous tempered glass iPhone case. You may not be my type, Lucite Green, but I’m majorly crushing on you right now. And I hope to see a lot more of you come March, when lighter, brighter colors start showing their faces on the regular again.

What about you guys? What are your thoughts on Lucite Green? What’s your favorite shade from Pantone’s spring report?


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