Sri Lanka,ශ්‍රී ලංකා,Ceylon,Ugly Dog suffering Sarcoptic mange (01)

Dogs in poor shape are quite frequent in Sri Lanka and remain an unfamiliar sight to visitors from europe where such animals will be taken care in some way o…

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  1. 8899rani says:

    Getting the proportions EXACT is not important. 20 L of boiling water will
    hold 7.7 kg of finely divided high-grade sulfur in solution if the right
    amount of lime is with it. If it is quicklime, use 3.5 kg; if it is
    builders’ lime or hydrated lime, use about 1/3 more. If it is 95% or 90%
    lime, use a little more still. When the dog shakes, it can fly off his ears
    and into your eyes. It rinses out easily. With skin raw or cut by the mange
    and scratching, the lime sulfur can sting.

  2. BeafyBee says:

    @bethpage89 Thanks alot i hope itll work my dog is surrfering the same way
    but he isnt as bad as this dog he still has some hair on him i shouldnt
    have ever brought that cat in that was suffering ever since he caused me
    and my family and my dog to suffer just so i can save that cats life… :c

  3. janetm1961 says:

    Poor dog.

  4. Sue Cabrero says:

    Poor thing….where the heal is the owner???!!! to hang him/her or do the
    same to them….. grrrr >:(

  5. NickVenture1 says:

    There is a very active DOG CARE CLINIC in Thalpe Mihiripenna, not far from
    Unawatuna (Southern Region). They give injections with a special medication
    against this. I was told by them that 2 injections are usually enough. I
    went there with 1 puppy and it worked. Will upload a video about that place
    in the future.

  6. NickVenture1 says:

    @philkearney0577 If the dog has mange you need to bath him in such
    solutions. Only antibiotics will not remove the parasites inside his skin.
    The removal of the tiny parasites inside the skin will heal the dog.

  7. bethpage89 says:

    40 litres–not 20 litres.

  8. wisdom2500 says:

    Good work! he need some compassion & kindness from someone. weldone!!

  9. ddc470 says:

    Chupicabra!! jk O.O

  10. bethpage89 says:

    Quite curable! Washing the dog with dilute lime-sulfur once every 6 days
    will bring good results. Sponge it on, & saturate–just don’t get it in his
    eyes. The concentrate’s ratio of hydrated lime:sulfur:water is (by weight)
    1 : 1.7 : 9. Boil for one hour. At its highest concentration it is to be
    diluted 1:32 in water. Apply at a comfortable temperature.

  11. NickVenture1 says:

    Lime sulfur spray is both a fungicide and pesticide that gardeners have
    been using since the mid-19th century. This strong chemical is yellowish
    orange and has an extremely pungent odor.Gardeners use lime sulfur to
    eliminate insects including scale, mites and borers. Moreover, it can
    effectively control certain plant diseases such as leaf blotch,apple rust,
    peach leaf curl, black spot and maple gall. Because of its high toxicity,
    special handling and storage are required.

  12. 8899rani says:

    A recipe for lime-sulfur is 20 L water 7.7 kg sulfur 4.7 kg hydrated lime
    Boil one hour. Stir plenty. Have water to add as the liquid evaporates.
    Keep the (20 L) level up the same. Cool it, then bottle. Diluted 1:25, 20 L
    of the concentrate will make 520 L of the lime-sulfur wash. Stand the
    animal in a tub. Wear gloves if you want to. Pour a litre or two on him.
    With a cup, pour it on him over and over. –Not in the eyes! Have fresh
    water to rinse if it gets in the eyes.

  13. Solja2010 says:

    OMFG i hope there are more services to help these poor animals in sri lanka
    dude! :(

  14. 8899rani says:

    With 1:25 dilution, the 40 liters of concentrate will be added to 1000
    liters of water, making 1040 liters of dilute lime-sulfur wash, for pouring
    on animals with sarcoptic mange. These Sri Lankan dogs can recover if
    soaked in this cheap solution about 6 times a month.

  15. bethpage89 says:

    40 liters–not 20 liters.

  16. NickVenture1 says:

    Where do you get the lime from?

  17. cmswannaloveu2 says:

    @scabrero They are homeless, not every dog has an owner.

  18. RGEW says:

    poor thing

  19. bethpage89 says:

    @NickVenture1 Yes, I put lime-sulfur solution on animals in Matamoros,
    Mexico with good results. Restraining the animal can be a problem. People
    they get food from can sometimes get a collar on them; the first bath or
    two can sting such raw skin, but the dogs don’t avoid later baths, and even
    wag when I come around. When I have a way to capture the runoff, I put it
    back on the dog & finally funnel it into a bottle for re-use. But sometimes
    I pour it on and let it go; it is very cheap.

  20. NickVenture1 says:

    @philkearney0577 Lucky puppy. You can read in the comments made by another
    viewer how to heal the dog from this parasite type of disease. You check
    all my movies about the sick dogs and you will find the replies. He has
    made a mixture of water, lime and sulfur. Even here below are infos sent by
    viewers. bethpage89 is for sure ready to help with more infos.

  21. 8899rani says:

    I bottle the concentrate after it has cooled. Glass bottles can break if
    they are filled with the hot liquid. I dilute the lime-sulfur and warm it
    in sunlight before putting it on an animal. Sometimes I have heated a few
    litres on a stove. A dog’s improvement is seen within a week of one
    “dip”–and steadily more later. First is an overall drying of the damaged
    skin. Then is new hair growth in areas where there is already some hair.
    Then the ear flaps. Then the bare areas.

  22. NickVenture1 says:

    @lankastraydogs I hope the chemicals required to make the treatment are
    also easy to find and inexpensive in Sri Lanka. When you check the comments
    made to the videos there is a person giving his experience and composition
    of chemical mixture which is able to eradicate the parasites in the skin.

  23. bethpage89 says:

    Experiment with NEEM OIL or tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) oil. That
    should have some effect against the microscopic mites plaguing the animal’s

  24. 8899rani says:

    If possible, shampoo the dog clean first and rinse. That removes some oil,
    and the lime sulfur then works better against the microscopic mites. Walk
    the dog around a few minutes until dry.

  25. Alin Daniel says:

    …poor little soul

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