How to Remove a Tick from your Pet Dog or Cat |

Learn the correct way veterinarians remove ticks. Removing a tick from your dog or cat is easy with this how to video. Removing ticks from your pets can help…
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25 Responses to How to Remove a Tick from your Pet Dog or Cat |

  1. AmericanCarnage says:

    My sister rescued an older German shepherd that has been roaming our
    neighborhood for a few months. She got tired of watching people kick him
    and throw stuff at him so she took him in. He was covered in ticks and
    fleas. With some small pliers and rubbing alcohol we got them all off. The
    shepherd now named Squirrel is very happy with her at her home. 

  2. Ninums says:

    I’m at my wit’s end trying to extract my cat’s ticks that he’s picking up
    every single time he steps outside. It takes me the entire evening to get
    them out, he’s scratching, screaming and snarling, and even then I’m not
    sure if I got the complete tick out. “Get its head”. Easier said than
    done. Keep the cat in 24/7 and he turns feral, so I’ve ordered cat netting
    to confine the outdoor space, despite the cost. What annoys me the most is
    the misinformation I’ve been getting since moving to tick country from vets
    and other people. This is probably the best demo I’ve had, as it shows the
    process up-close, magnified. It’s just what I needed – but there HAS to be
    an easier way with my cat, who is a ball of crazed flying fur and fury on a
    GOOD day. I just feel exhausted, not to mention my arms and lower legs are
    a mass of scratches.

  3. Defiance Fieen says:

    I’m dedicating my life to the extermination of all ticks

  4. Ben Lorio says:

    I usually apply a drop of Dawn dish detergent then use the tweezers as
    mentioned, but I’m wondering if that caused the tick to spit more bad

  5. Miranda Inman says:

    Thanks for this! My poor MeeMee had a tick just under her leg, and I was at
    a wits end on how to get it off. After this, the trickiest bit was getting
    her to stay still on her back long enough to get it off.

  6. koelschwolf says:

    why did you not wear latex gloves?

  7. maxwellsmart2000 says:

    I follow the same process much more less! Summer is the worst months, i
    take care of my dog with shots, hell even a clean backyard thats besides
    the point :P I get latex gloves stroke the fur for anything then just pull
    it with my fingers if its big enough then put it in a cup of rubbing
    alcohol but with dust mites or just fleas, use tweezers but most likely
    they could be larvae!

  8. DRUNK14MONKEY says:

    Man my dog had one like a week ago and I showed my dad and he doesn’t care
    about them so much so he just took a little look and said it’s just dead
    skin and me beig stupid believed him and today at night I just got a pair
    of tweezers and got it out when I was holding it I saw the legs
    moving….yuckkkkk so I just killed it and threw it away.

  9. Aled Long says:

    Thanks for the video. Knowledge is power :) 

  10. xcupcakex19 says:

    Thanks for this video, found a tick on my spaniel on holiday in Austria!
    Hopefully we will remove it ok…

  11. naturalbygolly says:

    Thank you sooooo much for this video!!! I just now had to get a tick off of
    my little Chihuahua/ Miniature Pinscher for the first time! I was so
    nervous and scared, but this video really helped me! Thank you, thank you,
    thank you!! My baby is now tick free!! When is tick season by the way??

  12. Peter Maharajh says:

    Thank you from our dog Charlie. This was a lot of help.

  13. Matthew Osborn says:

    Excellent video on removing ticks! This is good information for
    pooper-scooper services to share with their clients. 

  14. Mista Bojjob says:

    I just spent half an hour trying to get my cat to sit still so I could get
    a look at this ‘tick’ and remove it.

    Turns out it was just a barbed seed.

  15. Carol Battis says:

    Thanks to this video I just successfully removed a fat tick from my Dane

  16. David Williams says:

    I just had to pull a tick off of my husky’s eye. It sucked. 

  17. smharris9 says:

    I enjoy simple and quick videos like this, thank you this was helpful.

  18. Alex Magenheimer says:

    Thanks. Just followed your directions and it worked!

  19. Owen Harkin says:

    Just followed this example and it worked a treat. The wee chap did wriggle
    a bit though but he’s fine and the tick is now becoming sozzled in an
    amount of vodka.

  20. JayGrabow says:

    Thanks for posting this video. It worked like a charm!

  21. nate1829 says:

    Mine is the size of a large jelly bean. How bad is that?

  22. Martin Parker says:

    Worked perfectly. About 30 seconds after pinching it with fine nosed
    pliers, it let go and I didn’t have to pull.

  23. PetyoFromBG says:

    Thanks for the video! Worked without complications!


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  25. Melody Petlover1128 says:

    I remember when I was four….
    I saw a black thing on this stray dog and plucked it on with a bare hands I
    went to my mom and asked her what is this???
    My mom: it’s a tick

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