Cathedral senior's journey highlights food intolerance

Cathedral senior's journey highlights food intolerance
In Rachel's case, it was unlikely she had an undiagnosed food allergy as an older teenage. With some food-related conditions, tests help reach a diagnosis. For food allergies, there are blood and skin tests. For immunologic disorders, such as Celiac
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10 reasons to replace your morning cuppa with ginger tea!
In addition to preventing airway contraction, ginger has antihistamine property that helps in treating allergies thereby aiding in quick recovery from cough and cold. For effective … Read about 5 skincare secrets by dermatologists for radiant skin
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7 Sniffly Challenges Anyone Who Suffers From Seasonal Allergies Has
Question: Are they called “seasonal allergies” if you have them every season, all the time? I am, and always have been, a sneezy person. The season, the location, the weather—none of these matter. If it's in the air, I'm probably allergic to it
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