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Devastating disease put South Okanagan-Similkameen Bighorn sheep at risk
Psoroptes, or sheep mange, is caused by a mite which lives on the surface of the skin, particularly the ear canal, and can, if the problem becomes serious enough, lead to the death of the animal, especially if it spreads. In recent years psoroptes has
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How to Treat Canine Mange Naturally
Mange is an inflammatory disease most often found in dogs. This condition results from an infestation of mites in the skin and hair follicles. Anybody who has treated a dog with mange using conventional treatment knows exactly how ill their pet can become.
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Never use motor oil to bathe dog with mange
The microscopic-sized demodex mite causes mange in dogs. It lives in the hair follicles in the skin and causes the hair to fall out. It is not unusual for a secondary bacterial infection to get in once the mites have damaged the skin. The dog may
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