The magic of snow fleas

The magic of snow fleas
Snow fleas in the heel portion of a boot print. Photo by Jerry McCormick. What is a snow flea? Turns out, that is an interesting question. They are not true fleas, that much is certain. And, over the years biologists have argued whether or not they are
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Hunterdon County-author-pens-book-on-flea-markets
Luftglass said the inspiration for his new book was his shopping experiences at flea markets. He said he would research destinations online but sometimes the websites lacked certain details he hoped to learn. "One day it dawned on me, why not write a

Dog Doesn't Like Boyfriend, Cat Attacks, and Flea Fiesta: Your Pet Questions
Q: My Chihuahua growls constantly at my boyfriend, even snapping at times. My boyfriend does give him treats, or tries to, but the dog is scared. My dog seems to respond this way to all males. How can I get him to stop? — N.S., via cyberspace. A: "Put
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