My Little Lady

In our beginning-of-year reader survey back in January, many of you commented that you’d like to see more “Essley posts.” And last week, I received two separate emails from readers asking why I don’t post about her more. So I wanted to explain a little about why those type of posts continue to be so few and far between.

Essley is, without a doubt, the most important thing in my life and the area where the vast majority of my time and energy is focused. Because of this, I think about posting about her pretty much everyday – but I’m consistently torn between a desire to share (because I just love her so freaking much) and a desire to vehemently protect her life from the internet. I’ve talked in the past about lessons learned regarding just how how easy (and common) it is for photos of people’s children to be used by others online, often in ways that can be unfavorable. And as she’s grown, I’ve definitely become more guarded about sharing too much. That said, you guys are more than my readers – you’re also friends. I’m proud of my little bean and I do want to be able to share occasional bits and piece, both here and over here. It important to me for Bubby and Bean to be genuine, and even though I don’t post a ton of personal content on this blog – especially when it comes to my daughter – I don’t want it just read like a magazine without a face or real life behind it. I think the key is creating a healthy (and cautious) balance.

Thank you guys for understanding. And thank you for letting me share from time to time as well. The photos above are some of my recent favorite shots of my sweet Essley Morgan, who is growing into a little lady faster than I keep up.  These are all just quick pictures I’ve captured on my phone over the last few weeks on our adventures. We have so much fun together, and she is my #1 inspiration behind just about everything I do. I couldn’t possibly love her more.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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